Yeh Hai Aashiqui 31st August 2014 Episode 63 on Bindass, Ishika and Sandeep’s Love Story – Written Update


Sandeep is shown on his bike with his girlfriend Ishika and he listens to the song of Love you Thoda and speaks of driving fast since he doesn’t want to be behind and while driving his bike fast hits the stones hard which makes Ishika jump from his bike after the impact and she dies in his arms. He calls for help but there is nobody seen there on the road. Sandeep is being wakes up with that dream and he gets call from a friend asking him to come for a gathering.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks that to get a second chance is difficult but if its written in your destiny then you are bound to get a second chance. Today’s story is of Sandeep and Ishika. Let’s see their story.


Sandeep goes to the gathering at his friend’s place and he encounters a fast biker on the road and he tells the rider to be careful and then the rider turns out to to be a tomboyish girl and she speaks him to not worry and he replies that its not just a bike and in one moment things cannot change. She calls him angry old man and was supposed to meet him as per her destiny and then winks her eye at him. Sandeep attends his childhood friends party and they want him to drink but he doesn’t want to drink. In the same place, Ishika comes there and speaks to her friends and the girls asks her whether she has hit someone or not. Sandeep greets Ashmit as he will be going to New Zealand and on other end Ishika and her girls companion are also enjoying. Ishika chooses a dare and her friend wants her to go and meet the guy who is wearing a blue shirt and get free drink from him. That boy is Sandeep and she goes and call him as friend. Sandeep speaks of not knowing it and she asks him whether he has not seen her before and when he doesn’t reply she thinks that he has met her before. Sandeep becomes angry and asks her to not intrude in other’s life. She then wants his friends to ignore his behavior and then cheers for a drink with his friends. Sandeep becomes annoyed and she calls them dude and speaks that Bike is any day better than car and also suggests that when you want to speak with air then bike is good and calls him Saddy.

As she was leaving. She then introduces herself as Ishika and after hearing her name he thinks that there is a prank by his friends and he asks her who is she to introduce outside at the bikes. He breaks the glass bottle and gets the cut and she helps in cleaning his wound and calls him an angry man. She asks him to give his own justification and her friends come there and one of the girl speaks of having her birthday and wants the man to join them. Ishika speaks that the guy is going to NZ so wants them to live in the moment and also make the birthday girl happy. She insists him to come and join them and she speaks of chopping him until he doesn’t drink and takes him for some fun. Ishika goes to speak with Sandeep’s friend and she learns that Sandeep has an accident in which his girlfriend Ishika died and because of which he is guilty. After learning it, she goes to speak with him and asks about meeting next time and he speaks of not interested in her but she speaks that you don’t know in life you can meet tomorrow as well.

Next day, Sandeep is going an auto and finds Ishika on the road at the petrol bump and he steps out from the auto and comes to help Ishika who was arguing with the petrol bump’s guy because she didn’t have money. He comes and gives her the money 100 INR and she calls him rude boy and Sandy. She wants to drop him and he suggests that she should not drive the bike as well. She speaks that anything can happen in life even you can get a heart attack or some pot can fall on your head and die. She speaks that you need to know how to deal with tragedies when your close one dies or goes away. She asks him whether he loves her or memories. He speaks on true love and even memories is fine and she speaks that today just things are not thought. She asks him for a coffee and he cites busy and she informs him of not stalking and then suggests that they will meet next time and the one which is supposed to happen will happen. She speaks to herself of liking him (rude boy) and smiles.

Ishika is practicising at the music band and she informs her friend Jaya that Sandeep still loves her ex-girlfriend and his eyes show that his ex is there around him. She then asks her friend whether she knows someone who loves his ex so much and calls his love deep love. Jaya suggests her to forget about him but she replies of not knowing what happened to her. Ishika speaks that he has captured her heart and mind and she can’t focus on anything and calls it beautiful and good. She is feeling happy and this is happening for the first time and wants help from Jaya. Jaya speaks of getting all the info from Ashmit – Sandeep’s friend. But Jaya asks whether she thinks it is really love. Ishika has already swayed in his love and at Sandeep’s end he also remembers Ishika’s words who asks him whether he is missing her.

Sandeep’s mother feels happy since he has eaten food easily which was the first time he did in 2 years. Next day, Sandeep goes to the college and he is been confronted by a boy who speaks that he is flying a lot and then that boy Raka wants Sandeep to be away from his girlfriend. Ishika comes there and wants Raka to go from there and Raka goes there while speaking that Sandeep is nothing. Ishika speaks that Raka is Rakesh and they are childhood friends and he is possesive about her. He asks her that she used his name to break-up with Raka. She informs of not using his name and then speaks of liking him. She tells him that if he doesn’t like her then that is also fine and doesn’t have expectation from him. He speaks that she doesn’t understand his situation and she speaks that if he can ‘t say her name then how can she love him. He speaks on not having feelings or capacity to do love. She replies that he is not on gun point to do love. She wants him to attend jamming session and wants him to attend and come there and suggests that he can throw the details to garbage as well.

Ishika waits for Sandeep at the jamming session with her band and soon Sandeep comes there and she feels happy and sings the song with beat. [Main Karu Teri Ibadat…Rahnuma Meherbaan Hain song plays] She misses him as well many times at the jamming session and on other hand Sandeep at home feels happy and his mother sees him. Ishika spends more time with him and on one occasion they eat at a roadside stall and she sits on the bike and eats though he wants her to eat on chairs at the stall. He speaks on not understanding that she is loving who is not suitable for her. She asks him that he is loving his ex-girlfriend Ishika even now after 2 years of her passing away and her love is justified. He speaks on not understanding that she doesn’t pushes him for meetings or keep expectations from him. She speaks of not keeping expectations in her life because the feelings of love is too good and she doesn’t want to come out of it – excitement and silence extremes. She speaks on loving being in love and puts her hand on his mouth.. She wants to celebrate since he has called her by her name for the first time and celebration is needed and feels happy. She also goes to pay the bill and was so happy that she doesn’t see the ground and falls down bringing smiles to all people there.

Sandeep at his home looks for his red checked shirt and his mother wants him to wear blue shirt but he insists on wearing the same shirt with black jeans. She speaks on happy after seeing him so much excited after 2 years and he then learns that he has forgotten the birthday of his ex GF Ishika which is tomorrow. He laments on how has he forgotten earlier Ishika’s birthday and feels to cry. He then cries and soon he gets a call from Ishika but he didn’t accept her call [Gum Hogayi hai Yo haseen song plays].. Ishika then calls Sandeep’s mother and asks about Sandeep was supposed to meet her and they were going for a party and then his mother informs that today is his ex-GF Ishika’s birthday. Ishika is upset with Sandeep since he has not called since morning and Jaya speaks why is he waiting for her and so much worried about not able to meet Sandeep. Ishika is at the jamming session and jaya wants her to forget the one-sided love. Ishika replies on not caring of happy or sad ending and doesn’t want to leave it in the middle. She speaks of being happy and then goes on with her jamming session.

Sandeep is at his home lying on the bed and his mother informs why has he haven’t gone outside for the whole day and suggests that he got some positive change which she has not seen in the last 2 years. She informs him of getting Ishika’s phone in the morning and he thinks that his mom is forcing her. She asks him why is he forcing himself to stay in the same room and she speaks that it was written in the destiny about his loss and cites that it cannot be changed. She speaks that he has forgotten his past because of Ishika and thinks that the new Ishika has something for him. She informs him that new Ishika has brought new hope in his life and wants him to move ahead and forward and insists that he should go and meet and wants him to give second chance. He gets confidence and courage and then decides to go and is seen at Ishika’s jamming session. He speaks of not able to attend her jamming session and she puts her hand on his lips so to not let him speak more. She then speaks of having a surprise of his ex girlfriend Ishika and then shows him a Happy birthday cake to celebrate Ishika and also shows pics of Sandeep and Ishika together all capturing the best moments. [Ek Toota Khwab Tha Jo Tujhse Tha Juda … Tere Bina song plays..] He feels happy on seeing it and then speaks that his heart now knows that she loves him a lot and speaks that he is on the first gear of the bike and she is in the top tear. He speaks on liking her while she loves him a lot. She speaks that he will catch on her and will eventually will fall in love with her [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays] He proposes to dance with her and they dance together and shares eyelocks. She becomes shy and wants to say something to him and speaks that she doesn’t want things too fast but wants one thing from him and asks him whether he can do. She then wants him to sit as a pillow rider on her bike while wearing a hemlet as well. She calls him angry young man and wants him to get hold of her tightly and speaks that there is no looking back. Thus, she gets rid of his fear of bikes and they are now on a trail of becoming lovestruck and having mutual love.

Rithvik speaks that Ishika was a girl who didn’t have expectations from life and also love is like this without any expectations. Rithvik signs off by saying – Keep falling in love !!

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 63, Rithvik Dhanjani

Additional Note:
* We, TellyReviews believe that this is again one of the best episodes of Yeh Hai Aashiqui. Kudos to the entire team and actors.

Info on Cast:
* Ishika: Second girlfriend of Sandeep is played by actress Yaushika Verma.
– Yaushika’s Twitter page

* Sandeep (Sandy) is played by new actor Ankush Arora

Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Episode 63, 31st August
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  1. mera name bhi sandeep h .meri story bhi kuch esi hi h. me jis ladki ko love karta hu . wo ladki aaj mere saath nhi h. wo mujse bahut dur rehti he me uska gar to nhi janta par ye pta h wo mujse jarur milne aayegi.
    this is true love

    I am fan of yeh hai Aashiqui


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