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Love By Chance Bindass 19th Episode, 4th October 2014

Today’s episode of Love by chance has the name  –Andha Pyaar Andha Kanoon [Blind love, Blind law]. Kavi Shastri (the host) asks why love is a lawless state and what are things to know when she will become annoyed or when he will like that thing. He speaks that feeling of love comes from heart and the ones who have loved will know it.


The story starts with Rishabh – debutant Vakil requesting God to help him since 6 months have passed his internship and until now he haven’t got a job. He speaks that even his family is not taking him seriously now. On other end, Urmi – half Vakil, half feminist is also praying to God and speaks of posting online Ad for lawyer. They both reach one office and waits there for the interview. He learns that she is also a lawyer and tries to speak with her. She doesn’t want him to irritate her and cites on studying 5 years at the law school. He exudes confidence in himself and suggests that she might have posted an online Ad just like another desperate lawyer. She feels nervous and informs him on not posting Ad and suggests that she is not lesser than others and handles only high profile cases. The receptionist soon informs them that all positions are filled there and thus they can’t go from there. Urmi becomes annoyed after the rejection and he learns that she is a feminist. Urmi asks whether he has a problem with feminists and he nods his head. She then wants him to talk with her hand [like that of Palak]. He speaks of boys being disadvantaged than girls and she then leaves from there without listening to him more.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Urmi and Rishabh have fought when they met for the first time. While, Urmi was a feminist and Rishabh was anti-feminist. He wants men rights group but now they were desperate to work and then by chance they got a call.

Rishabh gets a call and the caller, a man asks whether he handles divorce cases while the same man’s wife speaks with Urmi at her end. Both Urmi and Rishabh speaks of making sure that divorce will be realized and becomes much excited. Both speaks of giving a tough lesson to the lawyer of the opposite party and after ending their call,  Rishabh wants her to be in touch. Urmi is seen in the court room and then finds Rishabh there with his client. Soon, they learn that their divorce case will be having themselves as lawyers and Rishabh is pleading the case from the man’s side while Urmi is leading the case from the man’s wife front. Urmi informs that Rishabh will not stand tall there and he suggests that they will go to restaurant after the court hearing. Urmi doesn’t want to entertain her opposition lawyer – Rishabh. Prabhakar and his wife starts arguing Tu Tu Main Main.. and Urmi tries to calm them down. Rishabh thinks that they are sad inside because of their earlier rejection and she informs of winning the case at any cost. The divorce case of Agarkar family starts and the judge who had an initial cough before the proceedings starts the case. Rishabh starts the case and informs about his client Prabhakar with much expressions and talking and then the judge informs him that he doesn’t need to be dramatic and can speak in normal manner. Rishabh speaks that his client Prabhakar’s wife is workaholic and doesn’t take much care of her husband. She haven’t listen to his needs and calls her husband as waiter. Mrs. Prabhakar replies that of being a joke. Rishabh wants a divorce so that his client can get independence from her and wants 5 Lakh INR as compensation. He then increases that amount to 7 Lakh INR upon Prabhakar’s insistence.

Urmi doesn’t want to speak and instead wants to present some pics since the pics speak 1000 words. She shows the judge pics of Prabhakar in shorts and also topless. She suggests that he used to open the home’s door in same clothing and thinks that full clothes to him looks like jail. Rishabh tries to defend his client and suggests that those pics can be fake as well. The judge thinks the pics to be real. Urmi thinks that Mr. Prabhakar doesn’t acknowledge his wife’s cooked food and Rishabh counters her with some other reason. The judge becomes annoyed and speaks of getting many divorce cases in a month and asks what is the rationale in the case that the couple don’t speak to each other and there is nothing more. The judge informs that his wife is putting Mirchi hot spice in the food since 37 years and he has told her to not put but she is doing the same. He then informs of having understanding and suggests that relationship are built with it. He wants to give them 1 week so that they can bring strong proof for divorce otherwise he will dismiss their case. Rishabh speaks to Prabhakar of getting substantial evidence within one week and satisfy the judges. Mrs. Prabhakar informs Urmi that she wants all the property and also financial compensation. Rishabh speaks of capturing him and his wife at home so that they can get good evidence.

Kavi (the host) speaks that the fight have started between Urmi and Rishabh and now they have to go to their client’s home to get much evidence and they need to shift to Agarkar’s family home. And now, their fight will be much stronger.

Urmi and Rishabh shifts to Agarkar’s home and both reaches there and Rishabh helps her in lifting suitcase and thinks to be very heavy. She thinks that he is trying to act like a stud and he then asks whether he should lift her and then goes on to lift her. She calls him NCP (slang) and loser. Soon, he throws her bag from the stairs which makes her more annoyed and she wants him to teach a lesson at the court. Urmi finds some hairs in the kitchen’s wash basin and becomes annoyed. He thinks that Mr. Prabhakar have shaved there and Rishabh informs that they don’t have any proof that those hairs belong to his client. Urmi and Mrs. Prabhakar occupies the restroom and stays there to keep Prabhakar away from using it. They then find that Prabhakar is peeing in the kitchen and Rishabh speaks that his client didn’t have any other option and suggests that desperate calls need desperate actions. Prabhakar feels relieved which makes Urmi more annoyed. Rishabh puts lip stick mark on prabhakar’s shirt collar and then Mrs. Prabhakar finds it and thinks that her husband is having affair with some girl. Urmi speaks of giving a tough lesson to him. Mrs. Prabhakar gets an idea to have an affair with her husband’s lawyer Rishabh so that will make her husband jealous and they will win the case easily. Urmi asks Mrs. Prabhakar on why she want to take such drastic and wrong step ? She speaks that Rishabh is not of her type and then Mrs. Prabhakar asks Urmi whether she has some soft corner for him and she replies no. Urmi then suggests her to find a boy from her office and she agrees.

Later, in the dinner time, Urmi and Rishabh starts arguing and she informs that her client works in the office during the whole day and is busy. Mrs. Prabhakar wants to order the dinner food from outside but Urmi thinks the opposite and wants the boys to cook. Mr Prabhakar also speaks of ordering from outside and then Rishabh informs that nobody will eat for that day. Urmi and Rishabh sleep beside their clients since they want to make sure that no one takes undue advantage of being alone. Urmi feels hungry in the middle of the night and then Rishabh takes her outside to a restaurant and they eat icecream. For her first icecream, she finds more sugar and wants another one and shows some finesse. Rishabh sees it and speaks that he would have scolded her if he was in her parent’s place during her childhood. She then informs that her parents were divorced during her childhood and he asks that even now she is not grown-up. She calls him NCP again and he speaks of not having evidence until now and tomorrow is their court hearing. She wants to speak some internal thing and then thinks according to her understanding that Agarkar’s should need to give a chance to their marriage. On that note, he asks her whether she doesn’t want to win as it is her first case. She reminds of seeing her parents fighting during her childhood and when she sees Agarkar’s feels that there is some hope. Rishabh wants her to leave the matter and thoughts. He also speaks of seeing his parents fight and they used to abuse each other and all their anger was meted out at him. She now thinks that he is not a big NCP. She wants him to praise her and he replies that she is not fat as seen in her photos. She begins to fight with him and soon realizes that she was very close to him and then backs off from there and apologizes to him.

She becomes quiet and he thinks that they need to go now. Kavi speaks that Urmi unintentionally shared one important matter with Rishabh which was her desire to see her divorced parents to be together again. She also wants to bring Agarkar’s together to keep desire of her own parents coming together. Next day, court hearing is about to start and both are seen at the court. She informs him of not feeling well and then suggests that their parents were fighting and if they go ahead to separate the couple – Agarkar’s then they are destroying the family and asks whether they haven’t learnt anything until now. He thinks that its their job and she replies of not doing such activity and instead can leave her job. He tries to convince her and she thinks he is angry at her. She doesn’t want to accept Agarkar’s divorce and suggests that everyone have their definition of right and wrong and wants him to not force upon his definition of right/wrong on her. He speaks of not understanding her and she asks him to not fight with her and suggests that he can do whatever as per his wants. The judge Venkatswamy comes there and asks Urmi who will argue now and she replies that arguing is not in her nature and then the judge thinks that he has chosen the wrong profession. He wants Rishabh to put his arguments and before Rishabh could speak anything she raises an objection. The judge allows her to go ahead and she invites her first witness Mrs. Agarkar in the witness box. Urmi asks her where was she present on the 1st day of last month and she replies of not knowing. She then asks where was she on 2nd, 3rd day and gets vague answer in replies.The judge comes to know of lunch time and feels relieved and informs that court hearing will begin again after lunch hours.

Mrs. Agarkar becomes annoyed with Urmi since she was asking some stupid questions and the same feeling is echoed by Mr. Agarkar who asks Rishabh on why he didn’t spoke. Mr. Agarkar wants to take the matter in his own hands and they fire Rishabh and Urmi. Urmi and Rishabh then goes for a coffee and she asks him there why was he quiet since he had the opportunity to take advantage from the situation. He replies on not knowing about his silence and speaks on not taking advantage of her after seeing her frustration. He informs that his mood is much low since the case is gone and also the money. She tries to infuse some energy in him and then apologizes to him. He informs of putting another online Ad and doesn’t listen to her and leaves. Urmi speaks on not leaving the case and will make sure that divorce won’t happen and doesn’t worry about her being fired or other problems.

Kavi (the host) speaks that the case was gone and Urmi felt low but still in this low moment, she prepared her mind and doesn’t want the Agarkar’s to get divorced like her parents. Rishabh also had problems with his parents being not together and he soon started to echo her feelings.

The judge learns that the Agarkar’s have fired their lawyers and just then Urmi comes in the court and informs on knowing well Mr and Mrs. Prabhakar and doesn’t want the judge to pass their divorce plea. She speaks of spending one week with them and suggests they have small issues which can be sorted and solved. She thinks that all families have such issues and problems and the judge informs her that if she didn’t have evidence then he will book her with the charge – contempt of court. She speaks of not able to see the couple separate and thinks it to be wrong. The judge wants to book her since she is crossing the line and at the same time Rishabh comes there and calls objection. Rishabh speaks that he has brought evidence and suggests that court doesn’t see sentiments but believes in evidence. He has brought the evidence in pen drive and shows the video of Mr. Agarkar waiting for his wife long hours in the night and not sleeping just to make sure that his wife has eaten the food and not to keep an eye on her. He also informs him that his wife have cleaned the wash basin herself when he put the hairs there after shaving and not took the help of maid next day. She has done it because she doesn’t want to show the maid about the disgusting behavior of her husband. He speaks to the judge that marriage is a delicate thing and how much you care it will be better.

Rishabh then informs that his respected friend Urmi was also saying the same and he has learnt new way of life from her. He wants Agarkar’s to decide themselves about their future but wants to suggest that if they took the decision to separate then that would be their life’s biggest mistake. On that note, he ends his talk. Mr. Agarkar speaks of not having an idea on how much his wife loves him and she calls him naughty and he calls her the same. The judge then calls all four of them idiots since they all want to give another chance to the marriage and adjourns the court. Urmi asks Rishabh on why he decided to come back ? He replies on coming for her and reminds that when he was quiet in the last court hearing he got a flash of light where he doesn’t want to see her defeated. Both share eyelocks and she gets smile. He tries to pamper her and speaks of liking her. She blushes and wants to give her reply by next date. In an excited mode, he asks Tareeq pe Tareeq dialogue and she showers a hug to him and they become lovestruck and smiles.

Kavi (the host) speaks that love actually is not blind and we see all things clearly and we purposefully ignore. He speaks that love sets priorities in life and ends the show and wants the viewers to share their opinion/suggestions on Bindass TV Twitter page using hashtag #LoveByChance.

Love By Chance Bindass 20th Episode, 11th October 2014

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that actors Nikita, Teeshay portrayed their characters very well and were amazing. Its a love story with a social message wrapped in it which is commendable.

Info On Cast:
* Urmi is played by actress Nikita Sharma
– Nikita is an Indian TV actress and model from New Delhi. She was born on 28th August, 1990 in Delhi in a Punjabi family.
– She is known for playing the female lead role of Antara in Life Ok’s Do Dil Ek Jaan opposite actor Ayaz Ahmed (playing the role of Raghu).
– Recently played the role of Payal in Bindass’ Halla Bol episode on Fighting girl trafficking at Bars (Episode 12, 16th May 2014). If interested, read the WU of that episode on our site here.
– Currently appeared in the role of Mahi on MTV Fanaah which has ended and played the role of Koyal in Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Episode 12 aired on 8th August 2014. If interested, read that episode’s WU here.
– Nikita’s Wikipedia page and Twitter page

* Rishabh is portrayed by actor Teeshay Shah
– Recently, he worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s 41st Episode aired on 4th May 2014 and played the role of Purab. If interested, read that episode WU here.
– Teeshay’s Twitter page.

Image credit: Twitter page of Teeshay Shah, Nikita Sharma and Bindass TV

Episode Video: Love By Chance, 11th October 2014
– Urmi and Rishabh’s love story
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