Suresh to face-off Abhi to convince him strongly for Rachna-Akash' marriage after knowing Rachna's pregnancy and suicide attempt


Kumkum Bhagya Zee

Suresh’s sister Rachna comes to know during the Mehendi ceremony that she is pregnant after her relationship with Abhi’s cousin brother Akash. Rachna even informs Pragya about her past relationship with Akash and also her secret marriage with Akash. Pragya becomes shocked on hearing this. Rachna cites her pregnancy because of their marriage. She says that Akash has deceived her and is under the force of his mother to marry a rich businessman daughter. As Akash has not kept his promise that’s the reason she decided to marry again according to her mother and brother’s wishes.


Pragya is in dilemma now after learning about Rachna’s shocking revelation of pregnancy. Pragya cannot keep quiet as it is a grave problem and Rachna’s marriage is just around the corner. She decides to inform elders but without hurting both Rachna and them.

In the new promo, it is shown that Suresh after learning about Rachna’s pregnancy goes to Abhi and informs about Akash’s deceit of leaving Rachna after marriage. Suresh knows that after deserting Rachna Akash is getting married to a rich girl as per his mother’s wishes. Suresh asks Abhi if the same thing happened to his sister what will he do ? Abhi becomes angry on Suresh after hearing it. Suresh shows his agression towards Abhi and Abhi is supported by his childhood friend Purab and his cousin brother Akash. Abhi in response also hits back at Suresh by holding on to his collar. Abhi is dressed in a Kurta-Pyajama attire and not his regular rockstar clothes while Suresh is seen wearing a Sherwani (that is wore on special occasions like mehendi, wedding). Abhi is also seen to speak with Akash on this matter. While the promo doesn’t show the outcome of that altercation, Abhi speaks on camera that if what Suresh is saying is correct then he will make sure that Akash accepts his mistake and shoulder the responsibilities of Rachna thus re-wiring the marital relationship of Rachna and Akash.

Another promo shows that Rachna cutting her wrist on the marriage day which is an apparent move to commit suicide. Suresh, Pragya and her family are seen to help her in that distress. Rachna’s attempt to suicide arises because she is unhappy with her pregnancy and her impending marriage arranged by her mother – Madhavi. It is seen that she survived and recovering thus doesn’t realize the completion of her marriage.

Currently Pragya is too skeptical about her marriage with Suresh and even shared her thoughts with her mother – Sarla. She have also herself contemplated on the value of Sindoor in her life and yearning for happiness with the passage of her current situation. Some of the questions we still don’t know are – Whether Pragya and Suresh have decided to call off their impending marriage ? Will Pragya comes close to Abhi if her love for Suresh fades away ? Stay tuned to KumKum Bhagya on Zee TV @ 9 PM IST (Mon-Fri).

New Promo showing Suresh altercation with Abhi for Rachna-Akash marriage:
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Promo showing Rachna’s attempt to suicide on her marriage day
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Pragya’s Sindoor Promo: Kumkum Bhagya
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