Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 13th June 2014 9th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V

Recap (Preview): Sid tries to invite Devika for Cheeku’s birthday and Dodo wants to invite Radhika. Both Sid and Dodo fails to impress Devika and Radhika respectively. Cheeku tries to convince Devika to come for the party and seems that Devika is planning to attend the party. The party is finally realized, and Cheeku attends the party but feels out of place. Dodo tries hard to impress Radhika, and Sid pampers Devika and becomes a photographer for her. Dodo is worried because he made a lie that Yo Yo Singh – a rapper will be coming to attend the party, and expects that his friends and attendees will beat him. After dejection to find friends, Cheeku drinks alcohol and feels bad about it, and vows to not drink again. Kimaya is watching the party via the video web cam.


Cheeku drinks alchol and feels lost and Kimaya sees him. Dodo tries to come close with Radhika, and speaks that some talking should be made alone. Soon, Dodo’s friends asked him about Yo Yo singh and he gets ultimatum of 10 minutes otherwise he will be beaten up badly. Kattu speaks that there is only one way that Yo Yo Singh has to come and she decides to help him in this moment and Dodo feels relieved. Sooner, Sid plays the game of Truth/Dare via revolving bottles, and the bottle stops at Devika making Sid happy and he asks her Truth/Dare.

After some hesitation, she chooses Dare. Dodo wants her to Kiss the Host, and Devika applies lipstick and Sid becomes happy. Kimaya sees Devika and Sid while chants are going there – Kiss by Host by Dodo and the attendees. Cheeku sees then Devika coming close to him and becomes worried. She then kisses him making Kimaya and his brothers shocked. She wishes Cheeku happy birthday bringing some smile on his face and thinks that the kiss was good and then becomes worried as Kimaya might think in a wrong way. He speaks with Kimaya, and Kattu informs the people there that Yo Yo singh is in the house and all the people rush at the kitchen, and Dodo also tries game with them and the house becomes a mad one. Dodo informs that Yo Yo singh came and also gone and informed that guys are rocking.

Cheeku meets Sid and speaks about Billu thrashing Sid, and he confronts him on why Devika kissed him. Cheeku speaks that she might be vegetarian and doesn’t like muscle guys like Sid. The boys speaks about Yo Yo singh and some of them boasts that they have met Yo Yo singh (lying). Sooner, Hansraj comes and makes Cheeku Maharaj instead of Cheeku sir since he has invited Yo Yo singh. Cheeku speaks that he is only interested and puts a ‘K’ mark on his heart. Hansraj doesn’t understand and he then responds that its K for Kimaya as she takes so much care for him and she is the only friend. For the first time in his life, she cared so much for him, and his life got a big jumpstart and hansraj begins to cry and becomes emotional. Kimaya feels elated on the other end to see cheeku’s love for her.

Sid again takes photo of Devika (Thoda Sa Kamina.. Ishq Hai Bhooth.. Isse Daanth Ke Bhagao song] When Sid dances with some other girl, Devika also chooses to dance with some other boy thus Sid and Devika in some way feels for each other. Dodo starts to dance with Radhika and tries to touch her, and is monitored by Kattu. Cheeku imagines a dance with Kimaya after seeing everybody’s dance while Devika and Sid eyes each other though they are dancing with different partners.

Cheeku finds the cake to have his name written as Cheeku and not Aditya Khosla, He becomes annoyed and holds a Knife and speaks that today will be the death of Cheeku. Cheeku decides to not share the cake with anybody since nobody speaks with him and says that there is no more cheeku from now on and the birth of Aditya Khosla . Kimaya hears Cheeku’s words and becomes worried and tries to call at Cheeku’s home. Sid and Devika comes close and is then informed by a boy there that the birthday boy Cheeku went on the terrace to commit suicide. Cheeku stands on the terrace with the cake and knife and speaks that he is not high and even has not said anything to Kimaya. Cheeku is being told to come down from the terrace, and when Sid wants him to behave properly. Cheeku speaks that Devika has kissed him but Dodo wants Cheeku to not commit suicide, and he responds that nobody will do a suicide and some of them suggests to call police and he even speaks to confront the police. The boys there takes his photo and thinks that cheeku’s such drama will become viral and cheeku thinks it as viral flu and wants to give medicine..

Next Episode: Sid tries to come close to Devika and wants to drop her home. Dodo suggests to Radhika about after event party but doesn’t get much positive answer from her. Dodo decides to befriend Kattu his savior. Cheeku speaks with Kimaya but couldn’t speak properly as he is high.

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