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chakor kasturi and bhuvan in udaan


The story is set in the backdrop of the village named Aazaadganj in the year 1996. The name is exactly the opposite of the truth, as the workers are bounded by the stamps on their hands of Kamal Narayan Singh (Sai Ballal) known as Bhaiya ji, who rules the village. Every worker takes breath by his permission, else he is beaten up by his Bhaiya ji’s men. Bhaiya ji is elected as the MP and has a huge celebration function organizing the MahaBhog to make the entire village have good food for a day. The workers are really happy as they can have good food today and run to their Temple where the celebrations are taking place.

A lady reporter confronts Bhaiya ji for bounding his workers and he gives her a good reply. He says I will take you to my fields one day and you can see how my workers stay with pride, I take care of them like an elder brother. The workers are shown beaten up by the hunters. The worker is beaten up for small mistake of standing on some four leaves which are costly. He says my wife Tejaswini (Prachee Pathak) and my brother Manohar have helped me in achieving this post and he is thankful to everyone. Kasturi (Sai Deodhar-Anand)and Bhuvan (Rajiv Kumar) are a poverty struck couple. Bhuvan’s dad Harya (Tinu Anand) dies and he has to donate a cow for his Mukti, as told to him by the pandit. Bhuvan and Kasturi go to Bhaiya ji to seek his help. Bhaiya ji acts sweet to them infront of the reporters in his party, but then shows his true face when they talk to them privately.

He asks them to give something to him in return, for the 2000 rs he will give them. Bhuvan says he does not have anything to give. Tejaswini asks Kasturi to mortgage her child in her womb, as they will make her labor for them, when the child gets 7 years. Kasturi and Bhuvan break down, and are stunned by this cruel mortgage appeal. They agree to free Harya’s spirit and do his final rites. Kasturi gets labor pains and gives birth to a baby daughter. They name her Chakor (Spandan Chaturvedi) with love, and does her upbringing good. But they have a heavy heart knowing they have kept Chakor Girvi. As Chakor’s life reaches crossroads at the tender age of 7, she moves into the home of the cruel and short-tempered landlord KamalNarayan Singh and his shrewd authoritarian wife Tejaswini Singh. Chakor finds solace in Shakuntala Singh (Suhasini Mulay), Bhaiya ji’s mother and a strict follower of Gandhian principles.

Bhaiya ji says Amma, I won by your blessings once again, and bends to take her blessings. She asks him not to touch her feet, as it will become dirty. Bhaiya ji touches the soil where she stood. She asks till when will she believe what she heard, hear me once, know the truth. She says I know and your dad’s truth very well, leave my way, I have to go. Bhaiya ji asks her to sit in the car but she refuses. She walks to the car and frees the Indian flag by removing the garlands. As the story progresses, Chakor will undertake a journey that will change not only her life but also challenge the concept of bonded labor. Udaan is the story of Chakor’s life post her landing in the big haveli of Bhaiya ji and how she deals with her day to day struggles. The show is promising and has a brilliant concept. Stay tuned to the show on Colors, Mon-Sat 8.30 PM. Keep reading.

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1st Episode – Udaan, 18th August 2014
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