Paakhi is seen falling down from terrace – Tumhari Paakhi mahasaptaah Promo


Paakhi receives a voice message from Anshuman on her mobile. In the message, Anshuman speaks and expresses to her that there is some talk which he has felt much but haven’t expressed to her and wants to tell her now. He asks her whether she can meet him on the terrace. Paakhi runs happily towards the terrace and waits. At the same moment, Tanya comes from behind and pushes Paakhi from the terrace and paakhi is seen falling down. We will be knowing in the coming days whether Paakhi survived the fall. How does Anshuman react once he knows about this incident ?.
Stay tuned to know more on this from MahaSaptaah Episodes of Tumhari Paakhi from April 7th-11th at 9.30 PM only on Life OK.




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