Ishq Kills 4th May 2014 Episode 12 Sneak Peek – When a doctor gets involved in a complicated relationship


Ishq Kills 4th May Episode 12

The story is about a married couple – Priya and Akhil. Akhil is an alcoholic and much loved by his wife Priya. Sooner, Priya gets in touch with Akhil’s doctor – Karthik. Karthik begins to come close and starts falling in love with her. Priya is also attracted towards Karthik as her attempts to change Akhil in giving up alcohol became futile.


After giving up on her husband, Priya also reciprocates her love for Karthik and now their love is mutual. Certainly, the story has lot more to offer specially, How Akhil will react to their blossoming relationship ? What will he do ? Stay tuned to Ishq Kills this Sunday at 10 PM IST on Star Plus.

Some Info on Cast:
Akhil – played by actor Deepak Wadhwa
Karthik – played by actor Aniruddh Dave
Priya – played by actress Priya Bathija

Images credit: Star Plus Gallery of Ishq Kills


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