Pyaar Ka The End 22nd August 2014 Episode 2 on Bindass starring Charlie Chauhan and Sehban Azim – Written Update

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Pyaar Ka The End on Bindass 2nd Episode - 22nd August 2014, Charlie Chauhan and Sehban Azim

The voiceover speaks that pyaar, Ishq, mohabbat are different names of Love and we don’t have control over it but what if it gets deviated then it become a obsessive passion. In life, this game of love when does it take wrong turn nobody can know. The wrong turn which cannot be revert back again because life is a program where there is no button for undo.

Actor and Superstar – Emraan Hashmi is the special host for this episode of Pyaar ka The End and he welcomes all and today’s episode showcases an incomplete love story which could have been complete if it had missed or avoided some wrong turns. He speaks that love is referred to as prayers (Ibaadat) but has ended as the obsessive one just wishing to take away life.

The story begins at Mumbai train station dating 25th November 2011 and police finds a bag there with body and the voiceover speaks of explaining the case by going back by 2 days to know about Suraj and also about this mysterious case. Suraj is seen at his office parking lot and he gets a call from his boss Smita who wants him to come on the terrace where she is stationed. He cites some work and speaks of not coming to see her. She speaks of not feeling well and he then suggests her to go home and rest. Smita then informs him of jumping from the terrace to death and wants him to come to her rescue, she is seen walking very precariously on the edge of the terrace. He speaks of calling her after reaching home and she then speaks of not doing any joke and will surely jump if he doesn’t come up. She then sends him a photo of her standing on the terrace edge very dangeriously and after seeing it he becomes very worried and also nervous. Suraj runs to the terrace.

The voiceover introduces Suraj and speaks that he is very suave but only until he is not drunk. Once he drinks then he even doesn’t listen to his own and Suraj is seen flirting with a girl at the party after he is drunk and gets a slap from her. The voiceover speaks that such mistakes from him will make sure the mistake itself will feel shame. Today’s story is inspired by a similar mistake of Suraj when his one mistake because of his weakness was so dreadful that he was just going deep in the problem of temptation which was leading to pyschotic obsession to take away life. The message from voiceover ends. Suraj runs to the terrace to stop Smita in doing any obsessive and compulsive act like jumping which she was threatening to do on the phone. He reaches the terrace and then looks for Smita. Smita comes from behind and hugs him and he informs her on becoming afraid and worried. She asks him whether he thought that she will really jump. The voiceover introduces Smita as Smita Poddar and informs that she is much stronger than RDX bomb and at the age of 8 years she lost her mother and when she was 10 years old her dad re-married so she learnt very early that to win love is difficult and to keep it safe is much more difficult. The voiceover speaks that now Suraj is going to be trapped in her spell.

Suraj speaks to Smita again that he made him afraid and calls him mad and she can do anything. She speaks on being senior to him at their office and speaks of doing lot of work and then wants him to massage her head and puts her back touching him. He speaks of lying to a colleague Kaman and she asks him what was his plan to go with kamaal or to meet his girlfriend. Soon, Suraj receives a call and he attends it and speaks that its Kamaal’s call and actually he speaks with his girlfriend Juhi. Juhi speaks to him that if he was there he would have given her head massage and he then wants her to not take stress and relax since she is unable to come to see him. Smita takes his photos while he is talking and in his own world. The voiceover introduces Juhi Vishwas as the love of Suraj – Suraj ka Chand. Apart from love from her parents she got lots of believe and confidence and more than that expectations. After some years, She met Suraj in a new city and both starts to know each other and come closer.  Smita wants to have a party tomorrow with him but he cites an excuse of going to a birthday party with his colleague Kamaal and suggests that she go to Goa and later after she comes back they will go for a party. She speaks of wanting to see him drunk really and then reminds of the past office party where he told her lot of things and he then replies to her to not embarass him. She replies on loving to embarass him and looks at his eyes. While looking directly into his eyes, she speaks boldly that once she takes him to her home then she will make sure that he doesn’t leave and will kidnap him so to keep him there. Suraj becomes worried and wants to go. She speaks that he can go and also she will finish her work in office and then informs him to remove the stains of lipstick which are now seen on his shirt otherwise the world will think wrong about him. He speaks on hating her and leaves, She then speaks but.. I love you with a unconventional smile on her face. The voiceover speaks that this time Smita has stopped herself but until how much time because we are seeing the intentions of Smita’s heart little by little.

Sooner then, Suraj is seen at a party and is getting drunk and looks in high state and he gets a call from Smita. She asks him how many drinks he drank and suggests that his real addiction is waiting for him in the parking lot. She speaks of sending him a gift which he can take from outside and his friend Kamaal sees Suraj going out from the party scene. He goes to the parking lot and looks for Smita and she again comes from behind and speaks that instead of 10 days restlessness its better to have 1 day of satisfaction. She puts her hands on him and then wants to have a drink with him. He speaks that at the party scene Kamaal and his friends are there and doesn’t want to take her there. She then speaks of not asking his advice and then he agrees for one drink and then goes to sit inside her car. She gives him drinks and as she starts to drink gets a call from Juhi. He learns that Juhi’s friend has gone for one week and he speaks of leaving that place in few minutes. He speaks in loving manner with Juhi while drunk making Smita very jealous and uncomfortable. She takes his photo from her mobile and Juhi wants him to not drink much and also asks him to meet her parents soon regarding their proposal. Suraj becomes happy and ends the call and Smita asks why he is so happy ? Suraj replies on going to Juhi’s room because her roommate is not there and after hearing it Smita speaks of a deal to him. The deal is that if she drops her eyelids before his one then he can go but if that is not the case then he has to stay and have few drinks with her.  He speaks of already having 3 drinks and also suggests on knowing his limits. She replies that limits are like rubber bands the more you stretch the more fun you get. After speaking it she smiles and he speaks of his wish to be single but now he and Juhi are in a relationship and says that this is not right. Smita in her usual self speaks that in love and war everything is fair which makes him ponder and she makes him drink more.

Suraj as he is getting drunk more speaks that she is a very gorgeous woman. The voiceover speaks that this is the first wrong turn of this story and it was just a drinking formality which could have been stopped after the third drink but Suraj’s took fourth drink which might lead to his Chautha (ritual after death). He didn’t thought that with that extra drink how much destruction will happen in the future. Last time, he controlled himself but again he was trapped in the spell by his boss Smita. He was conscious last time so stopped himself but this time he is not conscious so will he stop himself and whether this time also Suraj will become weak because of his temptation.
Suraj drinks and Smita hugs him and enjoys his company while Juhi tries to call him in the night and also in the morning hours but in vain. Suraj is then found at the home of Smita in the morning with his hands tied down to her bed. Juhi is calling him on phone and the voice is heard. Smita is sitting beside him and he opens up his eyes and after realizing how his hands are locked informs her that it is not funny and asks her to unlock his hands. She informs him of binding his hands so that he doesn’t leave her and go away. He insists her to open that binding and speaks that’s not funny. Smita takes his phone and informs him that is Juhi’s call and she is calling him since night and then asks him whether she attends the call. He asks whether she is mad and wants her to just open the binding. Smita gives a shrewd smile and then asks why she cannot speak with Juhi and takes his phone and walks away. Suraj calls her psycho and he then finds his several photos hanging in her room and suggests whether she is a stalking him and refers to her a psychopath and asks what is this obsession all about. He speaks of going to meet Juhi and then Smita with a unconventional smile on her face puts his phone in a mixer and runs it to damage the phone. He calls her to not do it but in vain and then speaks to her how could she do this to him and calls it unreal and wants her to let him go.

She comes close to him and asks him why is he so serious and then asks him whether Juhi’s parents are coming tonight to see him, is that so ? He replies why she needs to know it and he again requests her dearly to unlock the binding. She replies on making him clean and then will open his hands. She then reminds him of her words that once she will bring him home she will not leave him and then asks him how does the wall with his photos look like to him while holding his face.. ? Smita speaks that when he comes next time he will find the pics of last night and this morning as well while still continue to hold her face. He then asks what she wants from him ? She replies of not killing him and then speaks of one condition that he can go and meet Juhi but after going there he has to inform her about their last night moments. Suraj becomes anxious and more worried and agrees to her demand and then she initiates to open his hands. Emraan speaks that a bet is made on horses and not on donkeys. And if the bet is for the freedom then in his mind he will be thinking it would have been much better if he was still binded so that his head will remain high. Emraan suggests that when Suraj needed to stop he ran like Milkha and now he has already fallen in the spell so is bound to suffer. She opens  his binding and releases him and carries the same psychotic smile. Juhi at her end waits for Suraj very anxiously and carrying a tearful face. He comes there to Juhi’s place and after seeing him she goes straight to hug him. Suraj feels lost on that hug and doesn’t know how to react. She then asks him about his whereabouts since last night and he hesitantly informs that he slept at his friend’s place and his phone was off and wants to talk at his room.

He then opens up and apologizes to her very dearly which makes Juhi learn that he was very careless last night and didn’t care about her at all.  He tries to apologize more and says that he really loves her and says he doesn’t have anything to defend himself. She then asks him whether he is hiding something from her ? Suraj contemplates and lowers his eyes and turns his back from her and kept mute and shocked which gave a hint to her that he is hiding a big thing inside. Juhi leaves from there with dejection and with a feeling of big loss. Sooner later, Suraj comes drunk to Juhi’s room and in that drunken state asks her whether she has sent a message to her. He then opens up and speaks of sharing all the thing to her but didn’t knew how she will react and then apologizes to her. Juhi then asks him who is the girl he is talking about and he asks whether she didn’t call her. She informs that he was supposed to meet her parents that night but instead he came drunk and then asks him what is he hiding and asks him to spell it out. She begins to cry and he also cries and then informs that last night he drank but doesn’t know how much and there Smita was flirting with him and he remembers only of waking up in Smita’s bed with his hands tied down and also shared other things as well. Juhi becomes agitated and angry with Suraj and doesn’t want him to touch her and cries. She speaks of waiting for him the whole night and he has done….. He tries to calm her down and wants her to listen but in vain and then she goes into rest room and locks it. He wants her to open the door and speaks that he was drunk and again apologizes and tries to open the door.

Somehow, he opens that door and finds Juhi lying on the floor unconscious and he learns that she drank phenyle or some liquid chemical as it was evident from her mouth. He cries thinking that she is no more and slaps himself and at the same time he gets a call from Smita and he informs her that because of him Juhi has committed suicide and asks her to come there soon. Smita shows that she is shocked.. The voiceover speaks that this is the second wrong turn instead of Suraj calling the doctor he informed Smita who is like a patient and her presence there is a danger. By now, Suraj became a mere and weak puppet of Smita and Is this is the Suraj’s pyaar ka the end ?
Smita comes there while wearing a Dupatta and goes directly to the restroom where Juhi was lying and remembers the words of Suraj on that night where he spoke about his wish to be single but he and Juhi are in a relationship. She puts the body of Juhi in a bag and locks it and then calls Suraj for help. Suraj is completely lost and also lost his mind in helping Smita in disposing Juhi.

Emraan speaks that even if the planning is foolproof, waterproof or other kind of proofs, the crime remains a crime and first after falling in spell break the law and then instead of correcting it go on with the temptation to cover it and they were bound to be caught. Suraj and Smita takes out the bag with Juhi’s body outside the building and stops a taxi. He sits in the taxi and then imagines Juhi coming and sitting beside him in the taxi and after seeing her he comes back to jovial mood and hugs her and says I love you. He then learns that she is not Juhi but Smita and again begins to cry. They are going to a station and he speaks of not handling it and wants to go to cops but she pacifies him and they go on with their journey to the station. They reach a station and he speaks that everything is ended and Smita informs that their journey has begun. Sooner then, he rings a bell sound coming from the bag and he opens it and takes the phone in his hand and then finds a piece of cloth in Juhi’s hand. He takes it out and remembers that piece belonged to the Dupatta of Smita and then comes to know of some wrong done by Smita and remembers the past moments he shared with Smita which were not good and also moments with Juhi before her death. She comes to him and he looks very strangely at her and she informs him to see her at platform no 5 and she leaves the bag unattended on the platform. The police sees the bag and opens it to find a body and some innocent man is being questioned there. Suraj is seeing all the developments there and Smita comes to him suggesting that they need to go and he then asks her how that cloth is broken. She speaks of not knowing it and he then informs her that Juhi didn’t commit suicide and she was killed and Smita is the one who killed her.

Smita replies on killing her and he replies that she killed her because she is out of her mind and then suggests that Juhi didn’t die even after drinking poison and asks her how could she do it ? Suraj speaks that she needs medical help and he is fine and suggests that her scarf is broken though he haven’t seen what happened but he knows that he has seen marks on Juhi’s neck and found the same broken cloth in her hand. Smita reminsces how she killed Juhi by strangulation and then admits it openly with Suraj. She speaks of killing her because she didn’t have any other option and he speaks of hating her a lot and cannot stand her for one moment and informs her that she will not let her go and will inform the police everything. She reminds that he can go to police and also informs him that if he thinks that she killed Juhi then that is completely wrong and puts the blame on him and suggests that he killed her and wants him to not involve her. Suraj speaks of not letting her go and then goes on to confess to the police that the suitcase belongs to him and the body is of Juhi his girlfriend and he has cheated her and she is killed by Smita. Smita runs from there and he is arrested.

Emraan speaks that the chance comes between risks and opportunity and the one does romance with that chance is the real king and this was the thinking of Raja Natwarlal (his upcoming  movie). Emraan wants to go backwards in the story to see how things would have gone in the right way. Suraj didn’t shield himself from Smita and Juhi couldn’t understand the right and wrong at given time and wished that they knew that there are some mistakes in life which cannot be corrected. If Suraj didn’t become weak and said no to the fourth drink then he would have not fallen into the spell of Smita and Juhi’s life would have not gone. In the right way would have done this – speaking to Smita that he has promised to Juhi that he will reach her in 15 minutes but now it has been more than 1 hour, and when Smita insists him to drink the fourth drink he just take it without the intention to drink and goes away from there. Emraan speaks that with love if you keep your eyes open then that’s good and with heart use your mind as well so that at the end you don’t repent. Smita was arrested in Goa two days later. So, one wrong step in your life can lead to your Pyaar Ka The End.

Info On Cast:
* Juhi is played by actress – Charlie Chauhan
– Charlie was born on 8th September, 1989 in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. She has worked in the following shows,
– Portrayed the role of Ela in Channel V’s Best Friends Forever
– Reema in Channel V’s Gumrah, Contestant in Nach Baliye 5, and also worked in Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui and MTV’s Webbed.
– First started in MTV Roadies 7 (2009) as a contestant.
– Recently, Charlie worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’s 3rd Episode (6th June 2014) playing the role of Maya. If interested you can read that episode written update on our site here.
– Read more at her Wikipedia page and know more at her Twitter page.

* Suraj is played by actor – Sehban Azim
– Sehbhan was born in New Delhi and alumni of Apeejay school, and has studied Computer engineering.
– Played the role of Dr. Yuvraaj in Star One’s show – Dill Mill Gaye (2009-2010) opposite actress Neha Jhulka.
– Played the character of Karan Singh Shekhawat in Star Plus’s show Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna.
– Recently, Sehban played the role of Karan Singh in Zing’s show Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 9th Episode dated 18th July 2014. If interested, read the written update of that Episode on our site here.
– Worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 14 opposite actor Pooja Gaur. He potrayed the role of Neel who provides emotional support to Pakhi. She is married but didn’t got love and affection from her husband and finds solace and strength from Neel and fall in love. For the fans of Kimaya (Shritama Mukherjee) from YJTRRR, she is seen playing the role of pakhi’s friend in the episode.
– Sehbhan also likes to write poetry in free time. Sehban’s Twitter page

Pyaar Ka The End – 2nd Episode
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