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Surbhi jyoti (the hostess) starts the show by speaking about the teenage years and says that it is special and we cannot forget it since during those days we have good times, no stress, and no tensions. For most of the teenagers, this is the period when they experience their first love, right ? Are these years only fun and these years can be tricky as well ? Because our future depends on the choices we made then. She introduces herself and then speaks about today’s episode – story of Maya who is a Bindass, care-free and good hearted girl.


The story starts with Maya’s first day in college. A boy speaks there and informs other students that they need to be bold and he then comes to Maya and asks her whether she is cool and happening ? She responds yes, and he tells that she has to kiss a stranger who sits on a table either boy/girl. She says its fine and the boys find the stranger to be Avinash Sir their history professor and runs away. Maya kisses the stranger and informs him that it was ragging therefore she kissed him, He becomes annoyed and speaks that he is a history professor for her, He says, Does she know that she can be removed from the college ? Maya responds that she knows that he will not take such an action as it was a good kiss from her.

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing - Maya

In the night, Maya comes home and meets her grandmother (Naani) and her Naani wants her to take dinner but she doesn’t feel hungry. Her Naani speaks about her mother and wants to take much care of Maya. She speaks about her mother who has left leaving her alone. Maya becomes annoyed on hearing about her mother and doesn’t want to listen about it furthermore. While dipping in the bath tub, she remembers about her mother during her childhood days and suddenly gets out from the tub as she gets a call from Rohan. Rohan speaks that she has impressed the professor a lot, and he informs her about the historical site visit during the weekend, and he says that he only cares about her. She says he is too fast. She goes with other students from Delhi to Jaipur for the excavation trip. Avinash also goes with them. She eyes Avinash there, and he comes there to inform them to sleep early since next morning they have to go to the excavation site. The students agree to his suggestion and goes to their room.

At Maya’s room, Rohan comes there and wants Maya to not be a spoilsport and says that he wants fun. She becomes annoyed and wants him to go out. He forces himself on her, and soon Avinash comes there and scolds him and throws him out of her room. Maya cries and he provides her support and tells her to relax. Maya feels a bit elated to get his support. Next morning in the college after the trip, she interrupts Avinash and wants to say sorry for her kiss. She explains that it was a challenge for her and he speaks whether she is going to have a complaint against Rohan. She doesn’t want to complain against Rohan, and thanks him. She goes on to say that she doesn’t know much about history but got interested in the History professor. She touches his collar and before leaving from there winks her left eye.

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing - Maya

Next day, Maya does make-up and starts to leave early for college from home and says that she will inform her Naani about someone special at the right time. In her class, Avinash says that as historians they need not be biased and very objective. At the end of her class, she gives a note to Avinash with the message – BLUE MAKES U LOOK HOT.. Avinash was hearing a blue color shirt. After taking the note, he becomes a bit amused. (Suhaani..Suhaani..Hai Ye Kahaani..Jo Khamoshi sunati hain..Jise Tu Ne Chaha Hoga Tera.. Mujhe Yeh Hi Baatati playing..]. She becomes happy to give that note and soon she meets Avinash, and he tells her whether she is not afraid as she is giving a note to her professor. He says she is insane, and she responds that she saw him watching towards her. She then confesses that she likes him and is not afraid of anybody, and says that she also know that he likes her as well. He says that he is a professor and 11 years older than her. He is 28 years old and she is 18 years. He says that if she was 5 years older then.. She asks him what ? He responds even then she would also have the same thinking like now.

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing

They go together to some park and she comes close to him and asks him about the blue shirt compliment. He says that she is insane, and she hugs him. She speaks that she is like her mother according to her grandmother. But she doesn’t want to be like her mother since her mother took own life because of somebody else mistake. She then speaks that her mother used to love her father a lot to the extent that she would have accepted some other women in her husband’s life. She tells to him how her mother died by going back to her childhood. On that day, her father informed his wife that he is getting married and she as young maya comes home and starts looking for her mother. She then saw her mother hanging in the room thus she took her own life. After that, Maya has only her grandmother as her support base.

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess): says that though Maya looks strong from outside, but from inside she is fragile, and she needed a partner who will be her anchor, and all those qualities she was seeing in Avinash and she was getting attracted to him.

Some other day, she comes to Avinash’s home and wishes him for his birthday and even gets a cake for him. Sooner, the electricity goes off, and she cuts the cake and both try to eat the cake piece together, and then he starts to come close to her. Both of them share intimate moments and sleep together, and soon she thinks to go to her home as the grandmother is waiting for her. She stops short of going, and comes to the restroom where Avinash was there and spends more intimate moments. She comes back home, and feels happy and looks at her mirror. Her Naani asks about her happiness ? She asks her naani about the shirt she was wearing.. She then speaks that she fell in love with the boy whose shirt she was wearing. The grandmother suggests her to love with care, as love can develop or destruct somebody’s life and reminds about her mother who gave away her life because of love.

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess): For Maya, her naani was the only one with whom she would share anything and openly, and the Naani only has tension of Maya. Maya was changing because of love, and after many years she became really happy.

Some time later, Maya comes to Avinash’s home and finds a women who opens the door and says that she will inform Avinash. Sooner, she learns the women to be Avinash’s wife Priya who is also pregnant. Avinash then introduces Priya as his wife. Maya becomes shattered but doesn’t show much emotions, and his wife feels something amiss between Avinash and Maya. She suggests to him that Maya likes him, and he responds that yes Maya is a bit crazy. He leaves from his home for college.

Later, Avinash meets Maya at their college, and she confronts him and says why he didn’t share that he was married ?. He says that he has told her everything, and he didn’t inform about his wife because she didn’t ask about his relationship status and just assume that he was single, and says that it just slipped from his mind. She responds that he came so close to him – hugged, kissed, very intimate moments, so how come it slipped from his mind, Are you serious ?. He says that he has already informed her about their age gap and their relation of a professor and student, and said that whatever that they are doing is wrong. She wants him to leave his wife, and says that everything will be normal thereafter. He responds that his wife is pregnant and the mother of his child, and he will not leave her. He then wants her to move on, and leaves from there. Maya is shattered and heart-broken as lot of things have happened between them. She calls him from her home while sitting in a bath-tub. Avinash doesn’t take her calls, and he is asked by his wife who is calling him so late at night.He suggests that sales people have called him. Maya contemplates to cut her wrists after thinking about Avinash but decides to not cut and avoids that drastic step. She remembers her childhood days as a young girl and the toy, and takes dip in the bath tub instead.

She continue to attend her college, and in the class Avinash behaves very differently with her, and also doesn’t listen to her. He tries to avoid her at all times, and Maya feels frustrated and angry with him. She secretly visits close to Avinash’s home and sees him happy with his pregnant wife. Soon, she visits Avinash’s home and visits his wife Priya. She asks Priya about the due date of delivery, and also asks her whether it was arranged or love marriage. Priya responds that the due date is after 5 months, and since past 2 months she was at her mother’s house, and for delivery again she will again visit her mother. She says it was arranged marriage, and says that if that was not the case and if they would have met in college, then it would have been love at first sight for them. Priya asks Maya about her boyfriend as she is young and beautiful. Maya takes out the knife and says that she loves her boyfriend but the another girl doesn’t understand. She then shows her the knife and says that the another girl will understand. She then leaves from there and says that she will take the book from Avinash later and leaves from there.

In the night, Priya speaks with her husband Avinash, and says that maya came to their home in the morning to take some book which he has kept it for her. She also says that Maya spoke about her boyfriend problems. Avinash becomes worried and also gets a sigh of relief since Maya didn’t inform his wife about their relationship. Avinash confronts Maya at the college next morning, and she says that he belongs only to her, and also reminds that he has confessed his love for her during his birthday. He responds that was a mistake and he is sorry about it. Coming to their intimate moments, he suggests that he was just attracted to her and he never has love for her. She then starts to uncover her clothes as he told that he was only attracted to her. He stops her and says that she is mad and needs psychiatric help. He says that he loves his wife Priya and can never love her. Maya becomes dejected and says that he only loves her, and cries profusely.

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess); speaks that excess of everything is bad, and when love becomes madness, then love doesn’t remain love. She went so ahead in her love for Avinash that looking back was not an option.

Maya comes home and destroys her things at home, breaks mirror and remembers Avinash’s words and cries. She comes to Avinash’s home, and Priya asks why has she cried ? Maya looks like she has cried a lot. Maya asks her, Aren’t yoy aware of the things going around? Priya says that she doesn’t know anything, and then sees Maya wearing Avinash’s blue shirt. Maya responds that she got the shirt from Avinash after they made love in her bedroom. Priya becomes annoyed after listening those words and thinks it as rubbish. Maya says that priya has to leave Avinash, and has to go out from Avinash’s life. Maya says that Priya has to die, and then holds knife at her head. Soon, Avinash comes to his home and finds Maya holding knife and about to attack Priya at her neck. Maya stops short of hurting priya, and wants Avinash to speak that he loves her at that moment in-front of Priya. Avinash then speaks that he loves Maya and then Maya feels that he is with her. She hugs Avinash and the next moment, Avinash deserts her, and goes to his wife Priya. Maya continues to cry and speak that he loves her. Maya is then taken to a psychiatric hospital, and as per the court order she has to be transferred to the police and this is told to her grandmother. Maya then finds her grandmother and asks her about Avinash. She wants her to bring Avinash, and she begs to take her out from there. [Maya as young child girl also cries with her]. Her Daadi also cries with her and feels helpless after seeing Maya’s condition.

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess): says that love remains to be called love until it doesn’t let you break, gives you stability, and make you a better person. But Maya loved somebody who has broken her from inside. In fact, her innocence only wants a person who holds her hand, and even that believe was broken by Avinash. Maya felt that she got love many years after her mother’s death but her love was very short-lived as Avinash came in her life to disappear soon. Surbhi signs off by saying Maya – Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya..

Info on Cast:
* Maya is played by actress Charlie Chauhan
Charlie was born on 8th September, 1989 in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. She has worked in the following shows,
– Portrayed the role of Ela in Channel V’s Best Friends Forever
– Reema in Channel V’s Gumrah, Contestant in Nach Baliye 5, and also worked in Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui and MTV’s Webbed.
– First started in MTV Roadies 7 (2009) as a contestant.
– Read more at her Wikipedia page and know more at her Twitter page.

* Avinash is played by actor Shakti Arora
Shakti was born on 16th May, 1986 in Mumbai, India. He is an Indian actor and a host. He has worked in the following shows,
– Portrayed the role of Jigar in Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, Dr. Onir in Pavitra Rishta.
– Role of Mayank in Yeh Hai Aashiqui (Episode 9), and also worked in MTV’s Webbed.
– Learnt Tarot card reading
– Current Works: Avinash is playing the lead role of Ranveer in Colors’ upcoming show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi.
– Read more at his Wikipedia page and know more at his Twitter page.

Image credits: Official Facebook page of Zing TV

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