Subhadra's grand son Hardik gets married to Gulli in Colors' Balika Vadhu


Balika Vadhu




Daddu’s sister Subhadra is currently staying in Jaitsar for her itching treatment. She refuses to stay at the hospital and also refuses to cooperate with the Doctors. She elopes from the hospital and have a good lunch at the dhaba. Jagya informs the Police, who immediately searches Subhadra and brings her to haveli. Dadisaa decides to keep Subhadra at home and get her treatment done. Subhadra is forced to do all that things which she refused to have it in the hospital. One day Subhadra’s grand son Hardik comes to meet Subhadra from America. Subhadra gets extremely happy and emotional to see her grand son. He tells her that he left his parents and came to India. Hardik hangs around with Gulli to see the village. They have a good time. Eventually Hardik and Gulli develop a liking for each other. Gulli was about to get married. Hardik comes to know about her upcoming marriage and hides his sadness. He promises to be a part of the wedding. He even helps in
the arrangements.

On the wedding day, Groom and his family get a good welcome by Dadisaa and her family. Subhadra greets the groom’s mom and tells her that she is lucky to have met her. Groom’s mom gets surprised at her words. Subhadra tells her everything about Gulli that she was molested by Het Singh son’s Sooraj and Dadisaa saved her from being raped. Groom’s mom gets shocked as Gulli’s grand parents didn’t inform them about this. She informs her husband who cancels the marriage. They insults Gulli’s grand parents for keeping them in dark and refuses to accept Gulli. The baraat leaves. Gulli cries. Subhadra doesn’t keep quiet even after lighting fire to Gulli’s happiness. She goes on to say who will hold this unlucky girl hand. Hardik offers to hold her hand and marry her. Subhadra gets shocked and tries to stop him. She tells him that he can’t married a girl whose reputation is lost. Hardik tells her that he is not doing any favour on Gulli. He wants to marry her as┬áhe truly likes Gulli and her nature. Gulli gets moved by his words. Hardik asks for her grand parents’ approval and even proposes Gulli infront of everyone. Gulli agrees to marry him. They get married infront of all. They take everyone’s blessings except Subhadra. Subhadra refuses to acknowledge her as his wife and doesn’t accept his marriage.

Dadisaa tries to make her understand that marriages are made in heaven and Hardik himself came forward to marry Gulli. She asks Subhadra to accept the marriage and bless the couple. Subhadra refuses and decides to leave the house angrily. She asks Hardik to come along with her, but he refuses to come without his wife Gulli. Shiv apologizes to Dadisaa on Subhadra’s behalf and takes Gulli and Hardik with them to Udaipur. Subhadra thinks to make Gulli’s life a hell and decides to teach her a lesson for trapping her grandson. What she will do with Gulli is yet to be seen. She worries about her reputation and thinks Daddu will oppose the marriage, but Daddu will accept Hardik’s marriage surprising Subhadra. Subhadra will try her best to separate Gulli and Hardik because of her old thinking. Keep reading.


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