Love By Chance 16th August 2014 12th Episode Bindass, Mihir and Gayatri's love story – Promo Snapshot


Love By Chance Bindass 12th Episode, 16th August 2014

The story is about Mihir and Gayatri who meets during their marriage proposal talk with their respective families. The families think that their pairing is of Ram-Sita. During the meeting there, both doesn’t gel well and later he informs her of his decision to reject her and the marriage proposal from her family.


The story shifts to initial rejection from the boy to the battle of ego’s between them. Gayatri takes his upright rejection seriously and asks him how can he reject her while confronting him directly. She then vows to make him run for her like lovers and also challenges that if she couldn’t realize that goal then she will change her name. After hearing it, Mihir shows his amusement via some facial expressions. She joins yoga classes and he follows her and joins the yoga sessions as well and there speaks that he will not fall in her trap. She tries to make him jealous there by flirting with some other boy there.

Some time later, they meet for a date at a restaurant and after drinking he confesses his feelings for her and speaks that he likes her. She blushes after hearing it and sooner then Mihir goes on to propose to her with a red rose. They come close while Mihir carries a rose for her and she blushes and lowers her eye lids and looks down with much shyness and grace. Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that you cannot decide when you are falling in love, you just fall in it.

Some of the questions are, Why Mihir rejected Gayatri in the first place during their marriage proposal talk, what make him take that step ? Why Gayatri was so much angry at him after his rejection, whether she continued to have feelings for him after the proposal meeting ? Is it so that making Mihir jealous was the driver to inch him closer to her or there are more elements ? How did Mihir developed feelings for her before their date at the restaurant ? What made Gayatri reciprocate her feelings for him and accepts Mihir’s proposal at the end ? How did they give love a chance, one or many and how those chance/s blossomed their love eventually making them lovestruck ? Stay tuned to Love by Chance this Saturday @ 7 PM on Bindass.

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