Love By Chance 26th July 2014 9th Episode Bindass – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 9th Episode Smriti and Gaurav - Mere Pyaar Ki Shaadi

The special name of today’s episode is Mere Pyaar Ki Shaadi.

Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show and speaks that he also fell in love once and even the girl was in love with him. After love comes the time of marriage and for some people it is a smooth ride and some of them gets stuck.


The story starts with Smriti preparing to go at her ex-boyfriend’s marriage and wants to teach a lesson to him and calls him Chipkali ki Poonch and wants to give him and his family a Zor Ka Jhatka. Smiriti is being referred to Ghayal Sherni. She just wants to spoil his marriage. On other end, Gaurav is talking with his ex-girlfriend Namrata’s (Nimmo) father who wants him to come and assist in the marriage celebration of Nimmo since he was a good friend. Nimmo’s father speaks of marrying him with his daughter but she has chosen other boy and then goes on to emotional blackmail Gaurav after which he agrees. He didn’t stop there and even requests Gaurav to tell his father for some 5 to 6 Lakh rupees so that it will help the marriage. Gaurav is being referred to Abdulla Deewana.

Smriti and her friend walks on the roads to Nimmo’s marriage location – Krishna farms and finds Gaurav also asking for the same place with them. She then goes with him in his car after learning that he belongs to girl’s (Nimmo) side. He is also being forced to take care of her belongings and also carry it since he is a guest from girls side. Smriti goes inside the marriage place and is then looked after by her friend Garima. Smriti’s ex-boyfriend Rajat finds Garima and wants to meet her.  Smriti finds the board with the message of Rajat and Namrata’s marriage greeting. After seeing it, she remembers the time spent with Rajat where he falsely promised her of marriage and on that pretext went on to kiss her. She then comes back to reality and then writes Babaji Ka Thullu instead of Rajat’s name on that Marriage greeting board. She also stops the band sound there.

Garima meets Rajat (Smriti’s Ex-boyfriend) and she is being introduced to Namrata and then comes Smriti who wants him to introduce her to-be his wife Namrata. He just hesitantly speak about Smriti as Smriti Ahluwalia. She wants him to introduce her properly and soon Namrata finds her ex-boyfriend Gaurav.  Gaurav speaks of coming there because of her father and she taunts him for coming there uninvited and calls him shameful. On other hand, Smriti and Rajat also does Tu Tu Main. Gaurav is about to leave from there after getting insult but Nimmo’s father meets and stops him. Nimmo’s father asks him about money which he was told to bring. Gaurav gives him 6 lakh rupees after which her father informs that he didn’t bring more money thinking of margin. He wants to speak but her father doesn’t entertain him and instead wants him to pack Laddoos (sweet). [All is well song plays].

Smriti comes to Rajat’s bedroom and also takes the camera recording of that place. She tries to come close to him but soon finds out he is not Rajat but Gaurav. He asks her why is she there ? She leaves from there with an apology. So, Smriti’s first attempt to spoil Rajat’s marriage is failed. Soon, she goes with flowers as cover to Rajat’s bedroom  and finds ring and then takes it out from the box. She then imagines about the ring exchange ceremony, Rajat’s family couldn’t find ring in the box which he needs to put on Nimmo’s hand. Smriti comes there and asks Rajat to use her ring and makes a taunt to Nimmo that if she is comfortable in having a second-hand bridegroom then what’s wrong in the second-hand ring. She comes back from the imagination and on her way back hits Gaurav who was carrying boxes of Laddoo and he finds the ring to be fallen but she takes it away from there. The ring exchange ceremony starts and Rajat’s family couldn’t find the ring and Nimmo then asks Gaurav about the ring and wants him to speak out if he has done anything mean thing.

Gaurav informs Nimmo that the ring is with Smriti and then Simriti needs to take out the ring from her hand and give it to Rajat who then places the ring on Nimmo’s finger. She becomes annoyed with Gaurav and leaves from there. Soon, she drinks many hard drinks alcohol to vent out her frustration and finds Gaurav there. She speaks that he has spoiled her plans and calls him idiot. She speaks of not giving the ring back to Rajat with love and has stolen the ring and wanted to use the ring at an appropriate time to bring insult to Rajat and his family. Gaurav then ask what Rajat and his family has done to her. She informs him how Rajat declined to marry her even after dating her for long time. He has cited the reason that they are different in class and his family will not agree. She wants to know about his standing but he directly informs her to stop thinking about their marriage plan. Gaurav learns that Smriti is Rajat’s ex-girlfriend and she came there to spoil his marriage. She informs him it was obvious what she is doing and that is purpose of her coming there. She suggests that if somebody ditches him then he will understand her pain. At the same moment, Nimmo comes there and takes him and wants to speak with him. Smriti’s friend Garima informs her that Rajat has told all the things to Nimmo about his relationship with her. Nimmo at her end wants Gaurav to take care of the girl Smriti as she has already learnt about her. Nimmo speaks that Smriti came there to spoil and create troubles in her marriage.

Gaurav comes back to Smriti and informs her that Nimmo is the one who has ditched him and is going to marry with her ex-boyfriend Rajat. She wonders on learning the same and then speaks that’s the reason on that night when they met in the room he was calling her Nimmo. She speaks of going to the room thinking it of Rajat’s one and wanted to make a pass at Rajat since she know him that he would have come close as well. She will record those moments and then on his marriage day use it as evidence to spoil his image. She suggests that Gaurav was sober and innocent that he didn’t took chance and hit on her on that night and calls that he has damaged her plan. She asks him how come he thought Nimmo came to him on that night and candidly asks him whether he also have some sort of angle and affair with her before ? The story goes back to flashback with Gaurav seen with Nimmo and sharing intimate moments with her. After those moments, he asks her hesitantly whether she will marry him. She first calls him the sixth child of Romeo and calls him mad fellow and though they are childhood friends (Chaddi buddies) but she doesn’t feel for him like she feels for Rajat. He responds that once she told him about her love for him. She speaks of loving him like a friend and he then asks her how about their intimate moments at that time ? She replies that she just kissed him and was a bit physical with him and calls him that he is behaving like a girl and cites that he should think those moments as his good luck and also makes a taunt that how can he think that she will marry him and also suggests which girl will kiss him.

The flashback ends and Smriti after learning about Gaurav’s story laughs on him and speaks that he is much worse than her situation-wise. Smriti was already in a drunken condition at that time and speaks that she is there to spoil Rajat’s marriage and to gain self-respect. She suggests that he is there like the girl’s brother or a daily soap actor whose role is of the sacrificial guy. She asks him about his plan and he replies nothing and speaks that Nimmo’s father (uncle) has called him and he cannot say no. She calls him Devdas and calls him loser. He responds of getting angry and feeling bad but he can’t help much as he is like this. She calls him a great fellow with big heart. After listening to heart word spoken by Smriti, he speaks of giving an expensive gold pendant with heart shape to Nimmo after taking loan from his father. She calls that he is dependent on her a lot. He speaks that after ditching him Nimmo didn’t return back all his gifts and just left. Smriti informs him that one who leaves doesn’t come back and calls him friend. He speaks of getting his ears swollen after hearing the word friend many times from Nimmo. Smriti on her end speaks of cooking very well and cites that she would have left her ex-BF Rajat if she knew about his true face.

He then tells her to forget and calls her Yaar. Smriti begins to cry profusely and speaks that she cried a lot and Rajat didn’t come to calm her down and suggest s that she was in a relationship with him for 3 years but the ending was abrupt. She continues to call and puts her head on Gaurav’s shoulder. He tries to calm her down and then she stops crying and wants to teach a lesson to Rajat so that he will remember all his life. She asks him why he cannot think of venting out his frustration with Nimmo and suggests that one last fightback is the need of the hour. Gaurav agrees for one last attack and takes her away. Kavi (the host) speaks that after taking some alcohol we become Sikander and wonders what will happen to Rajat and Nimmo now.

Smriti and Gaurav finds the marriage stage to be illuminated and wants to close the lights and create some trouble. Gaurav at first goes to the electric switchbox to switch off lights and break the fuse. Smriti is hesitant to come there because she is worried of getting an electric shock. He persuades her to come there and she agrees and gives him a scissor first. He speaks on getting a shock with it and  then gets a plier. He enacts a scene of getting an electric shock and Smriti thinks of it as real and hits him with a wooden stick so as to ward off the electric shock effect. After the hit, he informs her that he was just mimicing the shock and was just joking. She informs him that it was funny and vows to not come again if he really gets a shock. He shuts off all the lights and break the connection. She informs that if there are no light then whats the purpose of decoration in a naughty manner. (Tera Pyaar Ne kar diya Deewana.. Is Dard ne kar diya deewana song plays The voiceover speaks Dil Todo Haddi Bi Kung Fu Khelu Kabbadi Bi. and then I hate you. Like a love you song plays).

They destroy the decoration and then puts water all over the stage so as to hurt the family. They play with water and he speaks on venting out his frustration. She speaks that the true fun will be tomorrow and still the picture is incomplete and more to go. (picture Abhi Baakhi hain mera Dost). He begins to feel something for her and in return gets the same feeling from her and both smiles at each other. Rajat finds his Sherwani being completely damaged and he wonders what will he wear on the marriage day. To add more insult to his problem, Smriti stands in front of his room and wants Gaurav to help in putting back the notts (Dori) of her choli. She speaks that last night he was not shy and did all the thing so why was he worrying ? He teases Rajat more with her antics and asks Gaurav why he was so hesitant and came late when she called him to put the notts in her choli. Thereafter, it turns out that Smriti really needs to put back the notts and she at first declines the offer from him but then agrees. He then puts back the notts and come close to her a bit. Smriti feels something but continues to be shy and then goes from there.

Next day morning, Nimmo and her father finds out all the damage done to the stage and both Smriti and Gaurav looks at them. Gaurav speaks that they have not done the right thing last night and she speaks of having fun. He speaks of successfully venting out his frustration but feels for them as it is their best day and there is a big risk of not going well. She asks him why he is having soft corner for them and reminds him how they have used them as tissue papers. He speaks of already removing his frustration and suggests that he is sure that Nimmo will not come back to him and also informs her what will they get in doing this ? He raises the question that can anybody get happiness after hurting others?  She replies that he is saying right since she doesn’t have the feelings for Rajat as well. She calls him the right person and also very sweet. He speaks that even she is not bad and then go on to fix things there bringing it back to normal state. They correct the stage and now the only problem is of light for the mandap.

he gives him an idea to use Diya and candles to lighten up the mandap (stage). Both of them illuminates the mandap with candles and diya and she suggests that there was more fun in making it well than the time when they destroy it.  The marriage ceremony takes place and Smriti thinks of all the good moments they shared and looks at him. She asks him whether he believes in destiny. He replies on not thinking about destiny until then. She speaks of thinking of destiny because of him and asks him does he know whether someone has gone to the marriage of their Ex ? He replies no and they are the only ones. She speaks they met and though they have problems initially and have lots of fun. She speaks that it was the plan of destiny to make them meet and he still continues to not speak much. She calls him duffer and says that there is a connection and then asks him whether she should start their relationship.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that they came on their ex’s marriage and found themselves in love because of Chance. He signs off by saying that people can echo their opinions on the show using hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV twitter and facebook pages.

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