Duryodhan adamant and defiant to fight Pandavas while allaying the legitimate fears of Gandhari


Duryodhan Mahabharat

Dhritrashtra has being informed by astrologer/philosopher Maharishi Jaimini on the fate of the war of Kauravas against Pandavas. Jaimini says that destruction is bound to happen, and Kauravas and the entire Kuru clan will be killed and destroyed as a result of the war with Pandavas to come victorious. Jaimini suggests that whoever is under the protection of God will be alive and others (Kauravas) who took interests in fortune, throne will face death. Moreover, Jaimini also cites examples of how Manu was saved when he got the protection of God. Upon hearing this, Dhritrashtra and Gandhari become restless and at the same time helpless. Both asks Jaimini for solution to avoid the carnage of Kauravas.


Jaimini suggests that nobody can save Kauravas as all the astrological signs and even their own destiny calls for their destruction. However, he suggests that atmost one son out of Gandhari’s 100 sons can be saved if the astrological indications are right and that son takes protection from God. Jaimini informs Gandhari to decide on that son that she wants to save from death. Gandhari becomes more restless..

Dhritrashtra is hounded by Jaimini’s prediction about Kauravas’ fate. While he is asleep, he gets a nightmare with loud shouts of Jaimini’s, Kunti, and Pandavas words. He comes out of his sleep and shouts with pain. After hearing the shouts and pain of Dhritrashtra, maha mantri Vidur comes in and speaks. Vidur says to Dhritrashtra that whatever the king is hearing in his mind will become reality in the battlefield thus referring to the destruction of Kauravas at the war. Dhritrashtra becomes annoyed with Vidur but Vidur again reiterates the fate of Kauravas as they are not under the protection of God and on the path of Adharm (injustice). Vidur suggests that first they should return back the wealth to Pandavas and there is only one option to save Kauravas from death which is if they apologize to Draupadi by touching her feet. He says that Draupadi is the only one who can protect them. Dhritrashtra ponders on Vidur’s thoughts.

While in Raja Virat’s Kingdom, Abhimanyu comes in with Arjun, Subhadra and Krishna. Before his entry inside the fort, Draupadi suggests him to proof his real identity. Abhimanyu at first becomes puzzled but sooner realized after Arjun’s hint that Draupadi wants him to tell what he meant to them. Abhimanyu then speaks and says the following – He is an Arrow of his father Arjun, Shield for his brothers, and the one who fights with vengeance so as to take revenge for his mother’s (Draupadi) insult. Draupadi cries after hearing Abhimanyu’s words and sooner he comes and takes her blessing. Arjun, Krishna and Subhadra becomes happy.

Later, Uttara eyes Abhimanyu while he is eating. Krishna suggests to Raja Virat regarding the marriage of Princess Uttara and Abhimanyu. Krishna says that as we have Swam- Uttara and Var-Abhimanyu so there is no need for Uttara’s Swamvyar. Uttara becomes shy and happy. And Krishna suggests them that the marriage should happen before the start of war. While Raja Virat is happy with this development but the Queen Sudeshna is unhappy as she has her own inhibitions on the outcome of war (will Pandavas survive?) and suggests Virat to have marriage after the end of war. At this point of time, Krishna comes in and gives a promise to Sudeshna that Uttara will give birth to Abhimanyu’s child which will in turn prosper the entire Aryavart. Krishna says that Abhimanyu will lead the Yug Parivartan (change in the world) and Abhimanyu’s lineage will be the first step of that change in the world. Krishna also says that Uttara will see through the times of war to peace.

Draupadi on the other end prepares a protection thread for Abhimanyu with 5 stones that she got from Krishna. This thread resembles the protection from 5 fathers to Abhimanyu. Draupadi then wants Subhadra to put this thread on Abhimanyu’s hand but Subhadra requests Draupadi to do the same. Thus, Draupadi puts the thread on Abhimanyu’s hand and just after sometime the thread falls down and all the stones are seperated. Draupadi and others ponders with some superstition and becomes worried. Abhimanyu tells them not to worry and says that his fathers are fighting to protect the Dharm (justice) first and also his life will not be in danger as he has the blessing of his 2 mothers.

After Jaimini’s prediction about Kauravas’ death, Gandhari meets her son Duryodhan. She requests him to not fight against the Pandavas and to apologize with Draupadi. Duryodhan is reluctant and shows his defiance by dozing off one of the 100 lamps that Kunti lid on Kauravas future and death. The lamp doesn’t doze off and he tries repeatedly to doze them but in vain. Gandhari tells him the lamp will doze off only at the time of the war when they die in battlefield. He shrugs off that mother’s point and says that the lamp has magical spell set by Kunti and thus they are not dozing off. Duryodhan says it is impossible to think on apologizing Draupadi and Pandavas. He says that one’s respect is more important than life. He is still confident and defiant to kill Pandavas during the war and holds the ambitions to continue holding the throne of Hastinapur.

Some of the questions still remain are – How much Gandhar’s and Dhritrashtra’s helplessness and restlessness will increase as the war will start soon (next 4 months) ? Will Shakuni really plan some strategies to counter deception from Krishna and thus protecting Bhishma, Drona, and Karna ? What will Arjun will do in the inevitable Kurukshetra war, whether he will fight with his bow against Bhishma and his teacher Drona ? How would Draupadi reacts after seeing her 5 sons (kings) coming from Indraprastha ? Stay tuned to Mahabharat @ 8:30 PM IST on Star Plus for this intriguing development.

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