Pyaar Ka The End – Bindass new shows starts from 15th August 2014, Promo Snapshot


Pyaar Ka The End on Bindass

Bindass is coming up with a new brand show Pyaar Ka The End starting from 15th August, 2014. The show’s central theme is about love becoming an obsession and then comes the time where you define your limits to commit some crime and also you will have the opportunity to either cross those limits or stop yourself.

Most of the time you get only few opportunities to win love but on the contrary when you are in love you will face hardships and testing times on many occasions. Now, how you react after going through cheating, betrayal, heart break and what are the knobs that you carry in defining the limits and then your informed actions (right or wrong) forms the crux of the show. Bindass offering Pyaar Ka The End has similarities with Star Plus’s concluded show Ishq Kills, Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya and Bindass own show – Emotional Atyachaar.

Let’s delve in the first look of the show

In the first look, a girl who feels cheated by her husband at first consoles herself that things will be normal soon like before. Sooner, then her innerself speaks that her husband Rahul is cheating her once more and may be spending time with some other woman and even sharing bed with her and ….. . She stops short of thinking more and the inner self thinks that she is lying to herself if she doesn’t believe about her husband cheating on her. She carries Rahul’s shirt and speaks that he has promised to not deceiver her and then goes into an emotional distress mode which shows on her face.

She first thinks that he was lying which has been caught and the next moment thinks that he is not a liar. She speaks that he was distracted and if she goes to her father then he will do something. The inner self speaks that the father will not do anything and will say to her that if a married girl stays at his home then society will asks different kind of questions. She takes many sleeping pills at once and then looks at the photo frame with Rahul. She stops short of taking the pill which might put her life in danger and instead decides to go for a divorce after realizing and seeing herself in the mirror. However, the inner self again speaks that she can’t do such a thing since it will hurt his father’s believe and worry about societal norms and pressures.

She feels that if she didn’t go ahead with divorce and think about father and societal things then her life will be going to an end.  She becomes much nervous and annoyed and in that state breaks the photo frame by throwing it on the wall. She removes those thoughts and then takes out the cut glass and plans to kill Rahul and her inner self also wants her to kill him. She then carries the glass and wants to strike the photo with it. Soon, she stops short in doing it and takes some fresh breath and calms down and removes her tears. The show’s theme asks the question that love can make you do anything but the question is whether you will do the right or wrong. Stay tuned to Pyaar Ka The End starting from 15th August every Friday @ 7 PM on Bindass.

First look – Pyaar Ka The End -16th July 2014
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First look (II) – 25th July 2014
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