Yeh Hai Aashiqui 8th June 2014 Episode 46 on Bindass – Written Update

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 46 Shivam and Sneha

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and says that he was lost in romance, and then shows the book Titanic and says it is his favorite story. He talks that love also finds its way and doesn’t differentiate richness and poor. He speaks about today’s story – Sneha and Shivam who identified their love in 2010 and finally they met in 2014. The story starts with the media greeting Mr and Mrs. Malhotra for winning the Best Ads in the advertisement industry. He says that his rule – Do as the boss says and fortunately at home and outside he has only one boss – his wife. She gives credit to her ad team. Both speaks that their inspiration is their son – Shivam, and she informs the media that her son is a dancer.

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Some of the colleagues of Shivam sees him with media on TV and speaks that he has won inter-college solo competition. Shivam’s mother also informs the media that he has won inter-college dance competition another time and he has taken coaching from the country’s best dance academy – Zawar’s (the best international choreographer). She says that he will be coming soon from Italy and will take dinner with them. Sneha speaks with her friends on Shivam’s mother extravagant spending, and she has also taunt on Shivam’s richness and says that his friends can also succeed if they have talent. During the interaction with media, her parents regard him as the best international dancer, and shivam speaks the same.

On other hand, Sneha and her friends discuss let’s see how Shivam’s talent really shapes up. Next day, Shivam is hanging out with friends, and a girl wants another guy to take her close-ups with Shivam. Shivam’s friend suggests that the raw and real talent will get at the underground street dance. Shivam calls how can he go, and calls it as slum, and says that they cannot get dancers according to his standard. His friend suggests that he is afraid that other dancers there are much talented than him. His friends wants him to go and says that the talent he is looking for he will get there, and shivam takes the challenge and decides to defeat other dancers at the underground street dance.

At the underground street dance, some boys are dancing with much fanfare and exuberance, and shivam comes there and soon they stopped their dancing. They say to Shivam that as he came there so he is a real dancer. Shivam asks them whether they know different dance forms, and then wants to show them some dance forms, and then enacts some dance moves bringing much surprise and also making them awe of his dance. Shivam points at Sneha to challenge, and then Sneha accepts his challenge and shows her dance moves with her friends cheering for her. She also dances and even stretches her legs while dancing and performs belly dance making Shivam surprise.Thus, Sneha also shows different dance forms and the end holds her one leg in the air and after her dance, she gets much applause and cheers. Shivam and his friends are shocked on seeing her dance, and one of his friends suggests that he got the talent he was looking for. She speaks that she knows only one dance form which is from heart and she learnt from talent and not form school. She speaks that though he knows many dance forms but lacks in dancing with heart. She wants him to go from there, and Shivam on the other hand feels something and is an awe of her (Aye Khuda Bata Zara Mujhe Kya Hua.. Pehli baar Gum Shuda Ho playing), He speaks that she has done so much good dance – simple and beautiful without any formal training and says she is something and smiles.

His friends suggests that he is lost and quiet, and shivam responds that Sneha is quite different from the rest, her dance style, and I don’t care attitude. He asks his friend for some info regarding her. He gets the info that she goes to Janta Vidya Parishad – class 3B every day, and he goes there to meet her. He finds Sneha quarelling with another girl, and he is unable to speak with her and couldn’t utter a word. He wants her to join his team, and she says that he is too smart and taunts that he wants her side because she dances much better than him, and doesn’t want to be defeated again. She says that along with his richness, he acts too smart as well. She says that for sure he will be defeated, and he speaks that he is building a team not for a competition but only for a hobby. She challenges him for the dance competition and gives an open challenge, and he accepts her challenge.. and then says that he is waiting for her team at the competition.

Rithvik says that the gap between rich and poor is created by the society, and cites that Shivam has went to a place which he never thought of going – underground street place, and then his life got a new direction, and he has believe that either Sneha will join his team or he will face her in a dance competition, and he is happy with both cases since he can see a glimpse of Sneha.

Shivam trains with his group, and instructs her friend Rhea to dance with much care. Soon, shivam learns from his friend that the list for dance competition is already out, and 16 colleges are there, and he finds that Sneha’s college is not in the list. Rhea speaks that it is good that Sneha’s college is not in the list and calls Sneha as Behenji. He becomes annoyed with Rhea and taunts that she gets tired so easily just after couple of hours, and calls Sneha talented and hard working. Rhea becomes annoyed with Shivam as he compared her to Sneha, and leaves from that room. His friend informs him that Sneha haven’t gone to her college since many days and also she is not going to the underground street dance and then speaks that she has even left her college. Shivam feels something amiss, and tells that there is some problem. His friend suggests him to forget her since his lifestyle, background are very different in comparison to her. His friend also feels that he is falling for her. Shivam says that he cannot forget her and vows to find her. Shivam goes to her college and class 3B and there learns that Sneha has left the college and even also meet her friends but in vain and gets no info about her.

Rithvik speaks that the destiny fulfills our dream but at the right time, anf goes on to say the adage which says that nobody gets things before time, and also not more than what’s written in the destiny. Sneha has gone, and Shivam couldn’t do anything and 4 years have passed since then.

After 4 years, Shivam is seen with an ad films director who speaks that he is working in the same Ad which is produced by his family, and then the director is interrupted by an assistant who informs the dancers are ready. He speaks that Shivam cannot work with break dancers. Shivam speaks that he is ready to work with dancers, and then the dancers are called. Shivam while preparing for the Ad sees Sneha in his mirror and becomes a bit stunned and loss of words as he saw her after long time. Soon, the joy comes to his face and he starts to walk towards Sneha, but he is interrupted by the director who tries to explain about the shot. Sneha also sees Shivam and goes away from the set, and both Shivam and the director comes to know that she has left. The director becomes annoyed and calls how an ordinary dancer has left the show without any notice. Shivam hits out at him and wants him to have good manners and respect for dancers. Shivam tries to find out Sneha again and goes away from the set.

Next morning, Shivam comes to her home after knowing the address from an Assistant director (AD) and he then meets Sneha who doesn’t want to talk with him. He asks where she have been for the past 4 years ? Sneha doesn’t want to tell her history. He then speaks how come she became an ordinary dancer ? She wants to not speak anything about her life and wants him to leave her alone. He speaks that she has left him alone, and then admits that he was afraid of her because she is 100 times better dancer than him in talent. He speaks that she deserves more. She responds that money is needed for grocery and ration and not talent. He then further adds that she has to utilize her talent properly. She speaks that he became the model for the Ad campaign not because of talent but because of his position in the society and only one phone call, he got the role. She says that the same talent like him is in 1000’s of boys who come to Mumbai. She taunts him and asks which is big – talent or money ? He wants to cast her in an ad by speaking with his mother, and then Sneha responds that they are meeting for the last time since if he inform his mother about her, then she will never want her son to be with her. Shivam speaks that he will come once again and leaves from there and thinks that his mother will listen to him, and are different from other people.

Shivam comes home, and is confronted by his mother who speaks that he has insulted the director of the AD for a mere background dancer. He speaks that the director was insulting that girl and how can he be quiet. He then speaks with his mother that he wanted to speak with her about the same girl who is much more talented than him. She speaks that the girl has brought bad reputation to their family, and he is recommending her, she thinks it to be absurd, and wants him to get a life, and forget her, and focus on his career. After getting scolded from his mother, he remembers the words of Sneha where she said that his mother will be hot-tempered after knowing about her and becomes dejected. Next morning, Sneha gets a call from some event management company who informs her that they got the mobile number from Shivam Khakkar, and the person on the phone informs about a stage show in kanpur, and says that they can give her upto 30,000 INR. She agrees to the proposal and becomes excited. She then finds Shivam standing in-front of her with his car, and he then takes her to the meeting with the event organizers and soon they became friends as she puts forward her hands. They spend time together at the coffee shop and he touches her hand and shares an eye-lock (Tere Naina..Bas Diya..Bas Gaye Mera Dil Me Tera Naina.. song playing ).. He plays with some people in her neighborhood bringing happiness to her.

Shivam starts to spend time with Sneha and even does dance rehearsals with her. Shivam’s friend thanks Sneha for bringing smile on his face as says that when she left some years ago he got sad but now is again happy as she came back. They then proceed for the AD shoot. The same director informs them about the Ad sequence which will end with a refreshing dance as the hero wins the heroine in their Ad campaign for a product and wants full enjoyment from the leads. At the same moment. Shivam’s mother comes there and taunts that both the product and Ad will fail then how can he celebrate that. She speaks that how come her son will share the screen-space with a nobody and also this Ad is the first one in his career. She speaks that the heroine Sneha will not cater to all the audience, and might be suitable for some niche audience. She thinks that the people will not like her and Shivam tries to speak to her mother and calm her down. Sneha leaves from there and feels shattered. He goes to her and speaks that without her, his life is incomplete. He says that Sneha is the one who knows challenges, and she is the one who has talent. She speaks that only money is important for her. He then speaks whether she doesn’t have a heart for dance, and wants her to tell openly. She says first ‘NO’. He takes her to the dance stage at the underground street dance place and reminds her that it was the same place where she has challenged him. She begins to feel music and starts to dance. She then goes out and dances with the other guys there and then falls on his hand and both of them looks at each other and he also kisses on her forehead and smiles. (Zindagi Se Churake Zindagi Me Basaya.. Zindagani Banaya Hain Tujhe.. song playing). He wants her to join his dance team and also join him for the entire life and then confesses his love for her – I love you. She speaks that his parents will not agree but he assures her that he will speak with his parents.

He goes with Sneha to his home and informs the parents about his love for Sneha and his decision to live his life with her. His father becomes annoyed after knowing his decision and tells what about their decision ? He responds that now he cannot live with them, and he is then told by his father to leave as his son doesn’t respect his decision. Shivam then leaves from there with Sneha holding hands. Some time later, his parents learns that he became a ‘back dancer’ and both his parents smile. He practices with Sneha at the underground street dance and he then meet his parents there who thanks her for making him mature and more understandable. His father speaks that his son has become an adult, and his mother apologizes to Sneha and both of them thinks that Sneha and Shivam are the best match.

Rithvik speaks that who has thought remotely that Shivam and Sneha will fall in love but if the love is true and strong then you will pass all the tests and exams on the way. It is a sort of destiny which makes you come close while also drift you apart from each other on many occasions. If you have full trust in love, then destiny will also bow in front of you. Rithvik signs off by saying – Hope, believe, and trust because this is love.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 46

Info on Cast:
* Neha is played by dancer/actor Sneha Gupta
Sneha was a contestant of Dance India Dance Season 3 in the group of Terence – Terence Ki Toli. Know more at her Facebook page.

* Male protagonist played by actor Lavin Gothi
–> Lavin recently played Sammy in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain (BALH) and also worked in MTV’s Webbed 2. Know more at his Twitter page.
–> Lavin is a graduate of Anupam Kher’s acting school – ‘Actor Prepares’ and also worked in Katrina Kaif in an Ad commercial of Aquasplash chewing gum.
–> Actor prepares is an acting school run by actor Anupam Kher. Know more about it at its website.

Image credit: Wikipedia page of Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Twitter page of Bindass.

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Sneha’s Dance India Dance (DID) video and Lavin’s Ad with Katrina Kaif
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  2. […] (Episode 46, 8th June 2014). If interested, read the written update of that episode on our site here. – Lavin recently played Sammy in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain (BALH) and also worked in […]

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