Durga using Dev to enjoy every bit of Shaurya’s jealousy in Ek Hasina Thi


Ek Hasina Thi Durga




Shaurya came to know about Dev taking out Payal’s rape case file by applying a RTI request in court. He was shocked and fuming in anger. He goes to confess his crime to Dev thinking Dev will not be able to do anything, as he will not leave him alive. Shaurya takes a paper cutter and wishes to stab Dev, just in time Rajnath enters and is shocked seeing Shaurya’s madness. Rajnath stops Shaurya from doing this and acts normal infront of Dev. Rajnath requests Dev to support Shaurya and make him feel that he believes in him. Dev does not understand Rajnath’s desperate tries. Dev warns Gawtham and Sonali to be careful as he is afraid Rajnath can harm them knowing they took out the rape case file out to help him. Shaurya asks Rajnath to remove Dev from the Cancer Project in 24 hours else he will expose his and Raima’s affair infront of Sakshi. Rajnath is tensed as Shaurya is going totally out of control for Durga.

Durga has happily started making Dev dance on her fingers, using Nitya’s diary. She knows its Dev’s weakness and he will try hard to take it. She arranges a business meeting with Dev and later on cancels it to turn it into a lunch date. She asks Akash to inform this date news to Shaurya. Shaurya is shocked as he has explained Dev before to stay away from Durga, by saying Durga is only mine. He can’t see Dev laying his hands on Durga. Shaurya rushes to the restaurant and sees them holding hands and smiling. While Durga shows off Nitya’s diary to Dev by making her purse fall intentionally, Dev was about to take it but she stops him. She wants to make Dev helpless and anxious to get the diary. Durga sees Shaurya and acts over friendly with Dev which puzzles him.

Durga wants to use Shaurya’s jealousy to break the Goenka family. Shaurya can’t control himself and bumps into them casually acting as if he really has a lunch with his friends planned in the same restaurant. He greets Dev with a sweet smile, while Dev knows Shaurya’s heart burning. Durga tells Shaurya that it was Dev’s idea for this lunch date. Shaurya gets mistaken and insists Durga that he will drop her home. Durga leaves with him, whereas Dev is lost in Nitya’s thoughts and plans to get that diary at any cost. Shaurya asks Durga where does he stand in her life. She says more than a friend. Shaurya has already admitted his feelings to her, and said how much he loves her, but this time he needs a concrete answer from Durga. Will she reciprocate her feelings? What will be Durga’s answer? Keep reading.

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