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Yeh Hai Aashiqui

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and welcomes all and speaks on the differences between rich and the poor which we see in movies. Will Purab and Suhani’s love story succeed ?


The story starts with Suhani who is speaking with her mother on phone and her mother instructs her to take care from sun and eat healthy foods. Suhani then goes to play football with other girls and is seen by Purab from inside his office premise. The peon asks him why does he see outside always ? Purab says that a girl smiles so openly and he thinks that the girl might do all things that she likes. He sees and smiles.

When Purab is about to leave and waits, he again sees Suhani who is speaking with her friends about the game and getting fresh. He eyes her and smiles and the song plays in the background – Kahi yeh tere dil se nikalta to nahi. Sooner, Suhani sees him eyeing her and comes to him. She asks him though he looks sober but his actions speak otherwise. Purab’s driver speaks that how you can speak like this he is a area’s Sub-divisional magistrate (SDM)[one who holds an IAS]. She then leaves from there.

At home, Purab while watering plants, his mother calls him and informs him that her tarot reader wanted her to only have number 3 always. He then suggests her to hire an intern so that she can have 3 interns. Suhani receives a call from his brother Cheenu who wants her to come back to Meerut. She says that she cannot come as tournament is approaching soon. Her mother wants her to finish exams and come home soon. She says there is only way to avoid marriage which is to get a job. She starts to look into newspapers and goes for a interview at a fashion house. She speaks with Purab’s mother (though she doesn’t know at this time). As she insists much, Purab’s mother who is the boss there hires her as an apprentice for one month. She becomes happy and leaves.

Next day, she sees Purab from her school campus who was speaking on phone. She goes to him and speaks. He becomes hesitant and says that he is waiting for his car. She asks, Is he really an IAS officer ? Why does he apologizes without any reason ? She apologizes to him and says that she is always in defensive move as boys sometimes tease them. She then introduces herself as Suhani Sharma. She tries to find out his name and he tells his name – Purab Mehra (background song plays – Wo jo mila jabse uski sobat hogayi..).. Both shakes their hands and smiles.

Suhani is seen at the office with Purab’s mother. She scolds her when she falls down. She says to his staff to give her housekeeping job as she is unable to carry off her dress and shoes with heels.

Next day, Suhani is getting late for the office and sooner find Purab with his car. He gives her the lift as she needs to go to her office ASAP. She speaks about her office and tells that she falls down too often in her office. She then sees plants in his car and he informs that he wanted to do Horticulture but didn’t do as he listened to his mother. He talks about parent’s dream and hopes from children. She says that her parents even don’t know that she plays football. And her parents will be very happy if she becomes successful. Her office comes and she thanks him before leaving and also praises him for his gentle nature.

In the evening at home, Purab’s mother speaks with him on her friend’s son who left her friend. She asks him whether he will do the same ? He says of course not. He asks her, if somebody tells her gentle then what does that mean.. She asks who told him that. He replies that some senior has told him. The mother responds that if senior comments then it means that person likes him. Purab now realizes that Suhani likes him.

Purab creates a reason to meet Suhani and cites that his car is punctured. He then meets Suhani and they both together goes to a restaurant. She says he is so sober and shy so how can he propose to a girl, instead of girl blushing he will only blush. At the restaurant, he asks her about his shyness. She says that she plays football though her parents doesn’t know. He says that he never saw a girl like her who follows her dreams and heart. He then speak to himself that he couldn’t be able to propose to her. He sees Suhani who was speaking with her mother on phone. After the restaurant date, he drops her and wishes good night and gives chocolate gift.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui

Suhani comes home and opens up the chocolate wrapper and finds out some notes inside which says – ‘I used to see you playing from my office window, and thats the best part of my day’. The second note from Purab says – ‘Each moment spend with you makes me a happier person’. At that moment, she remembers the time she spent with Purab in the car, restaurant and purab’s words. The third note says – ‘I love you’. (Background song Man Mast Bas tera naam dohraiya.. ) Purab is seen waiting outside. She calls him and comes down as he was waiting near his car. She tells him whether he will remain shy with her throughout his life. She also reciprocates her feeling and says that she likes him as well.

Rithvik: says that Purab and Suhani’s were completely in love with each other. But even after meeting so many times, Purab doesn’t knew that Suhani works in the office of her mother. Suhani is a middle-class girl and that is a fact. They never saw the differences in their status and they only see their hearts and lots of love for each other. Purab and Suhani didn’t have any idea what’s more is store for them.

Purab and Suhani are seen spending time together outside and hanging out (Fursat ki Khabar Tu hain song).. She again says – I love you to Purab. Purab becomes amused and happy again and they share a bite of a cookie. Purab’s mother sees him sharing the bite with Suhani.

When Purab comes home, she says that when his father passed away, she stick to give the best thing to Purab. He asks he knows that but why is she telling now. She says that children forgets mother’s sacrifices and tells that she knows that Purab will never hurt his mother,right ? He supports and hugs her.

Purab’s mother is seen at a party and she introduces him to her friend and her daughter. She then introduces Suhani who is also attending the party and informs everybody that she is her assistant and also comments on her fashion sense. Purab and Suhani both becomes shocked to see each other. Purab’s mother also orders Suhani to bring Cake from kitchen by giving a taunt. She then announces about Purab’s engagement with her friend’s daughter Smita. He takes an excuse and speaks with his mother in private. He says why she didn’t ask him before announcing the engagement. She says that all the decisions about Purab’s life she only took so why he is asking now. She reiterates that all these people are the ones to whom she told about her sacrifices for Purab. Purab says that things in the party are not good and he wants to speak with her later after the party and wants to speak with some other person. Her mother forces him to carry on with the engagement. He nervously proceeds and cuts the cake with Smita. Suhani sees that with teary eyes and leaves.

In the night after the party, Purab’s mother tells bad about Suhani and tells that she just want to get involved and trap a rich boy. He says that he loves Suhani a lot and praises her qualities like self-respect. He requests her mother to accept Suhani. His mother speaks that he can decide whether he wants a 2 day love or life-long love from his mother. (Khudaya re song background). Purab cries as his mother is reluctant..

Next morning, Suhani is seen on the football field where her coach is motivating her as he feels that she is distracted and the selection match is just around the corner. He says sports teaches us how to fight without hurting anybody. She asks him whether she can apply the same principle in real-life i.e fight and win without hurting anybody. The coach of course yes but only condition is that you should not lose the will power.

After receiving the motivation, she then goes to Purab and asks him, He is ready to live in a sad way but unable to show some strength and will. He says that his mother has helped him throughout his life thus he cannot override her decision and hurt her. She says that she is not telling him to leave his mother and she suggests that they should give a try and convince the mother.

Sooner, Purab’s mother receives a emergency call on phone and she runs away. When she reaches there, the security guard says that there is a suicide and actually Purab took his own life. Purab’s mother cries and repents. Then, a colleague of Purab comes there and tells her that if she would have listened to him then he would have not taken his life. She goes near the body which is covered in white cloth. Just after that, Purab comes in with Suhani and says to her that his happiness is Suhani and how does she couldn’t understand. She hugs him as she finds him alive and healthy and thanks God. She asks him she couldn’t understand what are these dead bodies, suicide note. Suhani steps in and says that the security guard (watchman) is her football coach and others are from her college. She scolds her for this serious prank and also tells her son why did he supported her. Purab responds that suhani only realized him about his mother’s love for him. From his perspective, he thought that his mother just wanted to follow her ego and wants to make her peer group happy. Thats why she never spoke with him about what he wanted. She comments on Suhani’s background which is middle class and shabby clothes. He says that he likes Suhani’s quality of open-hearted nature. Suhani says that she is not well-versed in wearing tight clothes as she is a footballer but she is trying. She says that she loves Purab a lot and really wants to make him happy. Also Purab’s happiness means his mother’s happiness so Suhani promises to make her happy. Purab’s mother now agrees for their relationship and hugs Suhani. Thus, Suhani and Purab won in their quest of love while at the same time making the mother happy.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host): says that the prank that Suhani and Purab’s did with Purab’s mother was not right but their intention was not to hurt anybody. He says that all parents love their children and even love also fixes problems as well. Rithivik signs off by saying guys – Keep falling in love.

Guest on the show: A young couple speaks, the girl is a hockey player who also does a job and she belongs to a middle-class family and is the only child. Whereas the boy is from an affluent family as his mother is a model coordinator. His mother didn’t agree but still they decided to continue their relationship and love.

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Some Info on Cast:
Purab’s role played by Actor Teeshay Shah
Suhani’s role played by Actress –Vinti Idnani

Image credit: Wikipedia page of Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Official Facebook page of Bindass

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  1. reallllllyyyyyy,,,,,my heart touching episode.,.,i had downloaded this episode.,..,anyone friend can tell me that suhani’s real name

  2. ….wish to see u soon in another serial or film …u are tooo cute …ihope real life m bhi tum aise hi hoge ,…god bless u:-))

  3. purab u r so smart and dashing. I want to know about u .I like u . ur so sincere gay . I hope you are same in real life also please reply as soon as possible


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