Snapshot Reviews on 16th May 2014


Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
Tumhari Pakhi,
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Romi arranges a choreographer. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to dance. Simmi says no way. Ishita says for Mihir’s sake. Simmi says fine, but not solo. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mihir where is Trisha. Mihir says she went to beauty parlour. Ishita says I m also going there, I will get her. Ruhi and Ishita come to the parlour. Ishita asks about Trisha and come to know she did not come till now. Bala comes home and tells everyone that Mihir met him, I thought if I took his help, we would have been exposed. Ishita made this drama, we all know Mihika is not getting engaged to Vibhu. Mihika says why is Ishita doing this. Mihika says is this love to do this drama, if he can’t stand up now, whats the guarantee he will support me. Bala says he needs a push up, he loves you but is scared to confess infront of Raman. ala talks to Appa and gives him the money sayin Romi gave it to me, saying Ishita gave it. Appa says I don’t understand, give this back to Romi, I can’t take this. Romi tells his friends that Bala is in his hands, the pics show he is taking bribe. Romi says he is meeting a NRI girl. Parmeet meets Ishita and gets good taunts by her. Amma and Mrs.Bhalla have an argument over the community hall. Simmi and Vandu argue. Mihir calms down the ladies but fails. Ishita calls Appa and asks about Trisha. She says weird, how did she not reach home till now. Ishita stops her car seeing Vibhu with some girl. Vibhu says she is Malini, my girlfriend. Ishita says you are acting for few days, if anyone see you, what will you say, she is your sister, manage for 5 days. She sees Trisha with a guy and is shocked.Amma meets her old friend Jai Kakkad at Bhalla house. Ishita tells about her doubts on Trisha to Raman. Trisha comes and Ishita questions her. Trisha says she was with her brother. Ishita says Trisha is lying. Raman warns her to spare Trisha.



Laxminandan tells Saras that he was always proud of him. He then comes to Kabir and says will you not hug your dad once. Kabir looks at him stunned and folds his hand saying forgive me dad. Laxminandan says no, it was my weakness that I lost you and your mum, I can’t give life Saraswati, but give me a chance to give you your dad and home. You had the full right to take revenge of your mum’s death. Kabir says no dad, I m regretting like Saras now. Its night, Kumud dries her hair and catches cold. Saras dries her hair. Saras thanks her for helping him get back his brother Kabir. She hugs him and gets a vomiting feeling. Its morning, Saras tells Guniyal that Kumud is having vomiting and feeling uneasy. Everyone smile. Guniyal asks her to tell all the symptoms to doctor and then bring good …….. Saras asks what good? Saras does not understand and leaves with Kumud for the hospital. Yash’s mum says its that we are thinking. Vidyachatur says Kumud is going to become a mum. The doctor checks Kumud. She says do the tests and show me the report. Saras and Kumud come home. Guniyal says we will pretend as if we don’t know, we will hear the good news from them. Kusum talks to Danny and decides name like Sooraj and Kiran for baby boy and girl. Danny says I will think of better names. They pack some gifts and blows come balloons. Danny says everyone will be happy having our good news. He kisses her forehead and they have an eyelock. Danny goes ahead to kiss her. She pushes him on the bed and runs. Laxminandan says the news did not come and we heard, I got fresh, but I will have more right on my grandchild. Kumud is puzzled hearing them. Kumud comes and asks whats all this. Kabir says nothing, this is to welcome you. They say welcome back. Kumud says thanks and leaves. Kabir says Danny we should buy a gift for them. Danny says yes, but what. Kabir says yes something to make them happy. Danny says come with me to take the gift.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Sid and Jyoti miss each other. Sid calls her. She says I was waiting for your call, and I was about to call you. He gets happy. Sid says can we meet for lunch, outside. She says no, I can’t come, and you know the society, a woman and a guy can’t be friends. He ends the call and says I care only for you, I love you, but you can’t understand this. Ajju brings laddoos for Jyoti and says Kalindi said you asked for this. Astha sees Anjali and tries to make her jealous. She smiles understanding Anjali also made the laddoos for Jyoti. Astha comes to Jyoti with the laddoos saying Anjali made it. Jyoti gets happy. Astha sees Anjali outside. Anjali smiles hearing them and leaves. Astha gets Shlok’s call. Shlok asks her to get ready well. He comes home early for her and is shocked to see her in bad clothes and having chameli oil in her hair. He says you use Champa oil, or chameli, but today you won’t be saved from Shlok, good news. He gets close and says Chee, such a bad smell, it stinks, I love you, not chameli oil. Sid looks for his file and takes Jyoti’s help to get it by talking to her on phone. He says I got it, life was sorted when you were here, you come back. Jyoti is stunned. Astha sprays in the room as she is really stinking. She says Shlok should understand, every girl gets nervous. . Shlok starts ignoring Astha. Sid is in office and thinks how to meet Jyoti. Varad asks someone to send a file at his home. Sid hears this and gets an idea. He smiles and stops the peon. Sid plans to meet Jyoti. Astha sees Shlok behaving annoyed. She asks what happened, are you annoyed with me, why are you behaving like this.Shlok does not answer her and leaves for office.

Tumhari Pakhi:


Anuja jogs with Deepika and Pakhi. Anuja stops to tie shoe lace and sees a boy going on the road and his careless mum talking on phone. She stops the boy’s pram. She scolds the boy’s mum for being so irresponsible. Pakhi smiles seeing her. Anuja says I liked her purse so I was asking from where she took. Pakhi thinks why is she lying to me, why is she hiding her feelings. Anshuman gets ready and says I got Mama ji’s address, I m going to Udaipur to talk to him. Mama comes to meet them and shouts Rathore. He gives the ashes to them and says this is your Maa. Anshuman and Lavanya are shocked. Mama gets angry telling them what their dad did. Mama says your dad has kicked her out of the house calling her characterless, she died the same day, bearing insult. He gives the jewellery out of the ashes pot. He says my sister was not characterless. Mama turns and Anshuman falls in his feet. Anshuman apologizes to him from his dad’s side. . Deepika talks to the agent. She tells Anuja and Pakhi that agent wants us to vacate the house. Deepika says Prateek will call me back and won’t let me do the project. Pakhi says if Bhaisa comes to know I don’t have place to live then what. Anuja says its our problem, I gave this address to my students. Anuja thinks and says I have to do something, we can’t leave this house. Anshuman talks to Girish and Lavanya. Girish gives them an idea to publish their childhood pics and ask mum to come back to us. nshuman says yes, Maa will remember our childhood faces. Girish asks what can we add more with it. Lavanya tells about a Lori. Lavanya says I have written it, we will print it,lets take new number, so that she contacts us. Anshuman gets happy.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


RK meets the man who has killed his parents and Dau ji’s son. RK says my dad was a innocent man, why did you kill him. The man says I was not their enemy, Bhanu was my enemy, he killed my men, he is the poison which Dau ji is drinking. I have sent my men and they mistakenly killed them instead of Bhanu, forgive me. RK beats the man and says I will not leave you. The man runs. Madhu starts making the mud stove. Everyone looks on. She tries to take water in the Channi. The water falls through it. Madhu puts leaves on the Channi and takes water. Dau ji says Madhu is smart, lets see what she does. Madhu uses the oil bottle to make the rotis. Madhu makes good round rotis. She applies ghee on them and serves it to Dau ji with jaggery. Dau ji eats it and really likes it. Dau ji says you won and I lost, tell me what you want. Madhu says not now, only your blessings. I will ask later. RK comes home and does not tell Dau ji anything where he went. He meets Madhu and takes her for puja. Bhabhi comes and Dau ji locks her in the room scolding her. Madhu thinks this happened because of her, Kanha give me strength so that I can help her. Baii ji says her fate is bad, her husband died in three months of her marriage, we are afraid of her, leave her, you come. They leave to do the puja. Madhu’s feet gets hurt. RK asks what happened. She says no, I will remove it. RK says show me, everyone are seeing, give me your foot. She gives her foot and he removes. He says I have removed it. Bhanu says see how he is at her feet. Agni says we have to make her run soon, as RK will also go with her. RK applies soil in her feet and says its lucky to be in her feet. Agni plans against them. RK smiles seeing Madhu.


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