Sandhya fires all the police staff for supporting Pawar in Diya Aur Baati Hum



Sandhya comes to the police station and finds it locked. She sees the police staff sitting and having a laugh at a tea stall. She goes to talk to them and enquires about the lock on the police station. They tell her to do some other work and not get into this matter. They laugh on her saying the police uniform does not suit a woman as she can’t be equal to a man in any regard.


Sandhya comes to know that they are working for a local goon Someshwar Pawar. She sees them calling him to open the lock. Pawar comes and gets seated inside as if it is his property. He brings bangles for Sandhya and asks her to wear it and keep quiet. Sandhya scolds him and tells him the power of law. She tells him that she will arrest him for breaking the rules. The staff does not support Sandhya as they are on Pawar’s side. They tell her that they will not give any statement against Pawar. Pawar feels glorious.

Sandhya takes a decision which shocks them. She gives their resignation orders and asks them to sign it. They look at her surprised. Will Sandhya be able to bring a change in the police system? Keep watching Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus.

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