Arjun buys time with Uttar’s help and saves Agyatvas; Arjun humbly agrees to Bhishma and stops the fight with Kauravas


Just after keechak’s death, Shakuni and Duryodhan convinces Bhishma to fight against Raja virat to unmask Pandavas. Duryodhan and Hastinapur’s army with Bhishma as the esteemed commander reaches Virat’s kingdom. Raja Virat comes to know about the hastinapur’s army presence in his kingdom and Pandavas comes forward to support him in the war. Brihannala (Arjun) is being told by his brothers to stay with the queen as her presence can lead to revealing their true identity. Arjun agrees and does not go with Pandavas.

Meanwhile, Kauravas’s army is anxiously waiting to attack Virat’s army and Pandavas. Bhishma takes a call that they will only attack if Virat’s army makes a move and comes forward against them. Shakuni tries to incite Bhishma by telling that a King Susharman has already attacked Virat’s army from an other side but in vain. Duryodhan becomes angry as Pandavas are not coming out against them. He then produces a sound that signals his army’s presence in Matsya kingdom. The queen becomes worried as Raja Virat and Pandavas went in a different direction to fight Susharman, and Kauravas army is waiting in another direction and there is no one to defend from their attack. Brihannala convinces Sudeshna that she will go on a fight with Prince Uttar while assisting him as his chariot driver.


Once, Brihannala and Uttar reaches to face Kauravas, Duryodhan, Shakuni and Dushyasan laughs on the young prince Uttar as he came with a woman to fight against them. Duryodhan wanted to kill Uttar so as to incite Pandavas to reveal themselves for a fight but Bhishma does not allow them to do so. Brihannala (Arjun) anxiously waits for sunset while Uttar becomes frightened and unable to get courage in facing or dealing with Kauravas. Brihannala urges him a lot to stand up and use his arrow but couldn’t usher confidence in him.

Duryodhan rings his bell for the second time and Brihannala also sees that sunset is approaching very near and then takes back the chariot making Uttar relieved. Brihannala goes to fetch his Gandhiv from Agnidev and Uttar sees him worshipping Agnidev. Arjun speaks to Agnidev that his Agyatvas has ended with the sunset so he can use his Gandhiv against Kauravas. Agnidev blesses him with Gandhiv. Thus, at this time Arjun reveals himself to Uttar. He then twangs his Gandhiv (Gandhiv ka Tankaar) and produces a wave in the sky making Kauravas informed about him. Arjun then goes back with Gandhiv in the chariot to face Kauravas alongwith Uttar.

He defends well against Kauravas army, Duryodhan, Dushyasan and Shakun’s attack with ease leading to their dismay. Sooner then, Karna – friend of Duryodhan comes in and challenges Arjun. Both begin to fight directly using their respective well-equipped Divyastra. Pitama Bishma understands the gravity of the situation and also Arjun’s might and in order to save his sons and army, Bhishma produces a wall between Arjun and Karna ongoing fight equipped with Divyastra. Bhishma requests Arjun to withdraw and stop the fight by acknowledging that if he didn’t stop then he will kill all his sons in this war. Arjun humbly agrees to stop the fight after Bhishma’s heed but takes a promise from him that in future fight he will not stop him against Kauravas. Bhishma agrees to Arjun’s demand and this led to fight between Arjun and Kauravas via Karna being stopped.

Duryodhan speaks that Arjun’s identity is revealed before Agyatvas but Arjun suggests that he revealed his identity only after completion of Agyatvas and leaves from there. Arjun then speaks with his brothers and Draupadi about his fight with Duryodhan and also talks on the impending future war with Kauravas that will happen soon. Arjun tells them about Bhishma’s request and their end of Agyatvas. Draupadi suggests them in case of future war Bhishma’s dharm will be for the throne of Hastinapur and not a righteous Dharm..

Meanwhile in Hastinapur, Duryodan again reiterates to Bhishma that Pandavas didn’t complete their Agyatvas as Arjun’s identity was revealed. Bhishma responds that Pandavas have completed Agyatvas. Duryodhan gives reason to prove his point on Arjun and Agyatvas and not in a mood to accept Pandavas agyatvas completion. While Pandavas are preparing for the impending main fight to punish Kauravas for insulting Draupadi, and all of them are also supporting Draupadi (since for her the cheerharan still haunts her deeply) by saying that they need to have desire of justice and not to be saddened by the past insult.

While Pandavas have trust in Bhishma’s words and Dharm, it is to be seen how Kauravas manages forward in their fight against pandavas. The impending fight will happen, and there are different set of challenges for both of them. Stay tuned to Mahabharat on Star Plus at 8:30 PM IST (Mon-Sat) to follow this intriguing track.

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