Aaliya doubts Barkat’s real identity in Beintehaa



Barkat smokes a Beedi in her room, as in her case, her upbringing by Meer Khan made her like this. She is bowled over seeing the grandeur and can’t believe she is a part of the family. She is brought home by Zain and Aaliya. Aaliya goes to meet her in her room and feels Barkat’s behavior strange. Aaliya does not understand why Barkat is behaving odd. Aaliya starts getting a doubt on her, that maybe this girl is not Barkat and it may be she is a part of Meer Khan’s plan.


She doubts that Meer Khan has sent fake Barkat with them, hiding the real one with him, as he can’t give up so easily to Usman. Aaliya shares her doubt with Zain. Zain does not believe her as he is very happy seeing his sister back after so many years. Zain and Aaliya land up in an argument. Zain asks Aaliya to clear her mind and not repeat such talk again. Will Aaliya prove herself right to Zain? What is the secret of Barkat? Keep reading for more news.



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