Snapshot Reviews on 13th May 2014


Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
Tumhari Pakhi,
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman and Ishita get wrapped in the curtain. He says now we can get out when everyone comes. She says it will look so bad. He says we have any option, be quiet. Everyone come home. Raman says they came. They are shocked to see Raman and Ishita in such odd state.Romi pulls Raman’s leg. They free Raman and Ishita and ask them to go to their room and sleep. Mr. Bhalla tells Mrs. Bhalla that I feel they wanted to stay alone, so they did not call us. He says they are coming closer, its good. Mrs. Bhalla says I want my son Raman to be happy.Ashok comes to police station for land fraud case and sees Parmeet in the cell. Ashok comes to meet Parmeet. Parmeet says Ashok Khanna, Raman’s biggest enemy. Ashok says if you want, I can become your friend. Ashok says we have common enemy, think my friendship can benefit you or not. Raman and Ishita come in the room. Raman’s hand is hurt. She says sit and show me the wound. His hand bleeds.Mrs. Bhalla comes to them. Raman complains about Ishita to Mrs. Bhalla. His mum scolds Ishita and leaves. Raman tells Ishita that he was joking. She feels back pain. Raman asks what happened to you, show me. She says it’s a sprain. He says you are the doctor, tell me what to apply in sprain. He asks her to move her hair. She moves. He applies the balm and Simmi walks in. Simmi is shocked and leaves. Tandon surprises everyone and meets Trisha. Ishita sees Mihir upset and meets him in a restaurant. She tries to take his stand for his love but Mihir says he can’t go against Raman and tells how he has supported him in tough times. Romi comes to Bala for question papers but Bala lies to him. Romi hears him talking to Vandu and comes to know he is fooling him. Ishita talks to Raman about Mihir and he is in no mood to listen to her. Ishita comes to meet Mihika and tells her I will play Raman’s game, better than him, wait and watch what I do.



Saras and Kumud come home with Kabir. Saras says nothing can happen to us as we have your blessings. Guniyal says you came here before, but today you came as Saraswati’s son. Kabir gets a warm welcome. We have seen Saraswati in your eyes but did not identify. Kabir gets tears in his eyes. Saras asks Badimaa about Danny. Yash gets tensed. Saras sees everyone’s faces. Vidyachatur says he went out, he will be coming. Kumud looks at them and asks what are you hiding from us, where is Kalika. Yash’s mum says I will say, I can’t hide her dirty act, I can forgive her mistakes but not this. Kumud asks what happened. Yash’s mum tells everything. Saras, Kumud and Kabir are shocked knowing Kalika accused Danny of rape and how she told about Ghuman making her do this. Yash says its our mistake, to trust a girl like Kalika. Saras says its not your mistake, she lied and cheated us.Vidyachatur gets a call from hospital and tells Saras that Laxminandan is completely fine, he can get conscious anytime, we should go to hospital. Kabir says Menka told me that Laxminandan left my mum to die, I wanted to take revenge from him, and I felt he is the culprit so I did his accident. Saras says Ghuman exchanged you with a dead baby and cheated dad. He tells him everything. He says don’t blame yourself, when dad comes to know this, he will understand, she wanted to snatch you from dad and mum. Kabir agrees to meet him. Saras says Ghuman will be punished for sure. Danny comes and hears everything. Saras and Kabir show their love to him and hugs him. The Vyas brothers unite. Saras says Kaka now my family is complete, I don’t have any complains. Kabir says someone has to get punished for her sins. Saras brings Kabir to meet Laxminandan. Kabir holds his dad’s hand and sits near him. He says I love you dad. Danny says Saras is right, dad will be happy seeing you. Kumud says forget everything, now you are with your brothers and son.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Niranjan hugs Jyoti and asks her to stay with them. Shlok says I knew this Baba, you are not like others. You will understand Jyoti’s state, thank you. Sid talks to Kalindi about Jyoti. Even though she is with her family, Sid worries for her and starts missing her. Niranjan tells Anjali that its because of you my family was breaking today, its good I came and stopped them, else my son Shlok would have gone today, I was helpless as I have to stop Jyoti. He speaks against daughters. Astha hears all this standing outside their door. Astha says keep trying Baba, but I will break this bearing myth. I will make Anjali realize the importance of being a woman. hlok and Varad spend some quality time with Jyoti. They are very happy. Jyoti misses Sid too. Its morning. Astha makes dry fruit milk for Jyoti. Anjali says no need. Jyoti comes and sees Anjali. Anjali scolds Astha for not making separate food for women. Anjali says don’t talk in between me and my daughter I did not say wrong, daughters are burden on her parents after marriage. Astha asks really? I promise I will force you to say daughters are not burden, but to love when they make her parents grandparents. Astha comes to Jyoti with the milk. Jyoti says I don’t want to stay here. Astha says can’t you see our love, you only saw her scolding, you know I took degree in getting her scold. Astha asks like Anjali. Kaka looks on and smiles. Jyoti and Astha laugh. Kaka asks whats this, backbiting about Anjali. Kaka asks Jyoti to know Anjali. Astha acts like him. Kaka holds her ears. They smile. Anjali looks at them and is happy seeing Jyoti smile. Astha sees her standing. Anjali leaves.

Tumhari Pakhi:


Pakhi talks to her family about respecting Anshuman. Pakhi says its between a husband and wife, no one has a right to say in between us, you did my upbringing and have a right on me, you can beat me, but not my husband, he is related to you all because of me, and he is my responsibility here, and you did not teach me to face off my responsibilities. Anshuman looks on and says you told everything without saying anything, I know you have forgiven me. She cries thinking of his apologies. She calls the travel agent. Lavanya falls and gets hurt. Girish comes and sees her. He lifts her and calls the doctor. The doctor checks Lavanya and says the baby is fine. Lavanya and Girish are relieved. She asks them to take precautions. Girish says sorry, I will take care. Its night, Anshuman talks to Ayaan and gives him the updates. He says everything is fine now, I will bring Pakhi tomorrow morning and then we three will be together like a happy family. Its morning, Anshuman wakes up and is excited to meet Pakhi. Anshuman asks everyone about Pakhi. Bhaisa thinks about Pakhi’s words. The flashback scene shows Pakhi talking to everyone saying she wants to find herself now. She waited for Anshuman for 18 years, it was her decision always, and everyone supported her. She tells about going to Dehi. Bhaisa asks Pakhi to go as her happiness matters to them. Anshuman says I married her, we love each other, how can she go, I swear on Ayaan and Pakhi, I won’t do this again, tell me where she went. Chutki tells him that Pakhi is going by Jaipur bus, she might be at bus station, don’t waste time, just go. He hugs her. He says I will not let her go, thanks. He runs taking his bag. Pakhi is at the bus stop. e reaches the bus stop. They are so close but does not see each other. Pakhi sits in the bus. Pakhi sees him and hides her face.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


Bhanu comes to Tara and you are looking a gold shop, focus on something else, RK is back. She says I know it. He holds her and says see before RK gets Dau ji’s place, you start talking to Dau ji. Bhanu smiles and makes her wear the necklace. He says if you were not Dau ji’s daughter, I would have killed you. Agni gets angry on Ashok and burns his clothes. She asks him to wear good clothes like Bhanu and have some attitude. He agrees and hugs her. RK sits with Dau ji and says I m tired, my eyes are aching, Dau ji cares for him with love. Bhanu gets jealous. RK jokes. Bhanu is about to put garland on him and RK takes it from his hand. Bhanu gets angry. The pandit says call your bahu for sacrificing the goat. Agni comes and says she is refusing to come here. for sacrificing the goat. Agni comes and says she is refusing to come here. Everyone are shocked. Agni taunts RK and says Madhu is calling us illiterate. People gossip about Madhu. RK and his goons try to find Madhu. Madhu runs in the village. They get Madhu. RK comes there in his jeep. The goons holds her hand. RK sees this. RK beats the goons for holding Madhu’s hand. he goons say we came to stop her. RK says she is my life, if anyone makes her cry, I will not leave him, if anyone scares her, I will beat him, I m living only for her, if anything happens to her, I can’t live. RK is about to run his jeep on them but Madhu comes in between. Madhu says you can’t kill them for such a small thing, they are servants and were following orders, don’t kill them. Madhu says leave them, I will come with you home if you listen to me. RK brings her to the room. He has many guns in his cupboard and gives one to Madhu.


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