Ruhi to question Raman about his decision to abort her; Ishita pacifies Ruhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


raman and ruhi in yeh hai mohabbatein


Ashok and Suraj were dying to get a deal. Suraj suggests to use Parmeet who is residing at Raman’s home currently and get the tender quotations through him, but Ashok says he needs something really big to show down Raman. Shagun who is trying to show her efficiency to Suraj, comes up with her pregnancy reports for Ruhi’s time, and shows the Abortion consent form signed by Raman, where he signed to abort the child to save Shagun, as the doctor told him either mum or child could survive. Luckily Shagun got well and both mum and child were healthy. Shagun gives the consent form to Ashok and he is glad to hit the jackpot. Suraj makes a sensational news out of it, that Raman is a biased man, who wanted to abort the child knowing it’s a girl. Shagun defends Raman and says he did not determine the sex of the child.

Suraj asks her to be on Ashok’s side, if she really loves him. Shagun agrees, and the evil trio add apice and release this breaking news to the media to break down Raman and his reputation, showing he is such a creep to abort his own daughter. Ruhi comes to know by reading this news in the papers and is shocked, knowing Raman wanted to abort her. She feels she is unwanted and he does not love her. Ruhi breaks down and cries. Ishita pacifies her saying how much Raman loves her, and that news is false. Ruhi heads to Raman with her innocent question to ask him why he decided so. Raman clears it all to Ruhi that he loves her a lot. Raman cries being hurt by Shagun and Ashok’s manipulations. Ruhi understands his love and regards him the best father in the world. This issue happens in the meeting, where Ashok and Shagun see all this, and are shocked having failed in their plan to create problems in Raman’s life. Ishita is glad seeing Raman and Ruhi’s strong bond. What will be Raman’s take on Ashok and Shagun on this matter? Will he spare them for this grave mistake, to hurt a little girl’s heart? Keep reading.


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