Raman gets applauded for his gifting sense; Raman decides to start afresh with Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


raman and ishita to start afresh in yeh hai mohabbatein


Raman Kumar Bhalla is going on winning hearts and bringing smile on everyone’s faces. Ishita has made Ruhi and Raman unite, post Ruhi’s qualms about Raman that he does not love her and she was not wanted in his life. Ishita shows Ruhi a video when Romi took she was born, showing Raman really happy and thanking Ruhi for coming in his life. Ruhi is still in two minds, as we have written earlier, she goes to Raman to question him. She takes his test as Ishita suggests, and Raman very confidently passes it, shocking Shagun. Ruhi regards Raman the best father and they both hug crying happily. Ishita has bridged them yet another time, and Shagun has failed big way.

Raman thanks Ishita for her wonderful support and decides to move on in his life with her and make a new start. He tells Ishita that he will make new memories with her, which will be overpowering Shagun’s memories. The bathroom scene was a common one, as its seen in many shows these days, but the difference was Raman and Ishita’s intense eyelocks under the shower. Raman steamed up with his presence. The funny part was Mrs. Iyer spotting them in the bathroom and sharing her laugh with Mrs. Bhalla. It was a cute moment which gave us relieved after a long time. We wish to see some great romance between Raman and Ishita.

raman and ishita

Raman thinks to gift Ishita as she has ended Ruhi’s doubts. He gifts a name plate to her, Dr. Ishita Raman Bhalla, which surprises Ishita and everyone around. Ishita is very touched that Raman has finally given her his wife’s place, not just Ruhi’s mum’s place. Iyers are very happy seeing Raman and regard him the Best husband. The ladies urge their husband to learn something from Raman and also gift them such. Raman places the name board outside his house, making Ishita know how much he values her in his life. Well, YHM is going strong and the makers definitely know how to keep interest quotient high. Raman and Ishita team up to expose Parmeet and cut him from Ashok, by manipulating Simmi. Parmeet brings some spice to the show as well. Keep reading.



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