Snapshot Reviews on 3rd May 2014


Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:


Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla are talking and being angry on Ishita. Ruhi wakes up and asks where is Ishita. Simmi gets angry on her hearing Ishita’s name. Raman comes and asks Simmi not to scold Ruhi and not tell her anything what happened last night. Ruhi misses Ishita and Raman tells them that he is taking Ruhi to Ishita. He takes Ruhi to Iyer house and Ishita is very happy meeting Ruhi. Ruhi asks her why is she staying here. Ishita says she was missing her mum so she will be staying at Iyer house for few days. Ruhi says she will also stay with her. Mrs. Iyer gives an empty glass to Raman as coffee and he thanks her for such a good coffee. Raman is disturbed and misses Ishita. He forgets to wear the pant and gets ready to leave for office. Everyone ask him will he go like this. He says yes. Ishita sees him leaving and reminds him about his pant. Raman feels odd seeing he forgot to wear pants and goes back home. He enquires about Sarika at the clinic and comes to her home. Sarika was not at home and Raman was about to leave. The watchman tells him that Sarika came and there she is. He sees Sarika there and thinks he saw her before with Parmeet. (Raman is close to truth now, the show should not drag Parmeet’s chapter more. I want to see him kicked by Raman!!)



Ghuman tells Kumud and Saras how Kabir cheated her with the help of Menka. She tells them that she understands very well why Menka did this. Menka did Kabir’s upbringing only to use him against her and get her hands on her Dubai property. She says it is not so easy to ditch her as she is Ghuman. She tells Saras that she will kill Kabir on his birthday after five days and if he can, then save him. Saras tells her if anything happens to his brother, he will kill her not respecting any relation. Ghuman asks them not to inform police else it will be problematic for Kabir. Badimaa, Guniyal and Vidyachatur decide to keep everything hidden from Danny as they think he won’t be able to bear this truth against his mum. Kumud and Saras come home and break Kabir’s truth to everyone. Saras tells them that he will save Kabir at any cost. They decide to leave for London next day. Vidyachatur arranges their visa and tickets. He asks Saras not to worry as Kabir will be fine, as he is destined to be alive. Menka is caught by Ghuman’s goons while she was leaving for Dubai. Kalika informs everything whats going on in Desai house to Ghuman. Ghuman says let’s see what Saras can do to save his brother. (Yes Ghuman, we very well know our hero Saras will win and you will taste the dust. When Laxminandan comes to his senses, he will take you to the stars, which will come around your head when he slaps you!!)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Astha sees Anjali sleeping in the hall and feels bad for her. She takes a shawl from her cupboard and goes to Anjali. She covers her and Shlok looks on. He tells Astha that this is all drama, Anjali has no feelings and she does not love her children, she values only her traditions and rules. Astha tells them to think it can be either way, maybe she is helpless and she is asked to do so. Shlok says we feel like orphans even when she is alive. Astha is shocked and asks him how could he tell so, being so harsh towards his mum. He asks her why is she suddenly favoring Anjali. She says as she is your mum. Astha tells Shlok that even she saw Jyoti at the temple and they should find her there tomorrow. Shlok agrees. They go to the temple and show Jyoti’s pic everywhere and come to know from a flower vendor that Jyoti was indeed present yesterday. Shlok says how can this be possible, as your home and my home are near to this temple and Jyoti won’t come from far. Astha thinks even Kalindi was there yesterday and doubts on her. She calls Kalindi and says she is coming home. Kalindi asks her not to come today. Astha’s doubt gets more firm and she lands home. Kalindi feels bad for stopping Astha from coming home always. Astha comes and is shocked to see Jyoti there. Even Jyoti and Kalindi are shocked to see her all of a sudden. (Astha will be finding out the truth of Abhay who did Jyoti’s abortions, I hope Shlok supports Astha and Jyoti and stands against Abhay!!)

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


Madhu comes to Kanha ji and reminds him of her words. She asks him to make her devotion proved true and save RK. Dolly asks her to leave this fight with Kanha ji and go to the hospital to see RK. Madhu refuses and gets ready to go for the moon sighting. Abhay sees Madhu on the terrace and laughs on her madness, as she is expecting a man to get well who is on life support system. Abhay asks her to go to the hospital and see RK for the last time. Madhu scolds him and goes on with the rituals. Sweety, Dolly and Madhu does the rituals of moon sighting on the Karwachauth. Abhay gifts Sweety an expensive necklace and she is really happy seeing it. Madhu looks at the moon and thinks about RK. She becomes upset missing him. She is then surprised to see RK walking towards her. She smiles as he comes to her. RK breaks her fast and makes her drink water and eat apple. RK confronts Abhay for hitting him with a tempo. RK thanks Abhay for doing his accident as he got fine and his brain is working like an adult now. He hugs Abhay and threatens him with a knife. Abhay in a rage brings a gun and aims at RK. Abhay can’t fire on him and RK takes the gun. He cleans it and shoots at Abhay’s side. Abhay is shocked and scared. RK takes revenges from him reminding Abhay what all he did with him when he was mentally challenged. Abhay gets an answer for every bad act he did. Madhu smiles seeing RK deal with Abhay. (RK’s new look is definitely a must watch, proud of you RK, keep going!!)


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