Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 18th July 2014 9th Episode on Zing TV – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing Episode 9

Meiyang Chang (the host) starts the show and speaks that to fulfill dreams hard work is important, and most importantly is the path to those dreams which matters and in that way you will get your love or live partner but life tests you and either you pass or fail. The story is about Simran an aspiring dancer from Hoshiarpur and Karan singh, dancing superstar.


The story starts with flash back 12 years ago, Karan is with a friend Umar and he wants him to drink. He feels not to drink and Umar asks whether he needs to take a permission from Payal, and then he goes to Payal and seeks permission from her. Payal informs him to drink but he has to wake up on time since he has to meet a reporter next morning. She wants him to drink and come home without any issues and safely. Payal finally tells him to not take drink and he wants to take one drink. Next day, Karan meets a reporter and she asks him about his secret. He humorously speaks that there is a secret and says that he needs a break and will be going to Hoshiarpur for taking auditions and he belongs to the same city so going back to his roots.

Simran watches his interview and becomes excited to give audition and see him at her city. She wants her mother to take her autograph. She then refers Karan Singh Kaur as the best choreographer while calls herself as the best dancing superstar of the year and feels elated and with excitement dances on the dhinka chika song. The mother speaks that if she is much in awe of him so that she can marry him as well. Simran replies that karan will propose to her for marriage and will elope with her. Karan reaches Hoshiarpur and on the way he speaks with his girlfriend Payal. She informs him to take care since the industry is too harsh and his career is going down since three years. He speaks that she has sacrificed her career and even moved on from her boyfriends, and she wants him to not drink. He speaks of taking things seriously because of her.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Payal needs one audition to take a leap from Hoshiarpur to Mumbai and dance being her forte. She reaches the audition venue and sees Karan. Karan takes audition of different people and feels not interested in those contestants and goes out for a drink and instead by mistake goes to a ladies restroom to freshen up. He goes there and takes a drug syringe. Simran sees him there and feels elated. He comes there to the audition place and speaks to his co-judge Ganesh that he has ended the schedule and wants to go back. Simran speaks that she wants to give audition in front of him and he replies that they just want to come to her room and not serious about dance and leaves from there in a semi-conscious state.

Simran finds Karan sitting on the horse and in a drunken state. She then takes him inside her home.. He wakes up to see Simran dancing on the terrace [Teri Galliyan song plays].  He goes there and dances sensuously with Simran after seeing her. It turns out to be his imagination while she was dancing there. Later, he meets there and thinks that she is a good dancer and wants the world to see her dance. He apologizes to her for not taking her audition, and she wants him to attend audition. He then comes to Simran’s home and speaks to her mother about his mistake and speaks that she is very talented dancer and wants to showcase her talent to the world.

Moreover, he swears to God and wishes that she will become a famous dancer one day. he mother agrees to send her daughter with him as she believes in God and also believes in his words.  She agrees to his request and sends her daughter with him to Mumbai for the training. Karan takes Simran in his car to Mumbai along with Payal and Payal arranges her stay at a guest house. Karan thinks that Simran can stay at his home in guest room but then he agrees with Payal. They drop Simran to guest place and he hugs her there and leaves. Karan goes to the pub to smoke and drink. Again., he takes drugs via syringes and becomes semi-conscious. He becomes ill and his health deteriorates there and Payal comes to his rescue and takes him to the hospital in ambulance. The doctor informs her that he is going through psychological problems.

Simran at her end feels some good moments that she shared with Karan and calls his phone but didn’t go through. Karan is at the hospital with oxygen mask and Payal at his side and recovering from his health. Payal receives a call from Mr. Bhatia and she informs that Karan cannot perform and promises to return the advance. Soon, she receives more calls and informs the people that karan is sick and cannot come there. Simran gets update that she has to give money for the guest house as the money which Payal gave the advance has already served her stay. She requests the staff to give the money in some days. She tries to call Karan and Payal but in vain and feels dejected as she couldn’t cover her costs and stay there and cries. Some days later, she receives a call from her mother and speaks while crying in a heavy voice. She couldn’t speak more with her mother and cites that auditions are going. Sooner, she is being told to move from that guest house.

Karan is recovering at the hospital but still looks sick. He asks her about Simran. Payal speaks of forgetting about Simran and speaks that she didn’t do intentionally. Karan calls Simran’s mother and finds that she is not there. The mother speaks that she is not there and Karan becomes annoyed with Payal. The staff at the guest house speaks that Simran is staying at the store room since 6 days. Karan goes to the rest room and finds rats and the room to be in a dilapidated condition. He goes to her and touches her forehead. He apologizes to her and says that he was in a hospital. He insists her to forgive him for his deed. He speaks of not doing it any thing intentionally and suggests that he was in a hospital for 6 days in an unconscious state. She cries and then hugs him and accepts his apology. He speaks of fixing everything for her and also vows to fullfill the promise that he has made to her mother.. [Mujhe Teri Zaroori Hain.. song plays].

Karan speaks some of his accomplice Mr. Solanki and wants him to take Simran as a wildcard entry. Simran listens to it and feigns ignorance. He wants her to prepare for interview since after winning audition she has to give such interviews. He trains her and have dancing sessions with her. They dance with finesse on the song [Aade Sa Wada kabhi.. Aade Se Zyada Kabhi.. Ji Chahiye Karlu Wafa Ka.. Chodo Na Chode Kabhi.. Tum Se Hi..Na Hain Ye Paana ]. The dance becomes sensual and they come close to each other and share an eyelock and smiles. later, she asks him if she loses then she has to go and leave everything. He asks whether she doesn’t have confidence in her dreams. He then holds her hand and speaks of not leaving her hand until he makes sure that she reaches her destination. She asks him what more then ? They then share a intimate moment.

Payal gives an audition of dance and the judges are impressed with her. Karan looks at her from a distance and feels happy. Later, he calls her and says how could she didn’t tell him something though he has given her a lot of confidence. He wants her to come to the conference room so he can speak with her. She goes there and learns that she got a contract from Mr. Solanki for a national tour show.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Simran was winning lot of reality shows and also wants to fulfill Karan’s expectations about her. Later, Simran gives an interview and cites that because of Karan’s help she has reaches that star position otherwise she would have participating in small shows in Hoshiarpur or have been married. The interviewer asks her then whether she lives with Karan. Simran replies that they stay together and calls him as her life but haven’t thought much about the future. Karan hears somebody saying that he is using Simran just to be in news. He becomes annoyed and drinks and goes away from there.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Simran was quitting show because of Karan’s addiction of drugs. He was becoming restless. Simran finds that Karan took overdose again and became unconcious. She calls Payal to take care of him as she is going out to buy food. Payal comes there to take care of Karan. Some men come inside there and wants to take money from Karan and finds Payal. One of them then rapes Payal and leaves from there. Sooner, Simran comes there and finds Payal in that state and becomes shocked. She calls ambulance service for taking care of Payal. She then goes to Karan who is still in unconscious state and remains completely helpless. She informs him that because of his addiction he has seeing this situation and even in front of him his friend Payal got abused so severely.

Simran wants him to wake up and after which he cries. He speaks of getting the feeling of horrible inside as Payal was abused in front of him. He speaks of feeling dead inside and hugs her. Simran continues to take care of him and vows that she will not leave his side whatever may be the case and until her death. She speaks that he has supported her so she will not leave his hand and cries.Karan hears her words and also cries. When she sleeps, he writes a note that now he is unable to support her anymore and even couldn’t help his friend Payal. He suggests that he may destroy her as well if he stay. He speaks of staying in her heart all the time and will meet at one point some day. He cries and then cuts his wrist and drowns himself in the bathtub and takes his own life…. [Zindagi Dhoond Rahi Hain..Kisi Shayar Ki Ghazal. Jaise Banjare Ghar… song plays]

Meiyang (the host) speaks that some love stories need to fight the villains but in some love stories you need to sacrifice yourself so that love can live and Karan did similar thing. He speaks that Karan gave his life for Simran’s future and he also knew that he was stopping her growth. Furthermore, Meiyang speaks that some relationships doesn’t see life or death and they just see only love. He speaks that Simran became a top dance choreographer and renamed herself as Simran Karan singh as a tribute to her love. Finally, he says that when one does sacrifice for the sake of love then we say Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya..He signs off by saying – take care and keep watching..

Info On Cast: 

* Simran is played by actress Pooja Sharma
– She worked as a HR manager before her foray into acting.
– Played the main lead role of Sanchi in Star Plus’s show Ruk Jaana Nahin [2011-2012]. The show’s wikipedia page.

* Karan is played by actor Sehban Azim
– Sehbhan was born in New Delhi and alumni of Apeejay school, and has studied Computer engineering.
– Played the role of Dr. Yuvraaj in Star One’s show – Dill Mill Gaye (2009-2010) opposite actress Neha Jhulka.
– Played the character of Karan Singh Shekhawat in Star Plus’s show Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna.
– Worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 14 opposite actor Pooja Gaur. He potrayed the role of Neel who provides emotional support to Pakhi. She is married but didn’t got love and affection from her husband and finds solace and strength from Neel and fall in love. For the fans of Kimaya (Shritama Mukherjee) from YJTRRR, she is seen playing the role of pakhi’s friend in the episode.
– Sehbhan also likes to write poetry in free time. Sehban’s Twitter page

Image credit: Twitter page of Zing TV

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  1. […] Info on Cast: * Jhanvi is portrayed by actress Pooja Sharma – She worked as a HR manager before her foray into acting. – Played the main lead role of Sanchi in Star Plus’s show Ruk Jaana Nahin [2011-2012]. The show’s wikipedia page. – Pooja recently worked in Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 9th Episode aired on 9th July 2014 and played the role of Simran – an aspiring dance choreographer and performer. If interested, read that Episode WU here. […]

  2. […] Info on Cast: * Jhanvi is portrayed by actress Pooja Sharma – She worked as a HR manager before her foray into acting. – Played the main lead role of Sanchi in Star Plus’s show Ruk Jaana Nahin [2011-2012]. The show’s wikipedia page. – Pooja recently worked in Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 9th Episode aired on 9th July 2014 and played the role of Simran – an aspiring dance choreographer and performer. If interested, read that Episode WU here. […]

  3. Nice episod i love you self slok singhania.
    Zindagi me mai sab kuch bhul sakta hun but ye episode jindagi bhar yad rahega.


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