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Hi, we took some time off as it was Eid Ul Fitr today. We got busy in preparations and celebrations. We wish you all Happy Eid and our best wishes will always be under your pillow to give you a soothing peace. We posted a tribute to Ashish and Rachana and got good response. All our posts have been hit and well accepted by the readers. We are glad that we are achieving your smiles, for what we started this little site. We will be slowly expanding it by featuring more reviews on the site, about the current shows, which has some wonders and blunders. Some shows stoop to the thin line of being creative and being predictive.


We are thinking to write reviews, just like stubborn kids who keep hammering. EMA review was well accepted, and we hope other reviews click too. There always has to be some push in life, and we want to be a medium to become that by our sharp, earthy and true reviews. We don’t know whether reviews attract people, but hope to draw you by making it witty. We wish to fulfill the happiness percentage in your lives, not by giving sweets and gifts, but by our love dedicated to you all by our ‘’aimed at you’’ posts. TellyReviews has always tried to get higher by the hardwork as we know it always pays, literally and practically too!! We need your support and love in making our site more better and you can advice us on improving. Suggestions are always welcome. We just want to be the ladder for you to climb and pluck a high off apple, as an apple a day keeps the doctor away!! LOL!! On this humorous short note, keep TellyReviewing!!


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