Akshara loses her baby upsetting Naitik and everyone in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai



Akshara had a take a tough decision when the doctor tells her that it is risky to keep the baby and she should abort it. Akshara decided she will keep the baby and take the risk of her life. When Devyaani comes to know this, Akshara lies to her that it is not of much risk. She takes Devyaani’s support. Akshara suddenly gets much pain and Devyaani rushes her to the hospital. She calls Naitik and asks him to come. Naitik was aware of the risk and eventually asked Akshara to abort the child as she means a world to him and he can never live without her.


Akshara finally had to abort the baby without her will. Everyone get upset but are thankful that Akshara got saved. Naitik supports Akshara and gives her strength. Akshara gets worried thinking how will they reveal this to Naksh who has been waiting for the baby since long. Naitik takes Naksh out and explains him that Gayatri Maa was alone in heaven so she has asked us to send the baby to her. Naksh understands and takes the matter light as he loves Maa a lot. He comes home and hugs Akshara saying they will be getting a new baby soon and she should not cry anymore. The family goes though a bad time but stays united and supportive. That makes the show loved by all.



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