Yeh Hai Aashiqui 25th August 2013 1st Episode on Bindass – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 1 Bindass

Vikrant Massey (the host) starts the show and then speaks a poem from the famous Poet- Ghalib -> Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasaan.. Bas Itna Samaj Lijiya.. Aankh Ka Dariya Hain Bas Doob Ke Jaana Hain (while lighting up a candle using a matchstick). He ponders on how many of us know its real meaning and speaks that its simple translation is that love is not an easy thing and many times we have to face hardships and uphill tasks to get it. He then asks, How far you can go to get love, extremes being the zenith or the bottom.


He introduces himself as the host of Bindass’ show Yeh Hai Aashiqui. He speaks that in the show two common people’s true love and unspoken story inspired by real life experiences will be shown. The 1st Episode depicts the love story of Tushar and his pursuit is to see his love – the girl be happy. The story is named – Tasveer (Photo) and is set in Dehradun 2003. Sooner, he informs more about the story, Tushar is from Dehradun, Uttarakhand and speaks that Tushar sees the world more through the lens of his camera and less through his own eyes. Tushar is good looking, 20 year old and well-educated boy who came from his studies in USA to hometown Dehradun for vacations. Vikrant says that Bindass took his story because he tried to win love against all odds.

The story starts with Tushar who is seen at a shop and sees a girl smiling. He learns out that the girl is the same one as in the magazine which he was reading about an article on dance. He becomes in awe of her beauty and and takes photograph of the girl. He is then told not to take photo at the shop and gets a warning to be careful the next time. Vikrant Massey (the host) speaks that such love on first sight will bring much needed smile on one’s face. Tushar goes to his home and there is a party organized for him by his parents. Vikrant then finds the same girl there and his friends thinks that she looks like Bunty (by adding: Bebo and Aunty). Sooner, Tushar is invited by his mother who introduces him to that same girl Priyanka and now Tushar learns her name. She is the wife of his father’s colleague – Manoj, and is dressed in a Saree. Soon, Priyanka goes from there to get some drinks and Tushar eyes her with innocence.

Later, Priyanka starts to speak with some women at the party and when asked about her earlier work informs them that she did modelling and shows. Priyanka’s husband Manoj comes there and calls himself the luckiest person as he is her husband, and sooner she receives a call from her son Sunny and takes excuse. As she is speaking, Manoj confronts her and makes a taunt whether she is talking with Sunny or with somebody else. He holds her hands and scolds why she was speaking earlier about being ex-model and boasting of her modeling career. He goes on to say that she wants other men to be impressed on her beauty and charm. He continues to exert force and verbally abuses her and says that after going home he will give her lot of attention after hearing it she becomes worried.

Tushar is a witness of their fight and the abuse which Manoj had just inflicted on her. Priyanka also sees him and leaves. Some time later, Priyanka’s sister-in law Suyeena gets a injury and she helps her at Tushar’s home where party was organized. Priyanka asks him about his projects to which he responds that he is working on classical dance forms. She speaks of dancing before but has stopped dancing now. Sooner then, both Tushar and Suyeena requests Manoj to suggests his wife to help Tushar in his classical dance form project. It is then agreed that Priyanka will help Tushar after getting an approval from her husband.

They meet outside at a nearby mountain, and she informs him about learning and knowing Kathak dance form. He takes out his camera and suggests that that every picture has a story. He then shows her pic from the magazine which he has earlier taken and refers to the girl in the pic (Priyanka) to as bubbly and full of happiness. He wants to take more happy photos of her but she hesitates and leaves. He invites her in the evening so he can take some more photos and believes that she will come. At Priyanka’s home in the night, Tushar’s friends comes there and informs her that he is not seen since morning and shows their worry. She decides to go to meet him while he is awaiting for her at the same place. She comes there and asks him why he is staying away until night there ? He wants her to help him in his projects and tries to convince her dearly. and the time is close to sun-set so they agree to take photos the next morning, thus he is able to convince her.

She readies herself in kathak dress and wears Ghunghru around her ankles [wears the same white dress which she is seen wearing in the magazine photo]. She waits for him at the same mountain top. He comes late and apologizes to her and then takes photo from his camera while she is dancing Kathak. After dancing a lot, she falls down, and laughs. She thanks him a lot and he takes more photos of her dancing and postures. They spend more time together and she speaks that her husband Manoj used to love her a lot but gradually it became possessiveness and after which she decided to send her 6-year old son to boarding school. He speaks that girls always have choices. [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title track plays.] She asks him whether he has a girlfriend, he responds to having a girlfriend but haven’t informed her about his feelings.

Vikrant (the host) speaks that Tushar and Priyanka became friends, and he has made up his mind to see only Priyanka’s happiness.

Both spend more time together and she teaches him on how to dance [Yeh Hai Aashiqui.. title song]. She wears a blue Saree and sooner they share an eyelock and he touches her stomach as they come close to kiss..Sooner, both realized what they are doing, and she walks away. He then drops to her home in his car, and wishes to see her the next day. He calls himself a Donkey (Gaddha) for not speaking clearly – just said, I will say tomorrow, feels upset with him as he couldn’t express his feelings. On the other end, Priyanka speaks to herself on what she was doing and things going on in her mind. She then hears her husband’s Manoj call at home. He comes close and confronts her and asks whether the boy Tushar has touched her hand, and other places of her body. He speaks that after seeing a young boy, she has slipped for her. He says that he couldn’t say no for her help to him since he is the son of his senior. Suyeena sees her brother abusing his Bhabhi (sister-in law) and requests her brother to leave and not to abuse her. Manoj doesn’t hurt priyanka more and leaves.

Tushar’ friends advice him to just use Priyanka and not to think of a serious relationship. He becomes annoyed and shouts that he loves her. Suyeena hears his confession and feels amused. He apologizes to Suyeena about this matter and she speaks that Bhabhi doesn’t have such feelings for him and furthermore the marks seen on her hands and body are not of kitchen injuries but actually injuries inflicted by her brother’s abuse. After listening to them, he asks Suyeena for a favor and help and wants to know the feelings of Priyanka. He insists her to help him but she cites that her brother has just now got the doubt and she couldn’t know how he will react and treat him when he knows the truth. At his home, Tushar is confronted by his family for fighting with his friends earlier during the day. He then speaks of loving Priyanka bringing much anguish on his mother and father’s face.

Vikrant (the host) speaks that in our society Priyanka and Tushar’s relationship was not normal since she was married and also had a 6-year old son. But the society didn’t thought that her marriage just became a societal commitment with passage of time, and because of fear she used to stay with her husband. He speaks that Tushar was just 20 years old who was neither financially independent nor settled but used to love Priyanka a lot. Tushar invites Priyanka to meet him with Suyeena helping him in realizing that meeting. He confesses his love for her and reminds that after seeing her at the shop, he was mesmerized, and later after seeing her at the party he felt sincere love for her. She speaks on being married and slaps him hard and even doesn’t want to see his face. he agrees to leave but wants to hear from her that she doesn’t love him. She speaks of not loving him, but cries and goes away. He feels that she loves him after seeing such response from her.

At her home, Suyeena tries to convince Priyanka that Tushar really loves her and furthermore suggests her to leave her husband. Sooner, Manoj comes there and approaches to confront his wife after hearing their discussion. Tushar comes there at the moment and confronts Manoj. Manoj speaks that if he was not a senior’s son he would have shot him, and Tushar responds of doing the same if he was not his dad’s junior. Manoj and Tushar engage in fight, and sooner Tushar parents come there and takes their son with him. Manoj blames his wife for all the insults meted out to him by Tushar. Suyeena calls her brother a drunk person and informs him about all his wrongdoings and how he inflicts abuse on his wife. He begins to hit his sister Suyeena, and is stopped by priyanka who informs him that she then realized that Tushar is right and confesses her love for him (I love Tushar).. [Yeh Hai Aashiqui. song plays]

Vikrant Massey (the host) speaks that night was very long, and on one hand two lovers wants to get reunited but the society wants to separate them, nobody was understanding their relationship. He speaks that its important to take decisions before actually doing something. Furthermore, she was afraid of that night for so many years and was just not ready, but that night finally came, the night to take decisions.

She goes and meet Tushar as he is about to leave. He speaks that both will be happy after going far. She speaks that though she knows that he loves her but say that they will not go together. She speaks on her strength which she got from him, and speaks that she learned love from him and also loves him. However, suggests that her son Sunny will not understand their relationship and speaks that to have love is important. She promises to smile always with her son and always be happy. She wants Tushar to always be happy and hugs him. She cries during the hug, and takes leave from him. He becomes dejected and couldn’t do anything.

Vikrant (the host) speaks that domestic violence is a criminal and punishable offence, and Priyanka realized about it after Tushar’s entry in her life. He then speaks that there are thousands of unusual love stories in this world and wants to show one from that list. Kishwar Merchant speaks about her boyfriend. She speaks that earlier she had a hesitation about being older to her boyfriend but now are happy since that doesn’t matter in their relationships, and they are going strong since the past 3 years. Vikrant speaks that if we get love easily then there would have been no stories and also every love story doesn’t end with the couple being reunited and cites the example of Laila Majnu and Shireen-Farhad. He promises to come with brave heart love stories where love is not just a part of life but is the aim to live a life.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 1 Bindass

Host of the Show: Actor Vikrant Massey
* Vikrant served as the host of Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui from Episode 1 to 13.
* Current Host of the show is Actor Rithvik Dhanjani from Episode 14 to present.

Info on Cast:
– Tushar is played by actor Yuvraj Thakur
– Priyanka is played by actress Anita Hassanandani

Additional Note:
* We wanted to cover some of the earlier episodes of Yeh Hai Aashiqui,so we started with 1st Episode, in the coming days we will cover few more.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui – 1st Episode Video
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