Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 19th July 2014 20th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 17th Episode

Recap (Preview): Cheeku speaks that though he knows that Kimaya loves somebody else but he continues to love her. Kimaya at her end sees and listens to Cheeku’s conversation. Kattu speaks to Dodo about her constant looking at him at 2:18 pm every day through her window and didn’t feel disheartened as he rejected her proposal. Cheeku doesn’t want to talk with Kimaya. Sonia speaks how Devika has insulted Sid’s proposal in front of all the people. Sid comes to support Devika and confronts Sonia. Sonia leaves from there after becoming angry. Cheeku at his end finally reaches the conference place so as to give a talk on reduction of waste and Save the Earth campaign.


Development shown in the Episode: Dodo learns that lookalike of Kimaya stays in the same city and he has seen her on a local news TV network. Cheeku plans to go to Chicago, US for studies to become an environmentalist. Kimaya to turn out to be living in India and has lied to Cheeku of living in US which was evident because of her facial expressions and worry.

Cheeku attends the seminar and one of the boy speaks on energy efficient Robot. Dodo at his end flirts with Radhika and she asks him when he can become serious and asks about her problem. She speaks that the play with her father Prof. Shukla is organizing has some problem since the hero got food poisoning. Dodo thinks of his chance and then proposes to work in her play. Radhika goes to inform her father and thanks Dodo. At Cheeku’s end, he is being called to come on dias and speak and his name is called. Cheeku with hesitation goes to speak and speaks his name as Cheeku. He then introduces his name as Aditya Khosla and couldn’t utter a word. The organizer speaks that he just came there so as to bunk the college. Cheeku becomes dejected and leaves from there. Cheeku learns from a stall vendor that the solution always in front of him. Devika comes to Sid and starts to speak with him.

He asks her whether she has some work with him ? She then brings out a pastry and sambar, and shows to him that these two food cannot come closer. She speaks that they are completely difference and thus cannot be matched and she see him as her friend and offers her friendship hand. Sid decides to not accept her friendship and the people there laugh on her. Cheeku comes back to the conference place, and brings the tea man there and gives tea to the college organizer. Cheeku gets the nod to speak there and he again goes to the dias. He remembers about Kimaya’s word offering motivation to his environment. He speaks of his philosophy to start idea with small things and leading to a revelation. He suggests that the tea in which they are drinking is made up of clay and thinks that instead of plastic clay can be used so as to reduce plastic usage and save environment. Cheeku gets applause from the people there. Dodo speaks to Kattu that he has become annual play’s hero thanks to Radhika, and he will spend lot of time with Radhika because of the play.

Kattu informs him that Radhika is not in the play, and after learning it calls the play as waste. Dodo thinks that he is stuck and wants to escape from that play. Cheeku gets wishes and congrats and even get a prize (Trophy) from the organizers there. Some people also take Cheeku’s pic and he is being advised by the tea man that he should go to America to pursue his environmentalist studies. Cheeku thinks the same. At his home, Cheeku’s mother speaks of making some sweet for him and his father asks him how does he got trophy ? Cheeku informs that he went to ecological conference and he suggested an idea to drink tea in clay pots so as to reduce waste. The father advises him to do any work but he should get good money. Cheeku feels happy with that award and Dodo makes a taunt that the conference will make a call and apologize to give him the trophy and wants the trophy back. Sid thinks that he has lot while Cheeku won. Sid is lost in his world and Dodo informs Cheeku that Devika has agreed to become his friend. Dodo asks Sid that it is good that she didn’t call him a Rakhi brother and instead offered her friendship. Cheeku wants to call Kimaya as the credit even goes to her.

He thinks to get strength and talk with Kimaya and  finds her online. He makes a Skype call and she apologizes for hurting him, and Cheeku speaks of his mistake to think a lot ahead. Kimaya thinks that Cheeku is very good and she has missed him. He wants to bring more smile on her face and then shows his trophy which he won at a special ecology conference. He gives credit to Kimaya since earlier he couldn’t imagine himself speaking at such a gathering. Kimaya takes mobile photo and he informs her that he will be coming to America for further studies and wants to go to Chicago for further studies to become environmentalist. Kimaya becomes worried and speaks that Chicago is not suitable for him as it is very cold. Dodo informs Cheeku to not visit the restroom since he has spread bad odour there. When Cheeku speaks of going to America for further studies and meeting Kimaya. Dodo informs Cheeku that he has seen a lookalike like Kimaya on a local news TV channel and he doesn’t need to go to US and spend money.

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Cheeku speaks of seeing Kimaya in his heart. Dodo learns that he is a good actor from his professor who is Radhika’s father and is being forced to work in the play. Cheeku then prepares to see how much cold he can take as he wants to go and study in Chicago for his studies to become an environmentalist.

Additional Note: From next week 24th July onwards, YJTRRR will come 3 times a week (Thursday to Saturday)


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