Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 5th September 2014 40th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 39th Episode 4th September 2014

Precap: Sid got two shifts at work because he was late for the second time. Kimaya is meeting her friend Armaan at the cafeteria in college and he wants to be friends with her again. Gattu learns that Cheeku has fallen for Devika and suggests him to focus on his US graduate exams. Cheeku finds Kimaya and Armaan at the cafeteria and becomes nervous.

Highlight of the Episode: Cheeku confesses his feelings for Devika and clears the air and feels comfortable. Cheeku decides to wish Kimaya on her birthday with 4 hrs remaining.


Dodo and Gattu walks after the college and he speaks that Cheeku has became mad after his break-up with Kimaya. Soon, Kimaya is seen there in the campus and they greet her happy birthday and she is seen not in happy mood and goes from there. Armaan meets Kimaya again and suggests that the birthday girl eats black cake and not coffee. Armaan brings a cake for her and then speaks of a surprise which is some boys playing the guitar and he rhymes the Happy Birthday to you Kimaya song and everyone there greets Kimaya and applauds her. Kimaya blows the candles to complete the birthday process and he informs that because she doesn’t have friends so he came there to wish her. She cuts the cake and puts it in his mouth which makes Cheeku jealous and in that state he hits his cup and it falls down.

Armaan wants Cheeku to eat the cake and Cheeku comes there and Armaan wants him to wish her. Cheeku says Have Fun Kimaya and Armaan thinks it is cold and then Cheeku takes out his hand asking to shake with Kimaya and both shakes hands and next moment he shrugs off his hand suddenly in strange manner. Kimaya wishes Cheeku all the best for his exam. Sid attends the class with Supply and Demand is being taught by the professor of Micro Economics. Sid gets a cheat from Devika asking him for the dinner at her place. Sid contemplates and looks very tried and then writes down coffee call centre and Devika after seeing it becomes annoyed and writes down emoticons showing anger. Sid falls asleep in the class and the professor comes there and scolds him for sleeping in the class. Sid is being called useless and then told to go out of the class. Devika feels amused after seeing Sid’s situation.

Kimaya in her class remembers how Cheeku behaved with her just a while back and cries and she asks why it happens to her ? Devika sees kimaya in the class and comes to see her. She asks her what happened to her and suggests that she looks disturbed. Kimaya speaks of being fine and wants Devika to carry on to go to canteen. Cheeku at his end writes his exam and in the middle remembers Kimaya’s cake cutting moment and how he behaved with her. Cheeku gets back to his exam and only last 15 mins are left. The bell rings and his paper is taken and he becomes worried. Cheeku comes back home and finds Devika and Sid. Sid is sleeping and Devika is giving him some comfort. Cheeku informs his paper is incomplete and his exam didn’t go well. Devika asks him to not feel low since it is always a next time. She speaks that Sid is suffering and sleeping very less time because of his call centre job. She tells Cheeku that all things are part and parcel of life and suggests him to face it. Cheeku speaks that his elder brother Sid takes lot of care of him and then speaks to himself and apologizes for trying to hit on his brother’s girlfriend.

Devika comes to Cheeku’s room and speaks that she hopes on not disturbing him and asks that Sid has slept so wants Cheeku to drop her home. Cheeku speaks that this is not right and shows his nervousness and then she asks him to drop at the Auto instead. He agrees and then she stops and then wants to speak on some matter with him. She speaks of knowing what’s happening and calls him as the closest friend and suggests that when friends come close feelings are automatically known. She informs that the signs like he started avoiding her, last time he tried to impress her at the cafeteria, he staring at Sid and herself. She then speaks that he started developing feelings for him. He speaks not at all and suggests that how come she can think in that way and she then tries to calm him down. She speaks of seeing in his eyes and suggests him to share what he feels inside him so that he can feel better. Cheeku contemplates and then says he doesn’t know what to speak and then speaks of feeling shameful. He then suggests that after his heart break with Kimaya he developed some misunderstanding which has drifted him towards Devika and then wants her to accept his apology. She replies its ok and such things happen in life and its more important that how you deal with maturity. She speaks that those things will be between them and refers that he will be always her special friend. She speaks of going home and then informs him that her driver has came to pick her in the car.

Sid is seen at the call centre and a caller Vivek Sharma speaks about his SIM problem and since 4 days his issue hasn’t been resolved. Vivek speaks that if in 10 mins his SIM is not activated then he will complain about him and his bosses to the upper authority. Parelkar again comes and scolds Sid on his behavior which was very humble and soft with the customer on phone like – He will check… Parelkar scolds Sid more in front of all other employees and he gets last warning. And this time, the boss scolds Sid unnecessarily since the company haven’t given him training. Dodo and Gattu are having good time at Dodo’s home and Cheeku comes there. Gattu asks him why he looks stressed and upset.. She suggests that his exams are over so no need to think about it and what remains now is Kimaya’s birthday and still there are 4 hrs left. Cheeku remembers how Armaan celebrated Kimaya’s birthday at the cafe. He asks Gattu what should he do – Go and play guitar in front of Kimaya. Gattu gives him the earring which he wanted to present it to Kimaya when he was proposing her on one occasion. He accepts the earring hesitantly and Gattu wants him to call Kimaya by phone.

Next Week (Episode):  The Teacher at the college informs that there should be a project depicting Shakuntala and Dushyant and it should be done with 2 members – couple. The teacher Mrs. Sharma decides the couple of Kimaya and Cheeku. Devika  wishes that because of this project Cheeku and Kimaya will be able to spend some good time in their company.

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