Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 7th August 2014 27th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 27th Episode

Precap (Preview): Kimaya wants to inform Cheeku about the truth about her. Cheeku comes to know about Kimaya’s address and then goes at her home and after some time finds Kimaya coming out from her building. Cheeku is shocked after learning and validating Kimaya’s lie to him.


Highlight of the Episode: Cheeku and Kimaya comes in-front of each other for the first time in his city Mumbai. Cheeku is in no talking mood with Kimaya.

Cheeku wants to send a message and thenm receives a message from her that she wants to speak with him. He becomes dejected and sad and his mood is off. Sharda Bhai the maid in his home again asks Cheeku for financial help. He scolds her and while going she speaks that he acts like a film star. Then, Cheeku meets his mother and she asks him to sell the old papers at 4 INR/kg and leaves from there. Cheeku wonders whether he can sell his life in exchange of old papers (Raddi).

Sid speaks of the hottest girl of the college Devika as his girlfriend. Soon, he gets a call and she informs that he might be standing in front of the mirror and praising him. She then tells him to meet at 6 PM this evening. Dodo asks whether Sid has already done the makeout with Devika and wants to know. Sid shrugs him away and doesn’t want to speak or listen about such things. Dodo then learns and speaks that Sid haven’t done anything until now and suggests that he is not fast forwards like him. Dodo boasts about his capability to know the person well and suggests that now he will speak in the college that Sid haven’t done anything till now. Dodo teases and runs from there.

Cheeku works in his laptop and his mother thinks that he is checking the rate of paper scrap. Cheeku waits for Kimaya to be online and Gattu at her end calls him but he doesn’t take her call. Kimaya speaks with a friend at her home and she asks her whether she is speaking about Cheeku. Kimaya speaks of saying lie so as to keep distance between them and he is different from other boys. She speaks that Cheeku will come to know one day that she has broken his hurt and doesn’t want to hurt him. If she speaks now, then they will not have friendship or any relation. Kimaya speaks about Cheeku’s mail some minutes ago and then finds he is offline on Skype. Dodo meets a person who informs him that if he gives money then he doesn’t need visa or passport. The person speaks of his agency sending 500 people to Bangkok and get special tickets which doesn’t need any passport or visa. The person imagines a scene of Bangkok there and Dodo dreams of girls there and gives that person money.

Cheeku at his college is greeted by Devika and she finds him lost with his mood off. She asks him about the problem. He replies on being fine and walks away. Devika calls Sid and wants him to reach the club soon so to tell him an important thing. Sid meets Devika and tries to come close to her after remembering Dodo’s words. She asks him how is Cheeku ? She speaks that Cheeku was looking very worried in the college and she is feeling bad and likes him. She just want to speak about Cheeku and know the problem. Sid informs that Cheeku met with an girl online and she told him about staying in US but she turned out to stay in Mumbai the same city. She asks him whether they helped him in getting out of his depression ? He wonders how to help his brother.

Sid comes with Gattu and informs Dodo that Devika will speak to him if he helps Cheeku. They go to Cheeku’s room and Cheeku at his  laptop finds Kimaya’s offline and wants to know the truth otherwise he will not get satisfaction.  Sid, Dodo, Gattu meets Cheeku and Dodo informs of taking care of him and Sid also informs that Devika wants to see him happy. They want him to be normal and Dodo speaks of giving respect and also call him Bhaiya. Cheeku’s parents come there and she informs him that he haven’t sold the paper scrap. Sid speaks that Cheeku got a heartbreak and his parents laugh on him and thinks that Cheeku is making excuses. Cheeku gets on the bed and he speaks that his parents are worried about scrap and he is not important. He asks his father whether he knows his real name Aditya Khosla and also reminds that his father haven’t recognize his son’s pic. Cheeku blames Dodo for taking many things like Cheeku has to write a cheap love letter for a girl, and speaks that Sid always take money/ATM from him always to support his expenses for Devika. He asks he doesn’t have any life right ? Finally, he speaks to his mom that if the scrap is sold for 1 INR less then what’s a big deal. Sid goes with his father to see the match, and Cheeku walks away. Gattu takes the pen drive which has Kimaya’s information.

Cheeku sits at a tea stall and speaks that he is a loser (Dhakkan) in his family and also kimaya. He remembers Kimaya wishing him happy birthday and then looks at Kimaya’s pic in his mobile and asks why she has spoken lie to him. He reminds and imagines Kimaya’s speaking him to stop feeling foolish. Sooner, then Gattu comes with Kimaya and he becomes annoyed and angry after seeing her.

Next Episode: Cheeku is still angry and Kimaya greets him and says hi. Cheeku doesn’t want to speak with her. Dodo wants to pay more money for getting tickets to Bangkok at the agency (possibly getting duped by him but he doesn’t know). Devika wants a group get together with Sid’s family. Sid also wants to invite Kimaya for that event. Gattu and Sid contemplate on those thoughts.

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