Love By Chance 23rd August 2014 13th Episode Bindass, Shantanu and Pari's love story – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 13th Episode, 23rd August 2014

Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show and speaks that it is said that someone always have doubts and others have lots of trust, some other traits like too soft vs. over the top behavior; innocent vs. angry and when such people meet by chance then their love story is extreme as well.

The story starts dating back to 1989, Jaipur and a young boy is asked how is he beaten by his father who scolds him a lot and he grows to become a hot headed guy and his name is Shantanu referred to as angry young man. Shantantu grows old and he is seen at the sugarcane stall and fights with the stall owner and breaks the sugarcane and around the same time comes there Pari – Shanti aur Pyaar ki Brand Ambassador and is told to bring a waterfall moment in love.

Kavi speaks that Pari never saw anger and scolding at home and was grown up in a loving environment and she was sweet and fun loving and was completely different from Shantanu and came from different world. She comes and drinks the sugarcane juice there and compliments on Shantanu body and calls him strong. He speaks that she is right and she informs of seeing him since he was the one who extracted the sugarcane juice because the machine was not working. She speaks more good things about him and he replies that even his heart is very soft. She introduces her name as Parineeti and her friends call her as Pari because she believes in the philosophy of Be Positive and thinks that there should be love in the world and if you are good then you will find good people like him.

Shantanu speaks that yes good things should be there and she then asks his phone number or else phone. She asks his name and he tells her Shantanu Shekawat from Bikaner, Rajasthan and she speaks on loving the camels from there and speaks of adding him as the angel. Kavi speaks that Shantanu didn’t met Pari before and fell in love with her on the first sight. Shantanu at his home ponders about Pari and he informs his friend Guggi to mind his language and call her as Bhabhi. His friend speaks that Pari is big and he is very small and she thinks of him as Pari’s angel. He suggests to Shantanu that he gets angry in the day very often and that is his weakness. Shantanu holds his friend and informs on knowing his weakness and suggests that he is weak in the matter of girls and then wonders why the girl haven’t called him until now. His friend suggests that let her call him and convinces him. Shantanu is restless waiting for the call and his friend puts some ice block so that he becomes peaceful. Soon, he gets a call from parineeti and she apologizes to him and speaks that she is right that God has send him from her. She calls him one in million and then speaks of meeting so as to decide. He speaks of meeting his Mausa (mother/aunt) and she wants him to decide the time of date and he hesitantly speaks her that they will meet at 5 pm at her college. After the call is disconnected, he speaks of not breaking her heart and continues to fall for her.

Parineeti at her college speaks that a juice man will be coming to help her there. Shantanu comes there and he hits her head while picking up the pamphlets. He speaks of being very excited and he didn’t sleep as well and she speaks that sugarcane and sugarcane man will both be good. She asks him why is he dressed like on a date and she informs him that let complete the things slowly. She then tells him to come behind the store and takes him in the open there and wants him to close his eyes. He begins to try to kiss but she gives him a paper and wants him to act like a angel so as to spread love. She speaks of arranging a stall for underpriviliged kids and she sells Gol Gappa and because his friend is not there so she needs a person to help her in selling juice and she wants him to sign the form. He learns that she will sell Gol Gappa and he will sell juice and after hearing it he becomes annoyed and breaks the rose and eats it and drinks the water as a reaction of his angry behavior and so as to calm him down. He asks her how come she is so sweet and calls her mad and speaks that he thought of going to movies and spend some good time with her. He calls him to wake up from her avatar of goodness and positivity and then gives her back the Gol Gappas. She begins to cry and he speaks to her in soft manner and tries to apologize. She informs him of not hearing so much anger and negativity and speaks that she cannot handle anger and leaves from there. Shantanu becomes angry.

Kavi speaks that Shantanu’s anger came out and because of which no girl didn’t like him and how will he handle it ?

Shantanu speaks how come she will accept his sorry and his friend speaks of one way and his friend wears cricket kit and helmet. Shantanu speaks what is he thinking the one which is thinking and speaks that he cannot do and then his friend that is the only way. He visits a Baba and speaks that he gets angry and also he is in love and also gets angry at times and have vent out his anger on his love and wants some solution for his anger. Baba ji gives him some powder to eat  so as to calm him down and he takes it and eat and throws it out the next moment and goes on to thrash Baba ji whom he feels to be dubious. Shantanu comes to Pari’s college and tries to sell the juice and apologizes her. She asks him whether he came to help her and will not be angry, right ? He gives a promise and then she agrees to his idea of setting-up stall. As he begins to set-up the stall he couldn’t manage the oranges well and they fell down and soon engages in a petty fight with some other stall owner, but then continues to sell orange juice and earns money. Pari at her end is being told in high voice that Gol Gappas are not good and it taste sweet. Shantanu comes to her rescue and speaks that Gol  Gappas have Gujarati flavors and it has both flavor of Gol Gappa and Ras gulla and speaks that she can save money in that way. Pari finishes her work and she thanks him for coming and he asks her to get rid of anger.

He informs her that she is bit not prepared in this matter and this is the first time and he then speaks directly that he likes her and wants to spend some time with her. She informs that he is a good boy but not of her type since he quarrels with people on many occasions and she speaks of not taking this. He wants one chance from her and he informs that she believes in giving chance to goodness. He then wants her to think again on giving him the chance and leaves. Pari at her home gets a call from Shantanu and she decides to not attend his call for the first time and then attends it for the second time. He informs her of taking coaching classes to become a good person and he is asking only for a dinner and not coming to her home with his Baraat. She then tells him to spend one day with her without becoming angry and then she will go on dinner with him. After ending the call, she carries a smile on her face. Next day, Shantanu meets Pari and brings a car so that they can go together and informs her that the driver and the car belongs to his friend. He informs the driver to take them to the market and the driver informs him of not taking him there since the market is far and also his lunch time is approaching near.

Shantanu becomes annoyed and imagines thrashing the driver inside but doesn’t show outside since he pledged to control and manage his anger and he suggests the driver to take them to a nearby restaurant. They reach the restaurant and she informs how chivalrous (very respectful towards women) is he ? He couldn’t understand the meaning of that word and informs her that his english is weak since he only studied engineering which makes her smile. She asks the waiter for a water-melon/ Cheeku and then milk shake and the waiter replies its not there and after hearing it Shantanu becomes annoyed and wants to thrash the waiter. He then orders the waiter some tea and bread-jam. The bread/jam comes there and he finds some hair in the bread and again imagines putting all the bread in the waiter’s mouth. He again calmly informs the waiter about the hair and walks back after completing the day with her. On the way, some miscreants call Pari an item and instigate him for a fight. Shantanu takes out some stick and bends it completely which makes the miscreant afraid and then they run away from there.

After then, he apologizes to Pari for not able to control his anger at that time and speaks that he could tried to manage himself but he couldn’t do. She informs how come he has controlled his anger since the morning  and asks him whether they didn’t go then he would have beaten them? He then speaks sorry to her and then goes down on his knees and speaks that he has anger in himself and suggests that he really doesn’t deserve her. She replies that he has controlled his anger and indeed deserve her, and she speaks of sometime going over the top and then asks him should they give chance . She speaks that she is sweet and spicy and then informs him for going on a dinner [Love by Chance title song plays]. Kavi (the host) speaks that the opposites attract and Shantanu tried a lot and at the end there were some twists but his earnest touched Parineeti and suggests that in relationships honesty is very important.

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