Shlok goes all out and says – I love you Astha; Astha playing hard to get


Shlok Astha

After much persuasion of Astha who was just wishing to hear – I love you Astha from Shlok finally succeeded. Astha’s last attempt to persuade him was inserting a – ‘I love you Astha’ slide in Shlok’s office presentation slides. Though, at that time in office he read the love message to Astha from the slide directly but didn’t acknowledge in front of his colleagues.


Later on, while going to their home together, he sees a clear dejection on Astha’s face as her attempt was again futile. He then goes all out by stopping his car on a busy road and professes his love to Astha (while standing on the road) by shouting loudly – ‘I love you Astha, I love you much Astha’. Astha is in immense joy after hearing these 3 words from Shlok for which she was longing for such a long time. She hugs Shlok and Shlok now wants her to only talk with him and give him all her attention..

Astha feels shy when Shlok woos her quite a lot. Love is oozing out from Shlok at every moment for Astha. When he wants to come close with her, there is a moon worship ritual at home and because of this he cannot see the face of Astha until next morning. Astha plays hard to get citing that she needs to follow the ritual. But Shlok is not the one who is going to leave her easily, as the promo shows eventually he will see Astha’s face in the water pond during the same night of the ritual. We hope now their love will blossom a lot and reach great heights.. Keep watching the cuddling love story of Astha and Shlok.


  1. This was the cutest episode ever!! Aastha looked so shy and adorable, she’s such a beauty. And shlok, I love yooooouuuuu. Keep rocking EBP TEAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!


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