Purab's plan to marry Meher is short-lived; Sameer to make a comeback with vengeance look


Nadaan Parinde Life Ok

Bebe continues to keep faith that Sameer is alive and had even shouted Sameer’s name by going close to the border. After seeing Bebe’s deteriorating health, Meher speaks with Purab for some solution to know more about Sameer’s whereabouts whether he is alive or dead. Purab suggests her that the country’s president can help them to bring back Sameer if he is alive. Coming to Purab, he is living with Bebe and his family with not much guilt as he has already made up his mind that everything is fair in love and war so he doesn’t feel remorse in shooting Sameer. Meher at first thinks that Purab’s suggestion is not practical as the result is not guaranteed. Bebe overhears their conversation and decides to write a letter to the president informing him about Sameer and seeking Sameer’s return.


Meher also agrees to Bebe’s motherly believe that the letter might help them in getting back. Meher writes letter on Bebe’s behalf and in that letter Bebe speaks about Sameer’s goodness right from his childhood where he helped the needy and also give food to soldiers at the border. Bebe also informs the president in that letter about Sameer joining army and his commitment to serve the country with utmost sincerity and dedication. She finally states in the letter about Sameer participating in the war mission and then disappearing.

Meher sends letter to the president numerous times and they anxiously waited for an answer for months. The story moves forward by six months. Bebe’s brother Veerji informs her that for how long she will wait for Sameer ? He says though he respect her motherly believe that Sameer is alive but suggests that if Sameer doesn’t back for long then what she will do regarding Meher’s marriage ? He suggests that Meher can wait for Sameer for another 40 years with her, but would it be right to put Meher in that position ? Bebe finds her brother’s argument to be wise and decides to think about Meher’s marriage. Sooner then, Purab learns their conversation and tries to pamper Bebe and informs her that he is ready to marry anyone according to Bebe’s wish. Bebe becomes happy on hearing it. Purab’s happiness is short-lived as Meher informs him that neighboring country has agreed to release 5 prisoners after their president and govt’s pressure. Also, the president’s office acknowledge that war prisoner’s families have sent them letters multiple times. It is then shown on TV that Sameer Atwal is one of the 5 prisoners. While Bebe and Meher are ecstatic on hearing this news as Bebe’s believe stood the test of time and turned out to true,

Purab on the other hand is unhappy and surprised to hear Sameer’s name as he cannot believe that Sameer is alive (as he himself shot at Sameer). Bebe learns that next morning the war prisoners will be released by the neighboring country at the border. Next morning, Bebe plans grand welcome for Sameer at her home with decorations and food preparations. Bebe comes to know that Purab has already gone to his work for some urgent work, and feels surprised about it. She then goes to the border with her brother Veerji to welcome Sameer. In the promo, it is shown that Bebe falls down after seeing Sameer as she couldn’t control her emotions and happiness. She is helped by Sameer. Sameer comes home and carries a serious look. He hugs Purab making him puzzled. Sameer now lives an independent and isolated life at his home, and Meher thinks that Sameer has changed so much to the extent that she regards him as not the actual Sameer.

Some questions arising are, Is this the real Sameer, the one who was innocent and good-hearted or someone else ? If he is the real Sameer then, Does he has a plan to expose Purab’s crime ? How such a big change happened to him like the vengeance look on his face ? Whether Sameer has been sent back with a plan as earlier he was on the hit-list to be kidnapped ? Bebe has reminded that Sameer’s father died when he was 2 years old, Is there any case that Bebe had twins, and one of them was taken to the other side of the border just some time after birth ? Stay tuned to Nadaan Parinde on Life Ok.

Sameer is alive, and makes a comeback with vengeance look
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