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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing Episode 10 Deepti and Rohit


Meiyang Chang (the host) starts the show and speaks that love has strange power and once you have it then it will sway you away and we do different things. Our emotions are wrapped inside love and this game is of hearts and also of hormones and the time of school where first date, kiss and other cute moments take the first step and they have innocence and madness. The story is about two teenagers Deepti and Rohit who has proved that love doesn’t think of age.

Rohit at his home is seen busy studying for admission in American university and gets compliment by his parents. Next day at school, Deepti takes the video of Rohit who is seen playing basketball there. She speaks of liking him because he doesn’t try to impress girls and suggests of some other boy Akshay who always tries to flirt girls. She then speaks of Rohit’s immense focus. Sooner, at their lab she tries to come close to him but that turns out to be an imagination. She gets an idea from a friend Rhea that she can go to him and speak that she is not getting the results for her experiment. Deepti feels happy on hearing the plan and then goes to Rohit  and asks him to teach her about the experiment. He explains her for a bit and then stops. Sooner, after the college she tries to find and pamper him and then as he was leaving in an auto she gets hold of him and wants him to drop at her home near Shivaji nagar. She informs him of sending a facebook (FB) friend request but he haven’t accepted it though she has sent it last month.

Moreover, she informs him that he has accepted 5 friend requests from girls and 7 requests from boys in the last month and all of them are from their class. He hesitantly speaks that she is different from other girls. She asks him whether he has some problems with her and calls that he behaves like a Delhi Metro and always try to run from her. She speaks of saying hi to him some times during breaks and he informs that she follows him many times and cites the example of her meeting with him at the lab one day ago. She suggests that is cheating and informs that her experiment was not working in the chemistry lab and then scolds him more in a light hearted manner and leaves to her home.  Deepti comes home and gets scolded by her mother. She informs her parents of not marrying and instead wants her brother to be son-in law in girl’s house. Sooner, her friend request was accepted by Rohit.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that unlike other girls Deepti was spontaneous, honest and straightforward in her emotions and expressed her feelings to Rohit without much hesitation. He was surprised and responded and they come close and started to love each other.

Rohit calls Deepti for a coffee and she asks him how come he has called her for a coffee. He apologizes to her for his behavior. He offers his friendship and then wants the coffee person to give him the expensive coffee and smiles at him. At her home, Deepti’s brother is watching cricket and she gets a taunt. She calls Rohit and speaks about not able to study at her home and then wants him to come on V chat so as to discuss on her studies. Soon, he comes on chat and helps in her study. Next day, Deepti cheers for Rohit while he is playing for the basketball. He wants her to not cheer much as everybody is seeing. She then informs him of cheering more and not stopping. After the game, he teaches her to play basketball and even helps her in putting the basketball in racket. They hug each other and feel happy. Rohit is being told by his friends that he got busy with Deepti. They also makes fun of Deepti’s behavior. He becomes worried and goes to Deepti and informs her that they will not meet. She asks him why they shouldn’t meet and he then suggests that people are thinking that they have something (love) between them and speaks with hesitation. Deepti says confidently that they are having love and people are speaking correctly and she calls him a dumb guy. She inform that it is not like love but actually love and she confesses his huge love for him and asks him whether he loves her too. He speaks of not having time for love and she makes a taunt that he chills with Einstein or Newton. She speaks of not talking with him from now on. Rohit takes her hand and informs his friend that from now on Deepti is his girlfriend and warns his friend to not say anything weird.

Some other day, Rohit’s friend asks him what is the next step after kiss since he goes on to study with Deepti. Sooner, Rohit studies together with Deepti and she informs him of having noise at home. He asks about his friend Akshat who was speaking rubbish things and speaks that his girlfriend Shweta…Soon, Deepti’s pendant gets stuck in Rohit’s wrist band. He then kisses her abruptly and she does the same and both smiles after looking at each other. Next day in college, Deepti is sitting in the restroom and wants a promise from her friend and wants to say something to her friend. She informs that Rohit kissed her after which she got a strange feeling and feels lost and ponders whether it was a good or bad feeling. She speaks of not doing anything more and her friend Rhea speaks that how can she leave him so easily and suggests that Rohit has proposed her as his girlfriend in front of everyone. Rhea speaks indirectly of having shared private intimate moment with a boy and after hearing it Deepti becomes shocked and asks her whether she is speaking true.

Sooner, Deepti comes to Rohit’s home and is seen wet because of rain. She needs clarification from physics and then wants him to give some clothes for wearing. She takes some jersey from him and he suggests that they need to focus and study for exams as it is essential. She wears the jersey and comes out and plays in the rain and is seen in short. He comes to close the window and then comes close and touches her. He speaks that if she is not ready they can wait and he wants him to be quiet and thereafter they share intimate moments and have sex. One month later after then, Deepti learns that she has missed her periods and also done pregnancy test thrice and the result was positive. He tries to convince at first and is seen very nervous and then goes away from her call. Deepti becomes shocked after seeing his behavior.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that this game is of heart as well as hormones. Sex may be fun but it is also a serious issue and in the society we live sex is a taboo and we cannot talk on it openly. Because of lack of education about it, they become ignorant and in the case of Rohit and Deepti they were influenced by friends and then they did themselves because everyone else is also doing the same. For Deepti and Rohit it was love making but it has its own consequences.

Deepti tries to call Rohit but he doesn’t accept her call making her cry a lot. She comes to his home but couldn’t find an entry as Rohit is just escaping her and the perceived problem at their end [Dar Badar Khuda .. song plays]. Some other day while Rohit was playing basketball on court, she takes him away with her though he speaks of people watching them. She begins to cry and asks him why has he ditched her and speaks that she thought he loves her. He speaks of loving her and cites about his own fear but she wants to solve the problem together. He then speaks of the punishment from his parents and she asks him how about her parents ? He suggests that it is about his career as they want to see him going to America and then she asks him about her career and cries. Sooner then, they hug each other and he offers her support and takes her to the hospital and learns about the child. He asks her to not take tension for the baby’s health and she asks him to not act like a father. He replies that indeed he is a father making Deepti smile.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that teenage age is crucial where you grow physically and mentally and the most important thing is communicating with elders and Deepti and Rohit didn’t have that luxury but he was sure on not leaving Deepti in that state but in that struggle he was alone.

Deepti calls Rohit and speaks that she wants an icecream and he hurriedly brings icecream for her and he calls her baby. He suggests of doing practice which will be a good for the baby as well. He speaks of waking early and going to an job interview so as to become responsible and then informs her that there are two important things from him – Deepti and their own child (baby). Some time later, he brings some fruits and pregnancy diet guides for her. She speaks that it is not the solution and some day everybody will know about it. She cites about her fears that her parents will want her to abort the baby. He again supports her and wants her to eat those fruits. When she came back inside with the bag, she meets her father and he then wants to look inside the bag to see her food. He then finds pickes, orange and then Baby Bump edition nutrition and pregnancy diet advice booklets. She begins to cry and then her father asks her about it. She apologizes to her father but is beaten and slapped by him. Next day, Rohit is called and also beaten by her father and he wants them to give him a chance but the father shouts at him and is beaten more by her brother. He comes back home after getting injured and informs his parents about his love for Deepti and also speaks of their mistake and hesitantly speak that she is pregnant. He gets a slap from her mother first and then the father asks him whether he does these thing in school and gets scolding. He wants to take care of the baby and Deepti and wants support from his father.

After listening to his son, Rohit’s father and his family goes to speak with Deepti’s parents and gets an answer from him that Deepti will go through an abortion in two days and thereafter she will be married with some distant relative in another city. Rohit’s father speaks to her father that they can do what feels best to them and also apologizes to them. Rohit at his end speaks that such things are wrong since he and Deepti has already vowed to take responsibility of the child and they love each other dearly. Rohit’s father makes a taunt at him that he doesn’t know the future and talking about children. Deepti cries at her end. Soon, the day of the abortion arrives and she requests her mother for not aborting the baby  but in vain.  The mother suggests that she is doing for her. Rohit comes there in the disguise of a hospital boy and takes Deepti with him and also hits her brother on the way. They successfully fled the hospital and sooner Rohit sends a letter to his parents informing them to leave them alone since they haven’t supported him earlier. Deepti’s brother speaks of killing them as he was hit by Rohit. Rohit and Deepti are seen going in a bus and he imagines all the good moments spent with her.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that they left their city Roorkee because they were helpless and didn’t have option and their expectation to get support from their parents was not met and even the family were worried about their family’s respect and standing in society and even they were ready for the abortion. Children make mistakes and in the case of Deepti and Rohit they were brave enough to face the situation and were ready to go any extent for their love. Rohit’s parents were only worried about his studies abroad.

Some months later, Rohit and Deepti are seen with their baby Trisha. He informs that both of them have passed in their exams and he even got a job at a call centre in Bangalore and cites that their daughter is lucky for him. He suggests that they will do MBA together and then will go abroad. Meiyang (the host) speaks that they run to Delhi because of their love and asks viewers to share their opinions on whether Rohit and Deepti did the right thing for their love using hastag #PTKK on Zing TV twitter and facebook pages.

Info On Cast

* Deepti is played by actress Srishti Rindani.
– Srishti is currently playing the role of Gattu who flirts with Dodo in Channel V’s show – Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri (YJTRRR).
– Srishti’s Instagram page
– Srishti (Gattu) with Dodo selfie

Who wins? #Dodo and #Gattu? Or the man itching his crotch behind? Send in your votes.

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* Rohit is played by actor Lavin Gothi
– Recently, played the role of Shivam in Bindass Yeh Hai Aashiqui (Episode 46, 8th June 2014). If interested, read the written update of that episode on our site here.
– Lavin recently played Sammy in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain (BALH) and also worked in MTV’s Webbed 2.
– Lavin is a graduate of Anupam Kher’s acting school – ‘Actor Prepares’ and also worked in Katrina Kaif in an Ad commercial of Aquasplash chewing gum.
– Actor prepares is an acting school run by actor Anupam Kher. Know more about it at its website.
– Know more about Lavin at his Twitter page.

Image credit: Twitter page of Zing TV

PTKK – 25th July – Episode
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  1. Muje ye episode bahot pasand he or lid role Rohit ki to me fan ban gai hu….he is so cute yaar i love u

  2. Comment:Hii Very nice story rohit dipiti lovely ek story ka bad muja yammi disvan story bhot passand ha and thanks es show ko jo hama aachi aachi story dikata ha lovely


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