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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 42

The promo shows a girl – Mona speaking about a boy – Rahul and says that he is sweet and innocent. Sooner, when Mona and Rahul were going on their scooters, they hit each other causing an accident. Mona falls down after the accident, and Rahul then takes her to the hospital though she feels that he is hitting on her. Her friend Palak suggests that Rahul is perfect for her. She responds that she is not seeing anybody and even nobody can come close to her.


After that, Rahul is seen with her and expressing his deep love for her. She doesn’t listen and wants him to go out from her home. She then cries in her room and wants him away from her life. At the same time, Rahul is also stressed on his love. Will she realize her love for Rahul and finally accept his true love ? Stay tuned to Yeh Hai Aashiqui this Sunday at 7 PM IST on Bindass.

Some Info on Cast:
The girl who will eventually accept Rahul’s love: Played by actor Krissann Barretto. She is a dancer/law student. She recently played the role of Alia – 23 year-old Swimming student in Channel V’s Heroes-the fightback files. Facebook page of Krisann.

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Image credit: Facebook page of Bindass



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