Bulbul coming close to Purab with unspoken love; Pragya fights for Rachna's respect by attempting to stop Aakash's marriage


Bulbul Purab Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV

After Bulbul re-joins Purab’s office after requests from Purab and advice from Pragya, she faced another misunderstanding at the hands of Purab who doubts her again on stealing office files. But sooner, he comes to know that Bulbul is actually helping to nab the thief. Before this, Purab was getting feelings for Bulbul as his office incharge Aunty have brought to light on many reasons about his liking for Bulbul. The thief comes out to be Abhi’s former girlfriend but Bulbul thinks her as Purab’s ex-girlfriend. With that misunderstanding, Bulbul starts to feel for Purab though she wonders why is she thinking about Purab in first place.


They share another moment of the feeling of love towards each other in their office because of some misunderstanding. Aunty with mindfulness sends Bulbul with Purab’s headache medicine. She comes to his room and Purab with his eyes closed thinks her as Aunty and tells her to massage his head. She agrees after some hesitantcy and soon Purab realizes that she is Bulbul and not aunty after touching her soft hands. Purab informs her that he thought her as Aunty and clarifies the misunderstanding and thanks Bulbul by holding her hands. Both share an eyelock and inches closer with a more greater feeling of love prospering between them. Bulbul reiterates on why she becomes standstill and nervous with Purab while Purab feels the touch of Bulbul on his head.

While on the front about Rachna’s pregnancy and Aakash accepting the marriage with her, Rachna becomes nervous and unhappy on hearing about Aakash’s marriage which have been pre-poned and will happen on the same day. With unhappiness in her mind, she tries to pack her belongings and wants to leave the city as she cannot bear to see Aakash’s marriage. Suresh initially wants to fight and doesn’t want to leave but his mother Madhavi insists that it will be better if they go to some new city as they cannot face problems from different sides – Aakash’s parents, neighborhood taunts, Suresh’s college. Suresh agrees to her mother’s words later but Pragya suggests him otherwise. Pragya wants to take Rachna to Aakash’s parents home but Suresh is reluctant. It is seen in the new promo that Pragya takes a defiant step and takes Rachna to the marriage place of Aakash without informing her own and Rachna’s family. Suresh and others comes to know about their visit and starts to contemplate on their course of action.

Pragya continues to have strong feelings and love for Suresh which got amplified after Suresh’s thrashing by Abhi and suresh appreciates pragya’s care for him. Some of the questions that remain now are, How Bulbul will move from hidden to concrete feelings for Purab ? How would she realize her love for Purab and the same for Purab ? Will Pragya succeed in stopping the marriage of Aakash ? [Pragya has already helped Abhi’s Daadi in crossing the road by which she got admiration and blessings from Daadi]. Whether Daadi will listen to Pragya in stopping Aakash’s marriage ? Will Suresh becomes defiant again to fight and expose Aakash’s mother Pammi’s wrong in providing fake DNA report ? Stay tuned to KumKum Bhagya on Zee TV @ 9 PM IST (Mon-Fri).

Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV Bulbul Purab

Kumkum Bhagya 19th May Preview:
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