Yeh Hai Aashiqui 22nd August'14 Episode 60, Bindass starring Annie & Manish, 'French Fries and Ketchup show the way of Love' – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 60, Rithvik Dhanjani

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and speaks that in our life or personality there are traits which define us and one of the most important trait is self-respect. In today’s story, two individuals have different meaning of self-respect. Ronnie is smart, handsome, rich and he has all the things in life and on the other hand is Ayesha for whom the world is very different. Ronnie misses self-respect in his life and Ayesha is the one who doesn’t want someone come close to her heart because she has fear of losing her self-respect when someone breaks her heart. So, they are two opposite individuals and now the question is whether love can blossomed between them and if yes then how would it be possible ?


The story starts with Ayesha’s waitress friend speaking to her that she was right in understanding about a boy who just proposed there. Ayesha replies that because of her experiences she can predict about relationships and people. Sooner then, Ayesha is then asked by her friend to comment on another couple and she identifies him as Ronnie the only son (and mistake) of tycoon Ramesh Kashyap and the girl is the flavor of the evening and suggests that there is no love so no story. Ayesha thinks that Ronnie there just spending his father’s money at will and the girl is also rich but cannot differentiate between a horse and donkey thus she is roaming with such mule. Ayesha is then told to service the table where Ronnie is sitting with the girl. Ronnie tries to flirt with the girl and asks her for a map since if he gets lost in her eyes then how would he come back ? He asks the girl whether she understood what he wanted to say and she replies on understanding what he said. Ayesha comes there to take the order and he orders two sunsets boulevards and also wants her to tell the bartender to put cranberry juice and gingerade 50-50. Ayesha replies that the bartender knows how to make the sunset boulevards and he replies that it is his style to order. Ayesha becomes agitated and speaks to his colleague about Ronnie’s behavior and how he flirts with girls. She speaks that all the bills girl pay on his behalf and tomorrow he will come with another girl.

Ayesha finds Ronnie sitting at her table and she goes to take the order and then speaks to him that he will take sunset boulevards and he wants her to put sweet lime instead of ginger. She murmurs that in main course he will take a proposal and Ronnie’s new girl becomes annoyed and informs Ronnie to stay away from such waiteress girls. Ayesha comes there with drinks and the girl unknowingly moves her hand hitting the tray and the drinks fall down. The girl shouts at Ayesha and calls the manager and speaks that Ayesha cannot control glasses as well and the manager wants a sorry from her. Ayesha says sorry to the girl and Ronnie takes excuse from the girl to visit the restroom and the manager at his end speaks in high voice with Ayesha and calls her waitress and suggests that she needs to respect the guest. Though she wants to leave her job but is told nobody is asking for her job. Ayesha finds a sorry note with some rupees left by Ronnie.

Next morning, Ronnie is getting freshen up inside his car and Ayesha sees him there and ponders that he lives in his car. Ronnie also sees her and he is informed by the security guard to move his car from there since from 5 days the car is stationed there. Ayesha comes to his rescue and speaks that her friend Milli will be saved because of his kind behavior. She then asks him for how long is he staying inside his car. He replies six days and wants her to not inform others about it. He then informs of staying inside his car since Ramesh his father has send him away from his home. Ronnie speaks that his father told him to work at his office and he declined because of which he was thrown out. She gives him the money and asks him to not give tips since he has money shortage. He speaks that without tips how can waitress survive and she replies of not having home as well and gives him back the money. Ronnie comes there at the lounge and she informs that lunch time haven’t started. He wants a coffee and tells her to think him as Tony and gets  coffee from her. She smiles and speaks that he is lying. He opens up and speaks that she is correct and actually he came to meet her.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 60, Annie Gill and Manish Anand

Ayesha then speaks that he thought that instead of flirting with different girls on different days it is better to have a setting with the waitress so he gets free food and drinks as well. He replies that is not a thing and instead he wants to have a friendship and asks her whether she understood what he meant and smiles. She replies that her friend is needy, right. Ronnie speaks that all his friends are gone and then she asks him whether the girls doesn’t know that he is not having friends. He replies that girls are not intelligent to ask and know about it and then speaks that she is intelligent but not the other girls. She then wants him to work with her and help her in the art treads which she supplies at Art and Crafts store. He speaks very soon his father will call him and everything will be fine for him and suggests that her wish was to become a waitress and supply those treads at arts and crafts store, right ? She replies wrong and speaks that her orphanage was on the beach and her hobby was to collect shells and now it became business and she is saving money for her MBA studies. He says sorry to her after hearing her story and she doesn’t want him to feel sentimental. She opens up more and calls her tragedy queen since her mother ran away with a rich man and her father couldn’t handle that shock. She speaks of a rich girl who was her friend but once she went into an orphanage she didn’t keep in touch with her, and then Akash.

She speaks of Akash who was her boyfriend in college but now runs after rich girls as a puppy. and all these things are best for her. After hearing it, Ronnie speaks of having strict hate with rich people and laments on how his father tells him to do many things and speaks that he can totally understands her. Moreover he adds that both their thinking match well and then she asks him whether he is flirting and informs him that she doesn’t like flirting at all. Ronnie then asks why ? Do you have fear that you might fall in love ? She looks at him and both share eyelocks and she bites at his hand with her fingers and doesn’t take money for the coffee.

Rithvik speaks that it is believe that friendship is the starting driver for love and Ronnie used to walk with Ayesha until her home after she finishes her work shift. Ayesha knew that Ronnie is not the boy with whom she will spend her entire life but there was something and she couldn’t control herself in falling in love with Ronnie. Rithvik speaks that love happens in this way and you cannot make the list of rights and wrongs and just continue to love.

Ronnie and Ayesha are seen spending good time at the lounge and he also takes photos of her while she makes new treads and handicrafts. He puts the treads and make it as earring and both shares eyelock. He makes out a swan from the tissue paper and gives it to her. They again share eyelock with him while he holds the swan paper in hand. The manager comes in there and asks about Ronnie and she gives him some excuse that Ronnie is teaching her how to make swan from the tissue. Ronnie becomes excited to see Ayesha’s confidence and reminds to her how earlier she rescued him from that security guard and speaks that he himself cannot speak to his father with any confidence. She replies that he is afraid and doesn’t want to take risks and also doesn’t wish to come out of his comfort zone. The day he puts lot of passion and meets goals then all his fears will be gone. He speaks that her words are too heavy and he didn’t understood at all. She then informs him to have more heavier weights her books and help in her study. He takes a selfie with her and tries to pamper and impress her but didn’t go much ahead.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 60, Ronnie and Ayesha's love story

Ayesha studies and work on her essays and wonders how can she pass her exams. He brings a lolly pop from her so she can read fast and then wants to eat some special food – Imran’s special and wants to go to the kitchen. She asks him whether he managed to complete the work of making Swan’s from tissue paper as being told by the manager. Ayesha makes a taunt that his parents didn’t let him grow and just provide him education and necessities of life. They come to the kitchen and she informs that somebody will come there. He takes out food and soon the manager comes there and inquires how he took the food. Ronnie speaks that the food was anyways going to be disposed so what if he eats a little of it. The manager takes the plate with food and disposes the food and also informs Ayesha to not bring her guests inside the kitchen next time. Ronnie becomes dejected and asks Ayesha that she didn’t spoke a word in his support to the manager. Ayesha replies that he didn’t complete one work which the manager gave to him and asks him whether he has any self-respect. She suggests that he asks bartender on how to make his drinks so he could have easily become the assistant of bartender and could have found work and also self-respect. She again asks him whether he has self-respect and suggests that he go and flirt with those rich girls.

Ronnie feels sad and carries the feeling of helplessness on his face and then speaks that she thinks about him in that way and has this amount of respect for him. She replies on not having that minimum amount of respect for him. Ronnie says Good to know and starts to leave and  before going informs her that he didn’t came there to get food for him but instead wanted to take food for her since she didn’t ate since morning. He speaks anyways now he came to know what does she think about him and leaves with a thank you message. Ayesha tries to call him so to stop him but in vain. Next morning, Ayesha finds Ronnie again freshening up near his car but it turns out to be her imagination. Soon at the lounge she feels Ronnie’s presence even when she was making swan from the tissue and other nuances that Ronnie shared with her like emoticons on his fingers. There are different couples there but Ronnie is not there and she feels lost in the lounge and feels to cry and only sees Ronnie everywhere. Ayesha speaks of getting admitted into a college and has 15 days to complete the payment for fees and she wishes to get the money for it. As she comes out of the lift with her friend finds Ronnie outside. She speaks in a teary voice that if he again vanishes then she will fire at him and suggests that she spoke a lot on that day.

He replies that if she haven’t spoken much on that day then he wouldn’t have understood all the things. She asks what does he mean ? He speaks of selling his car and also now sharing a flat with some boys and also found a job and now needs to wake up early in the morning since he has to wait in the line to go to the restroom.. She also wants to say something to him and he speaks that she has passed her MBA entrance exams. She asks how does he know ? He replies he is predictor/astrologer (antaryami) and then opens up and says that though he was away but kept a good tab on her developments. He then gives a gift box to her and she finds 100 INR note with a love message from his side. She becomes puzzled and he informs her its written in simple english. He speaks that he loves her – Ayesha, I love you. She speaks that its not a joke and becomes nervous. He speaks on being serious and asks whether she will think that they are just friends  and she replies that yes they are friends. He replies that they are not just friends and he wants to realize that you are in love as well.

He speaks that Ayesha loves him too therefore she tried to make him a better person and then asks her what is the fear she is carrying ? He insists her to reciprocate the same feelings and speaks that she is in denial. She speaks on not in denial and he speaks that if you close your eyes but the love doesn’t vanish. He speaks that because of one bad experience how come she can live all her life. Ayesha speaks of becoming late and wants to go for work while feeling nervous a lot and then Ronnie gives her a note with his mobile no and landline no. He speaks of not forcing her but if she changes her mind then she can call him and then Ronnie goes away. Ayesha reminisces about the past moments with Ronnie when he said that she might fall in love, and also the earlier departing moment from the kitchen and also the recent – I love you proposal from him. At the lounge, she speaks with the chef Imran (Immi) and he informs her that she loves Ronnie. She speaks that both are very different and also she is an orphan and he is rich and thinks that their story is very filmy. Immi speaks that once upon a time Potato (Aloo) fell in love with Tomato – vegetables and thought that they are very different but they found one way because of which they aren’t separated until now. She asks how come that way. Immi replies that Aloo became french fries and Tomato became Ketchup and after hearing it she smiles. Soon, she calls Ronnie’s number and learns that Ronnie has went back with his father.

Rithvik speaks that when Ayesha came to know that Ronnie went back with his father then she thought that Ronnie has accepted his defeat and was drifting towards his earlier lifestyle. But when she went to the institute to take back her admission since she couldn’t be able to pay the fees, she learnt that her fees was already paid.

Ayesha comes to Ronnie’s office and finally meets Ronnie there and she asks him why has he paid her MBA fees ? She then asks him whether he put that condition to his Dad so as to come home – ‘payment for Ayesha’s MBA fees and he comes back home’. He replies thats not the case and suggests that his father every year sponsors 5 MBA students and she is one of them and moreover he cannot share the restroom in his PG accommodation with other 4 boys. Ayesha doesn’t accept his arguments. She believes that he did all that things and suggests that whether he thinks of doing a big thing with that sacrifice. She adds that for the first time in his life he tried to do something for him and coming to her study she could have studied MBA next year after collecting all the money by her work. She wants him to go with her but he holds her hand and tries to calm her down a bit. He speaks on knowing that she loves him and suggests that in love conditions aren’t applied and haven’t done any sacrifice and favors specially for her and speaks of being himself. Ayesha tries to absorb all his sayings and doesn’t have answer. He speaks of liking his lifestyle since childhood and suggests that they need to accept their weakness and can be still together. He holds her hand and she speaks that in that way they cannot live together. She speaks unfortunately she loves him – I love you and she loves her a lot but she couldn’t be able to respect him for her entire life and says this way won’t work and leaves.

Ronnie doesn’t have a good answer and feels helpless. Ronnie remembers all the good times with Ayesha and ponders more and remembers Ayesha’s words that his parents forgot to grow him. She remembers more selfie times with Ronnie and both continue to see their flashback good moments. Ronnie’s father meets her on the way and informs her that he told his son Ronnie that if he is seen around her then he will take back the cheque which he gave for her MBA studies. Ayesha replies that she doesn’t need his scholarship and informs him that when Ronnie told her that he was thrown out from his home then she developed respect for his father (him). But with the deal which he made with Ronnie – bringing him back in exchange for paying her college fees was not right and he proved that he is only a businessman. Ronnie’s father speaks to Ayesha that she will complete her MBA studies and will stand on her shoulders but Ronnie will remain the same degrading his son. Ayesha speaks that if he feels that because of her Ronnie couldn’t achieve anything in life then she promises to stay far from him and even not meet her. She requests Ronnie’s father to send Ronnie away from his home again and until he didn’t stand on his own shoulders she will not meet him. Ronnie’s father agrees to her and speaks of his condition that she will complete her MBA studies as well because if she didn’t complete her studies then it will break Ronnie’s heart.

The story moves forward by 2 years and Ayesha comes to the lounge with a friend and greets his former colleague. The chef Immi comes there and gives her gifts for completing MBA studies and also getting a job. She speaks of spending 3 years here and calls the place like her home. The boy with whom she came there speaks that they know each other from 2 years as they were class mates in MBA studies but he still doesn’t know about her. She then asks why he needs to know ? He opens up and speaks that he loves her. Ayesha was drinking a special cocktail when he spoke those words and then she replies to him No.. No.. Just then, Ronnie from behind dressed as a waiter suggests that she will say NO because she just drank a love portion. Ronnie comes close to Ayesha and while looking into her eyes speaks that after drinking that special cocktail with love, she cannot love anybody else except him and asks her whether she understood what he meant. Ayesha’s friend wonders she loves a bartender. Ronnie speaks bartender and manager which brings smile on her face. He speaks of knowing what he wanted to do and he has to do something on his own and also the promise that she has given to his dad have been met by both of them. Both speak together that they know each other since three years to her friend. Ronnie wants the boy to go from there and he then speaks to Ayesha that this cocktail is his speciality and its name is Ayesha. He adds that this is the first cocktail of his life which is like her and it feels bit sour (Theekhi) at the start but after drinking it you will not like others. Ayesha speaks that he will get a tip on that point and gives him a 100 INR note with a Sorry, I love you message on it  (which Ronnie to her for the first time). She then asks him to turn the note and he finds the message – I love you too. Both share eyelocks and smiles [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays]. She gives a warm hug to Ronnie and both smiles after becoming lovestruck.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 60, Ronnie and Ayesha becoming lovestruck

Rithvik speaks that the distance will bring you closer in love and in the case of Ronnie and Ayesha that was the same case and they have a separation of 2 years between them. In that time, Ayesha completed her MBA studies and also she met her promise of not seeing Ronnie with the hope that he discovers passion and gains self-respect and it happened the same. Rithvik speaks that in love distance doesn’t matter and if your love is true then you are bound to come close and this is love. Rithvik signs off by saying – Keep falling in love guys !!

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 60, Rithvik signing off

Info On Cast:
* Ayesha is played by actress Annie Gill
– Annie Gill was born in Firozpur, Punjab, India. She first made an entry on Indian Television by participating as a game partner of Rahul Bose in Color’s reality show – Khatron ke Khiladi Season 3.
– She also took part in another reality show Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout (NDTV Imagine). Her major role is of Rano in Sony’s show – Anamika [show ended in September 2013]. Read more at her Wikipedia page.
– Annie did the first episode (31st May 2014) of Love by Chance and played the role of Roshni opposite Mandy (Mahender). If interested, read the written update of that episode on our site here.
– Annie’s Twitter page [Though she is not tweeting often]

* Ronnie is played by actor and VJ Manish Anand
– Manish worked as a VJ with Channel V India.
– Manish’s Twitter page

Next Episode on Sunday (24th August): Cast
* Radio Jockey (RJ) Yoshika is played by actress Ekta Kaul
– Esha was born in Jammu and Kashmir and speaks the Kashmiri language and also has studied for MBA.
– Esha worked recently in the Sony’s show Bade Acche Lagte Hain in the role of Suhani.
– Contestant in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 6 (2013) with choreographer Tushar Kalia.
– Portrayed the lead role of Sahiba in Zee’s show Rab Se Sohna

* Raghuveer an auto-driver played by actor Alok Narula
– Role of Uday Vashisht in NDTV Imagine’s show Jyoti (2009-2010)
– Played the role of Aditya Kaushik in Zee’s show Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein (2011-2013)
– Worked in Sony’s Crime Patrol Episode in the role of Navin aired on 8th Feb, 2014.

Image credit: Twitter page of Bindass TV and Episode Video

Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Episode 60, 22nd August 2014
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Promo: Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Episode 61, 24th August 2014
* Love story of RJ Yoshika and Raghuveer
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