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Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
Tumhari Pakhi,
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman makes Ishita jealous by telling a fake love story about his college crush Sona. He says I know, why are you irritated. She says why will I be irritated, I really don’t care. He says you should learn lying from me, there is no Sona, you are burnt like corn, I was joking. She says nonsense, atleast my Subbu was real, not an imaginary character like Sona. Mihir does not take Raman’s call as he thinks Raman will be fuming on him knowing about his date plan. Raman calls Mr. Mehta and comes to know about Mihir’s plan. Raman feels hungry and is angry seeing nothing to eat. She says I will cook for you. The power goes. She says calm down, I will find candles. She slips and he holds her. They have an eyelock. He says I will bring candles. He falls. She asks what happened. He says nothing, my phone fell. She asks why so much noise. He says I was with my phone too. She laughs. He lights the candles. Her finger gets cut and Raman ties his hanky. He says its two drops of blood in you, if it flows, you will die. Raman says move, tell me what to do. He cuts the vegetables and onions. They make Suji ka Upma and sit to eat. A thief hears Bhalla family is out and comes to steal something. Raman and Ishita hear the sound. Raman catches the thief and both of them jump on the bed seeing the cockroach. The thief tells his sufferings because of his wife. Ramna understands his pain and gives him some money. Ishita is stunned. Ishita is surprised and says its something wrong, you don’t talk normal to normal people and sharing problems with a thief, you need a psychiatrist. He says every man needs, as the wives made them worse than dogs. Raman and Ishita all the RJ and speak up their complains about each other. RJ holds his head and asks them to sort it out at home. Raman sees curtain rod falling on Ishita and runs to save her. He gets hurt and they get wrapped in curtain having an eyelock.



Kumud and Kabir ask Saras to save the either one. Kumud says take Kabir with you, fulfill your mum’s dream. Kabir says no Saras, my death was destined, after all I did all this, can I become a good son and brother, you will take Kumud, now. Kalika tells Danny that Ghuman asked her to do all this as she does not want you and Kusum to unite. She asks me to make Kusum hate you and you both separate and this marriage breaks. Yash slaps Kalika getting angry and kicks her out of the house. She says open the door, I will not do this again, please. Saras frees Kabir first while Kumud looks on. The bomb activates. Kumud asks Saras to leave with Kabir. Saras says listen to me, I can’t go leaving you. Saras says we will live together and if we have to die, we will die together. Saras cuts the bomb wire and they get saved. Yash apologizes to Danny for what Kalika did.Kusum brings Kalika in. Kusum says you stayed for two mins outside the house and you are folding hands, now think what was Danny going through when everyone was blaming him, tell us how are you feeling now.Kusum says she always trusted Danny. Kumud and Saras come to a church to pray and thank the Lord. They sit in the car and leave taking Kabir. Danny thinks of Kalika’s words and is shattered thinking how can a mother make her son’s image of a rapist just to end his marriage. Kusum comes in. Danny hugs her and says she is my mum.Danny calls Ghuman and says I want to talk to you. She gets happy. She gets Kalika’s call. Kalika tells her that she has been exposed. Ghuman says useless, don’t you have sense, how can you do this, its my mistake, I trusted you knowing you are a fool. Ghuman ends the call and says so Danny wanted to talk to me.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Anjali confesses to Astha that she is bearing all the torture of Niranjan. She says do you know why, whats my place in this house. She brings a door mat and kicks on it. She says this is my place. Astha cries. Anjali folds her hands and says save my daughter. Astha says I promise you I won’t let Jyoti go with Abhay, don’t worry. Astha calls the police. Abhay calls Jyoti a fallen woman, who ran away from home, and calls himself a great man who is accepting such a characterless woman. Astha comes and stops Abhay. Astha says we don’t send Jyoti empty hand so I want to do a ritual. Abhay says fine, do this, but I want gold coins for what Jyoti did. The police comes and says Mr. Agnihotri. The inspector says we got the news that your daughter is being mentally and physically tortured, and also had illegal way of abortion some days back. Shlok, and everyone are shocked. Abhay says no you are mistaken, its nothing like this. Jyoti speaks up and the news is right. This has happened with me.She tells everything about Abhay;s tortures and she can’t stay with him now. She asks the inspector to arrest Abhay. Shlok and Varad get angry seeing Jyoti’s wounds. Niranjan looks at Abhay and asks the inspector to leave as its his house matter. The inspector says sorry Sir, his wife Jyoti complaint, till she takes the complaint back. The police arrests Abhay. Jyoti looks at him angrily and slaps him hard. Shlok and Varad sit down near Jyoti and holds her hand. Shlok wipes her tears. Shlok says don’t cry Tai, your brothers are with you, we will not let anything happen to you. The FB scene: Niranjan says girls should not stay in their Maayka, they should live in in laws house after marriage, go and send Jyoti back. Anjali cries.Anjali asks Jyoti to take the case back and go back to Abhay. Shlok and Varad say we will leave this house if Jyoti leaves. Niranjan hears this and acts sweet infront of everyone scolding Anjali. He looks at Anjali and says your children are leaving your house and you are just watching, looks like your love for them is over.

Tumhari Pakhi:


Pakhi books Anshuman’s ticket from Jaipur to Shimla. Anshuman says make two tickets for Anshuman and Pakhi. He says I came to make my wife happy and take her with me, make two tickets and keep it open. He holds her and keeps her hand on his head. He says swear on me and say you don’t love me. Pakhi takes her hand back and looks at him. He says I got my answer, if you love me, then Pakhi every love has to go through a test and you passed in every exam and I failed in every test, you have forgiven me always, I know this time I did a big mistake and it can’t be forgiven, but I m sorry. I know I crossed every limit, calling you characterless and kicked out of the house. Bhaisa heard their conversation and gets angry. Anshuman comes home and everyone look at him with anger. Tausa slaps him. Tausa says you went on your dad, how can we think you won’t become like him, your dad called your mum characterless and she left, but Pakhi is not an orphan, she has a family. Bhaisa says I should have killed you the day when you and Lavanya insulted Pakhi. Bhaisa starts beating Anshuman and is about to kill him. Pakhi comes and stops Bhaisa. Pakhi says you did Kanyadaan, now you don’t have any right on me. She says you can’t see tears in my eyes, then can you see me becoming widow? Bhaisa says no, forgive me, its my mistake. Pakhi melts seeing Anshuman’s wounds and takes him to the room. Pakhi takes care of Anshuman’s wounds and says I called the doctor, he might be coming. He asks did you forgive me and holds her hand. Pakhi comes to Tausa and everyone. Pakhi apologizes to them for shouting on them. Tausa says no, its not your mistake, but mine, as we have sent you with him, without thinking the man who cheats once, will cheat again, he pointed on your character, we can die and kill for respect. Pakhi says we regard guests as Lord, even if its enemy.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


RK meets Ashok, his brother in law. Ashok is a professor and very clean at heart. Ashok is very happy to see RK and hugs him. RK says its good, someone is educated in our house. Bhanu says its useless, very less pay, I asked him to join us. RK says Dau ji said we will take care of his business. RK says I have to find the man who shot him. RK says a man had only one eye, I still remember the face. Dau ji asks Bhanu to get all one eyed men and they will identify him. Bhanu and his goons come to meet a manThat’s the same man who shot RK. Bhanu says yes, I came to told you that RK came to tell me that you lied to us that you have killed him. The man says what, is he alive, we felt he died. Bhanu says now I feel you will die. Bhanu kills him. Bhanu says Raja……. I have written death in your fate, you have to die at any cost. Agni is not happy seeing RK back and fills Tara’s ears. Madhu cries in her room. RK comes to her and says Rani. He keeps the food and asks what do you want, apologize to you, everyone are giving you so much respect and making you Devi. Madhu says I don’t want such respect, I want to go from here and go my home. RK says why, I married you, you have to be with me, tell me what problem you have, see I love you, I can bring Mumbai here but can’t let you go Mumbai. She says I will not eat, I will die, let me die. He says you will show me anger, I will slap you. She says you know only this, to beat people, you are an animal, why did you stop, beat me. RK says if it was someone else, her tongue would have been on floor, but I love you, I can’t slap you and can’t scold you. He says you told me meaning of love, saw moon and stars, told me importance of sindoor, and made me a human, now you are calling me animal, why. RK smiles and tells her I can’t be with you tonight, as you are Devi’s avatar, but tomorrow after the puja, we will be like husband and wife. Madhu is shocked and asks what puja. He says you have to sacrifice a goat tomorrow. Madhu says I will not sacrifice the innocent animal, whatever happens. RK and Dau ji have a sweet scene. Dau ji hugs RK calling him his heir. RK comes to Madhu with puja clothes and asks her to get ready.


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