Nikhil slowly realizing what Lajjo meant for him in Gustakh Dil



Nikhil talks to Lajjo on phone. She tells him about her studies going on and that she is shaping her life towards positive light. Nikhil should have become happy knowing this, but he gets angry. He feels why is Lajjo telling him as if she is very happy getting freed from him. He can’t stand Lajjo starting a new life without him, though he is getting engaged to Ishaana.


Everyone does not understand why is Nikhil behaving like this. Nikhil misses Lajjo every moment and thinks about her. She is making a mark on his mind and heart. Nikhil is not understanding that it is love but thinks what the reason might be. He feels his life is incomplete without Lajjo. Lajjo gets the divorce papers sent by Nikhil. Will she sign them and end her marriage with Nikhil? Keep reading.


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