Shlok distressed by Niranjan’s emotional blackmail asking him to abandon Astha in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir







Niranjan was literally shocked when he saw Kavya performing in fancy dress competition. He was stunned seeing his stick in Kavya’s hand and got angry seeing how Kavya broke it at the end of the act. He leaves fuming. He comes home and tries to enquire from Kavya asking who made this drama preparation done and who gave her his stick. Innocent Kavya names Astha and he is shocked. Niranjan understands that all the strange things happening around him were master planned by Astha. Anjali is tensed thinking Astha took a big risk by putting her hands in fire and prays for Astha to get saved by Niranjan’s anger. Niranjan starts thinking how to halt Astha and bound her in limits.

Niranjan fakes an accident and acts like he got much hurt. Later on, when he comes home, he tells everyone that something is not good happening with him and he feels he should consult a pandit. He calls a pandit and makes him say what he wants. The pandit tells the family about Niranjan’s life in danger, and how someone’s stars are affecting him. He names Astha and advices the family to keep her away indirectly. Niranjan asks Shlok to choose between him and Astha, knowing he loves his father a lot and that he will surely choose him. He asks Shlok to think about his well being, as that should be more important to him. Niranjan talks to Shlok in his indirect and sweetest ways showing he is the best father anyone can have. Shlok regards Niranjan as a Godly figure in his life. How will Astha save herself from Niranjan’s smart plan now? What will be Shlok’s answer to Niranjan? Keep reading.

Shlok-Astha Romantic moments + Shlok’s decision to choose his father undoubtedly over Astha (at 3:17 in the video clip below)
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  1. IPKKNDEKP resembles females not only India but abroad. Dis show is showing some facts eye opening 2 public. Battered/abused females hide themselves. At least watching such shows can wake them up as well as public. Very excited about d upcoming ep , hope shlok relieases his luv 4 Astha or else ????wonderful wrk from cast & crews luv u All

  2. Totally agreed with @Polmard. People keep throwing unnecessary negativity at this show claiming that by showing domestic violence amongst women, it’s giving a bad impression to the society. Erm, hello, how can people forget that domestic abuse today is much more common than in any other era, it’s just not made public. So many women around the world are still being dominated by men and they don’t have the courage to speak up for themselves. Shows like IPKKNDEBP show them that anything is possible. It gives them hope that maybe there is a way out of the tangled mess they are in. It’s ironic how people claim that this show promotes male chauvinism when in fact this show is portraying the hidden reality of our society. Despite what anyone says, I’m glad star plus gave this show a chance. It has so much hidden meanings behind it, if only people opened their eyes.

  3. If its seperation again for shlok and astha then I am not going to watch this show—-after 15 years I started watching a hindi serial —so good bye IPKKNDEBP–

  4. My opinion is…iss pyaar ko kya naam doon…ek baar phir…tells a story…Nowadays even these things…happen… and convey very good message…and I hope that more girls and women to show bold and not fear anybody…God gives us life and God has the right at Tana gets back…no one else straight on anyone…every women and girl should own this freedom…that they enjoy freedom to the people she loves…of all people should not be feared by anyone…girls and women sometimes encounter a problem…or anyone using violence in girls or women…They must show…because always is someone who can save them…
    I like a lot…iss pyaar ko kya naam doon… ek baar phir…I hope to have more serial So, as…IPKKND.EKP…So with a good message to people…successes actors and actresses in the series of them that is very beautiful…
    I greet you from my beloved country ‘Kosovo’

  5. Yes is a good serial it is not even Indian society it is everywhere violence happening so far women lives in dominate society even in 20th century man is still standing there may bcz of male race but is happening at least when somebody watches another person then that human feels sympathy and sees the bad result but if closes eyes then can be different even now a days majority people got educat but thinking same as forefather’s time so there is lot of courage shows to women to get strong and she can try to protect herself and get forward in the society.


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