Abhi inching closer to marry Pragya after getting hurt in love with Tannu; Bulbul got hurt in love


Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV Abhi and Pragya

Abhi got worried after seeing Daadi’s illness and he then promised her that he is ready to marry but will marry a girl according to his wish. Abhi is in a relationship with Alia’s friend Tannu since past few months. Tannu is a model, and both share mutual admiration for money and fame. Abhi decides to talk with Tannu and wants to propose her for marriage with a diamond ring. Abhi then goes to Tannu and proposes to marry her with the diamond ring. When he tries to do the customary putting of ring on her hand, she takes her hand back.


She informs him that she got a 12 crore INR assignment and one of the clause is that she cannot marry for 1 year. She breaks Abhi’s heart and he becomes annoyed with her and responds that he wanted to marry at this time so as to make Daadi happy. He becomes shattered to realize the materialistic love that Tannu gave him. He comes back home and decides to speak to marry anyone which his Daadi wishes to. Abhi felt pain for the first time when Tannu rejected his proposal just for the sake of money. Abhi then confesses that his work (songs) sell love but he doesn’t have much interest in love. He feels that his relationship with Tannu has ended.

While on the other end, Pragya holds on to her decision to not marry Suresh, and Suresh even gets thrashing from Sarla for loving somebody else and not Pragya. Though Pragya informs her mother that she knows about Suresh’s love for somebody else beforehand, but Sarla is unwilling to forgive Suresh and slaps him hard. She reiterates that Suresh is marrying her because of her love for him and the marriage is a sort of an agreement for Suresh because until now he didn’t forget his first love. Suresh tries to convince Sarla but in vain. After thrashing Suresh, Sarla also doesn’t want to mediate with his mother Madhavi. Both Madhavi and Rachna are also shattered with the turnaround of things regarding Suresh-Pragya marriage, Suresh’s friend Arvind informs him that whatever Pragya has decided is in the best interests of her, and she deserves to find a person who can love her whole heartedly. Pragya provides support to her sister Bulbul, and at first says she will not marry or love anybody, but as Sarla’s becomes ill, she decides to have an arranged marriage according to Sarla’s wishes. Sarla and other members of the family doesn’t know that Suresh loves Bulbul, and Sweety mami tries to inform all about Bulbul but Pragya requests Sweety to not disclose it for the sake of her mother’s health.

Alia still believes that Pragya is Purab’s love interest, and Abhi’s Daadi begins her work to find a good match for Abhi. Alia continues to persist Purab in accepting her as his partner and tells him about his promise an year ago to Abhi, and wants him to respect it and tries to come close to him. During the same moment, Bulbul comes to Purab’s home to return some office files, and she finds Alia speaking with Purab about their marriage, and his promise to marry her. Bulbul also finds Alia very close to Purab and putting her head on his shoulder. At that sight, Bulbul becomes heart-broken and leaves from there while crying and tears in her eyes. Thus, Bulbul feels that Purab has some other girl Alia in his life. Purab was not aware of Bulbul’s presence and just after she left, she starts to shout at Alia and shows his uneasiness and decision to not accept her. When Alia speaks that choice (Pragya) is bad, low-class girl and also asks whether he gives her the salary for work or for something else, he then slaps Alia. After receiving slap, Alia becomes much annoyed and pledges to destroy him and take revenge for that insult as she is Abhi’s sister. Alia might have said to Purab that she will destroy him because her heart still wants him as her love, and she thinks that he only belongs to her and nobody else.

Abhi has agreed for an arranged marriage and given his word to Daadi. Daadi has learnt before from a matchmaker about a match for Abhi where the girl was meeting almost 29/31 attributes in the Kundli. Daadi calls the matchmaker and asks for information of the same girl with the closest Kundli match with Abhi. So, if Daadi gets the info from the matchmaker regarding Pragya as the most eligible match for Abhi, then it will make things easy for Alia. As shown in a recent promo, Alia was trying to convince Abhi to marry Pragya as if he marries Pragya then according to her, Purab will be free from his relationship so she can convince him to marry her. Stay tuned to KumKum Bhagya on these developments.

Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV Bulbul Purab

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Preview: June 9, 2014: Daadi shows Pragya’s photo to Alia
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Promo: Alia insisting – Abhi to marry Pragya for the sake of her relationship with Purab
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Kumkum Bhagya – Episode 38 – June 05, 2014
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  1. finally…abhi and pragya will be together. I was fed up of that suresh drama.
    and that stupid alia… im feeling pity on her he he he…she is unknowingly bringing purab and bulbul more closer bcoz if abhi and pragya alliance happens it will be in favour of purab and bulbul.


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