Heroes – The Fightback Files 14th July 2014 Channel [V] 31st Episode Written Update


Heroes the Fightback Files Channel V Smita's fightback 14th July 2014

The story is about Smita, a factory worker and her fightback from Sexual Harassment. Smita comes to her factory and the women speak about their financial problems and worries. After seeing them she becomes worried as well. She comes inside the factory and gets 5,000 INR from his boss Patil as an advance loan for her work. After giving money he speaks about being present there for her with some bad intention and then suggests as a boss.


Theme of the Episode : Fight Against Sexual Harassment; Don’t exploit and take undue advantage from a weaker and helpless person; Fight for your self-respect,right and justice

Patil then looks at her body and she tries to cover herself with the Saree. He speaks that if she is happy then he is also happy and says that both can work together if they take care of each other’s happiness. Soon, he gets a call from his wife who wants him to attend the call of her father who is the owner of the factory. He cites of being busy and she wants him to attend the call. He touches her and speaks that he is happy to help her during the time of her need and wants her to not tell anyone about the money he gave her. He also wants her to not call him Bhayu.. Patil comes there and wants his employees to work tirelessly for the 1 lakh pieces to be made for Ganapati festivities. She finishes work and her colleagues want her to come with them but she decides to go alone. On the way she finds a cocount stall but decides not to buy since she wants to save money because of being poor. She used to walk alone and also make sure that her colleagues doesn’t feel that she is befriending them because of the benefits. So, she decided to not show her necessities and problems in front of them.

Smita comes home and speaks to her ailing husband Milind and brings an Apple for him. He thinks it to be expensive and speaks that he will not eat as he eats all the time and she doesn’t eat much. She makes a lie of eating outside Panipuri and coconut drink on the way and informs him of getting 5,000 INR from her boss Patil as a loan. She speaks of using that money so as to start his treatment, and he compliments her boss Patil for giving her the money. He also informs her about his own company Sunshine which didn’t help him during his health issues. She calls the doctor and wants him to start the treatment for her husband as she has got the money. She promises to return additional amount in some installments later. Smita works in making the footwear piece and she is then called inside Patil’s cabin.

She comes there and he wants her to eat with him. He speaks about her husband’s health and she informs him that her husband is suffering from kidney ailment and if it is not treated by medicines then a surgery is needed. In a teary voice, she also speaks of not having enough money to cover surgery expenses. Patil gets up from his seat and comes close to her with an excuse to console her. He then touches her chin and face while speaking that things will be alright as he is there and then touches her hand. He speaks that only six months have passed since her marriage, and her husband is ill. He asks her the happiness that a woman wants from her marriage is not there, right ? She responds of being happy with her husband. He speaks that a married women face shows all the worry on her face and then touches more at her shoulders and wants her to eat the Daal pulse. Smita becomes very much uncomfortable since Patil relentlessly touches her while giving an excuse of consoling her.

He speaks of giving her another installment of money after the factory workers leaves. She goes from there and hesitantly agrees to his words. After the day’s work in the night, she comes to his cabin in the night and finds him watching a porn movie. He speaks of arranging her money. He makes a taunt whether she watches a porn movie with her husband and then speaks that would not be possible since her husband is ill. Smita becomes worried and wants to go and speaks in a bit bold voice. He gets hold of her hand and speaks that she can understand him better since he is also married and alone and away from his wife as she is ill from 8 years. She requests him dearly in a teary voice to leave her and he then takes out the money and informs her that the money will take care of her husband’s health. She responds that she needs money but not at the cost of her self-respect. He then suggests that everything has a cost and nothing is for free and he then touches at her back and she then slaps him hard. She throws the money at him and doesn’t not want to take it since he is bargaining her modesty with it.

Stop sexual harassment

Smita walks back home with lots of heavy emotion and sadness. When she reaches close to her home finds Patil at her home giving money to her husband and also suggesting that he didn’t give it to Smita since she left early. He speaks of coming there so as to help Milind in covering the costs of medicines. He then suggests Milind to take care of his wife since their marriage just completed six months and calls Smita beautiful. Soon, he sees Smita at the door step. Patil becomes a bit worried and Milind asks Smita to make some tea for Patil.  After making tea, instead of sugar she puts salt in the cup of Patil since she was so devastated with the physical molestation done by him some hours ago. Patil drinks the tea and learns that it is salty.  She wants him to drink it but he makes an excuse and leaves. He threatens her before leaving outside the home.

Smita left the work at patil’s factory and instead became a domestic help to support her living and also to repay the loan which she owed to him. When Smita is working at her employer’s home, Patil comes there and calls himself as her husband and cites that as they have a fight so she is not on talking terms with him. After hearing it, Smita straightly informs her employer lady that he is lying and is not her husband. The lady wants him to take her away and he then takes her away and gets hold of her hand and insists that she come to work at his factory. She informs him that his desire will never be fulfilled.

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