Snapshot Reviews on 5th May 2014


Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
Tumhari Pakhi,
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:


The guard informs Sarika that someone came to meet her. She gets worried and tells the guard not to allow anyone and she does not want to meet anyone. The guard stops Raman giving him Sarika’s answer. Raman thinks why is Sarika afraid to meet him and thinks about seeing Sarika with Parmeet. He thinks how Parmeet cleanly lied to him and that Ishita is right about him. Mrs. Iyer and Mrs. Bhalla have a heated argument in the compound and everyone looks at them. Ishita calms down her mum and takes her home to end the fight. Raman comes home and sees Parmeet threatening Sarika on phone about her mum. He feels Parmeet is such a cheap creep and he will kick him out of the house once he gets some sold proof against him. He feels Ishita was right and he had really molested his wife. Raman controls his anger. Mihir calls Raman and informs him about Shagun bringing the judge to their home. Shagun convinces the judge to see Ruhi’s state after Raman and Ishita’s separation. She asks for Ruhi’s custody. The judge comes and Ishita appears normal. The judge wants to clear her doubts and talks to the neighbors. Mrs. Bhalla gets worried thinking she had a fight with Mrs. Iyer and maybe everyone will speak against them today. Everyone gives the judge a good review of Raman and Ishita. The Bhallas are happy. Shagun gets annoyed losing it to Raman again. (Shagun suits only Ashok. They look made for each other, both full of negativity always!!)



Saras and Kumud get ready to leave for London. Badimaa gives them strength and says nothing will happen to Kabir and Lord made them get to know about Kabir, only to unite the brothers. She asks Saras not to lose hope and try his best to save Kabir from Ghuman. She asks Saras to call Kabir. Saras calls Kabir and tells him his life is in danger. Before Kabir could react, he gets injected by Ghuman’s goons and is dumped in a hotel room. Danny comes to them and sees everyone worried. He thinks what might be the matter and its better not to ask right now. Badimaa sees Danny thinking and feels he should get some strength to digest his mum’s sins. Saras and Kumud takes everyone’s blessings and leave for London. Kabir wakes up and Ghuman talks to him via videochat. She tells him that she knows his truth and will kill him on his birthday. She shows him Saras and Kumud finding him in London. She tells him that she will kill three of them and send them to Saraswati. Kabir gets shocked. Ghuman says Saras and Kumud have come here to meet their death. Saras and Kumud look for Kabir everywhere and Kumud notices a man following them. The man comes infront of them. Saras asks him why is he following them. The man gives him a hotel card and leaves. Saras thinks what might be the reason for all this. (Ghuman is in her best form now. We hope Saras finds Kabir soon!!)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Astha is shocked to see Jyoti at her home. She asks Kalindi how did she hide such a big thing from her. She confronts Jyoti for not confiding in her and not trusting her enough to share her sorrows. Jyoti says she trusts her a lot and tried many times to inform her about her problems. Astha asks what really happened, what made her ran away from Abhay’s home. Jyoti tells her everything about Abhay coming to know about she is carrying a daughter in her womb and sending her for abortion with Bua. Astha cries knowing this and tells her that she will support her. She asks Jyoti to come with her home but Jyoti refuses as Astha tells her about Abhay staying at their home. Astha asks her not to worry and she will find a solution. Jyoti makes Astha promise that she will not tell anyone that she found her. Astha comes home and sees Shlok and Varad worrying about Jyoti. She feels bad for hiding it from them. Sid comes to meet Jyoti and gives her some tips on pregnancy behavior. Jyoti smiles. Sid leaves for office and meet Varad. He sits infront of Varad working and seeing Jyoti’s pic in his laptop. He shuts it seeing Varad come. Varad says I understand all this, carry on. Sid thinks he likes her and does she like him too. Astha makes a plan and informs Avdhoot. He discusses it with Jyoti and says I trust my Astha, she will solve this matter well. Jyoti agrees to do as Astha says. (Good to see Astha supporting Jyoti. We wish Shlok comes to know about Abhay soon and kicks him!!)

Tumhari Pakhi:


Anshuman tries hard to talk to Pakhi. He sits to have food with Bhaisa. Bhaisa does some startup puja things and Anshuman follows him. Pakhi does not care to look at him even once as she is much angry on him. Anshuman keeps looking at her. Bhaisa asks for green chillies. Anshuman thinks and says he will also have it. Pakhi serves them. Anshuman tells Pakhi that if she does not forgive him, he will keep on eating chillies and she knows he can’t digest it and get unwell having so much spicy chillies. Pakhi does not care and he starts eating. His face turns red and Bhabhisa asks Pakhi to bring water. She gives him water and he gets up. His pant gets torn and everyone laughs. Bhaisa gives him a towel to cover up. Anshuman covers up with the towel and runs to his room. Bhaisa asks Pakhi to attend Anshuman and help him. Pakhi comes to Anshuman and he thinks its good chance to talk to her. He gets busy with Chutki and Pakhi leaves. Anshuman tries to talk to her. Pakhi tells Bhabhisa that she will sleep in Tausa’s room as he is unwell. Anshuman says Pakhi is right and he will also sleep there as they came for Tausa only. Anshuman and Pakhi sleep at either sides of Tausa’s bed. He tries hard to talk to her and calls out Pakhi. Tausa wakes up and looks around. Anshuman acts like he slept. Tausa sleeps. Anshuman crawls under the bed and goes to Pakhi. He shuts her mouth with his hand and asks her to give him one chance to talk. He asks her to come to the terrace. (I hope they end their fight and have a romantic hug!!)

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


Madhu is shocked to see RK’s changed behavior. RK takes every little revenge for every mistake Abhay did, how he ill treated him, how he pushed him in pool, how he made him walk the railing on the terrace risking his life, how he made Madhu clean everyone’s shoes. He takes every revenge from Abhay. He makes Abhay drink wine. Madhu opposes him for doing wrong with Abhay, as this is not right to do the same with Abhay what he did with him, then what’s the difference between them. RK asks Madhu to be like a wife and does not teach him what to do. He takes Abhay with him. Madhu prays to Kanha ji and says I wanted RK back but not like this. RK makes Abhay stand on a stool and fixes the rope at the door saying anyone who opens the door will hang you. Abhay gets worried and asks RK not to do this. Madhu calls the inspector and tells him everything. RK comes out of the room and tells the inspector that Abhay is drunk and committing suicide, he tried to stop him but Abhay did not listen to him. The inspector opens the door and Abhay hangs. Everyone are shocked to see Abhay dead. RK tells the inspector that he killed Abhay by opening the door and threatens him to make it a suicide case. Madhu cries and comes to Kanha ji. She says RK has become a murderer. RK tells her that even Kanha ji has killed Kans, he did the same, as Abhay was today’s Kans. He tells her that he did this for her as he loves her a lot. He says Raju died with Abhay and he is Raja, a changed man. Madhu cries. RK says fine, cry to lighten your heart and leaves to tackle Leela and Sweety. (RK’s new avatar looks rude and dominating. Don’t know how will Madhu accept this change!!)


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