Dare 2 Dance with Akshay Kumar 6th September 2014 1st Episode on Life Ok – Written Snapshot


Dare 2 Dance Life Ok

Akshay Kumar (Host,Mentor) speaks of the Dare2Dance location which is Capetown city in South Africa. The format and copyright of the show is owned by Life Ok. The competition is not only between ourselves but with also cold, water and fire. The contestants have done preparation and rehearsals in extreme conditions and have sweat a lot and also blood. He speaks that the show is the first time of Television and speaks the dialogue – Jiski life mein dare nahi, uski life ki khair nahi.


The voiceover speaks that not only dancer is enough but needs passion and strength to reach the next level of dancing. The contestants got a message to come out of the comfort zone and are told to come to Capetown. The contestants learnt that they have got the same message and they don’t have idea who has invited them and also have strange feeling while they were going in a bus. They reach a sea shore – Atlantic Ocean, [Full of sharks and other deadly aquatic creatures] and the temperature is 5 celsius. The contestants are waiting there and they found a person jumping in water many times and then comes out Akshay Kumar from the water and he stands atop on the fly boat and jumps many other times in the water. Akshay comes and greets them and asks the contestants who has seen Enter the Dragon movie. Akshay speaks in that movie the villain sends an invitation to people asking them to participate in the martial arts competition and also they also have the same situation. He calls himself as the villain for them and if he is good or bad then time will only tell.

Akshay speaks that Kunwar Amar have won millions of hearts, and comes to Scarlett and speaks that she has shown good moves in her movie specially the Nagin Nagin dance, and comes to Rithvik and speaks about him as the Nach baliye winner and sure he will win here as well. Mayuresh has performed an aerial act which the Indian audience has seen for the first time and Akshay then speaks of taking him to such a big altitude where his love might change to hatred. He then speaks to Sayantani who played the role of Satyavati in Mahabharat and asks whether she is ready there. He speaks that there will be a big Mahabharat as well and she speaks of preparing mentally. Akshay speaks that many young boys follow Prince because of his locking and popping dance styles and not as a father and suggests that he has to show them that he needs more things. Akshay calls Alisha as all-rounder and suggests that he will tell her what she has to do. Then comes the turn of Karan singh Pangali, and Akshay speaks that he is from London and he has done lot of experiments with Kathak, and then comes to Sanam who is also a choreographer and at a very young age has achieved a lot and Akshay wants him to not be afraid and suggests that along with dance there will be an exam of their fear. Akshay speaks of the 10th contestant and suggests that when he went to France he got impressed with Eiffel Tower and Emilie Caillon. He speaks that Emilie is such a performer to whom he just only continue to look without any stopping.

Kunwar Amar speaks that Emilie is the girl whose performance he has never seen in his life and her moves are quite remarkable. Akshay calls Emilie from France. Emilie greets everyone with a Namaste and speaks Aapse Milke Khushi Hui and she will showcase her performances. Akshay speaks on being happy to see the 10 contestants. The stunts/performance in this show are performed under expert supervision and the viewers are advised not to imitate or attempt the stunts under any circumstances. Akshay speaks to the contestants that they need to show which others haven’t done and such reality shows haven’t been tried in the world and suggests that the contestants have performed dance on many occasions but where, how and under what conditions have they performed matters the most. Akshay speaks of doing unique thing with the dance floor and he will show them. Akshay speaks with the camera and calls the camera to be Khufiya (secret).

Akshay informs the contestants of meeting at Maiden’s cove location. Emilie speaks of dares and challenges and Amar speaks that its not a normal platform. Akshay and contestants reaches the Maiden’s cove place and it is famous for whales, Sharks and dolphins and from now it will be famous for their dance and performances. The first dare is the hanging dance floor surrounded by sea and rocks and the temperature is 10 celsius.  The difference between the hanging floor and ground is around 45 feet. The gravity is lot and you will feel that ground is calling you and if you fall down in case then a small boat is stationed for their rescue and they will be picked up. The Dew point is 9 Celsius [Chances of floor getting slippery – HIGH]. Akshay speaks that for the first time dance will be on a high altitude and not on ground. The wind speed is 21 km/hr. He speaks that this is just the beginning and they will be taken to more bigger altitudes. Rithvik speaks of getting afraid and says that he got Phat gaye in hindi. Scarlett speaks that one wrong move will end your dance. Akshay speaks that he will be helped by two specialists one from India and South Africa. The Indian choreographer is Sanjay Shetty and the other specialist is Internationally acclaimed whose work is seen in many Hollywood movies and that is Mr. Francois. Francois is seen atop the hanging dancing floor and greets the contestants and then jumps from the floor down to the soft baloon made ground. All the stunts and performances  are performed under expert supervision – Sanjay Shetty and Francois. Akshay also informs the contestants of having an expensive car and wishes they don’t use and that car is ambulance just in case referring to Justin and the case he holds.

Akshay wants the viewers to not repeat actions and stunts at home and they can only do dance on the ground. Akshay reiterates that all the contestants are being taken at a high altitude but he is keeping an good eye on them and also taking care of them fully. Akshay thanks Justin, Sanjay and Francois. Akshay speaks that every performance the experts will give them either green or red card. And you can win this game if you have more green cards and if you have green cards then AK is ok. If you get red cards from Sanjay and Francois, then asks contestants to not come to him. He wants the contestants to go to a tent and asks themselves why they got 2 red cards and asks them to try to get as many green cards as they can. Akshay speaks that he will decide who will perform first in every game and suggests that whenever he performs any dangerous stunt he prays to God and then wants Amar to pray for all. Amar does the prayers wishing that they all stunts/performances well without any danger and after completing the game go back to their country safely. Akshay informs that Amar will go first and he is the first contestant to go and dance there atop the hanging dance floor. Amar accepts the challenge and the dare and speaks about his own dare and speaks the same to Akshay which he will reveal after reaching the platform. Amar chooses to perform blindfolded and that is his dare. Amar speaks that platform is windy and the location is open there and if he falls down then his game is over.


* Kunwar Amar after getting composition performs on the Teri Galliyan song and shows his dance moves effortlessly and even does the dance move with the pole there. He completes the performance and act well and gets applaud. Akshay speaks that according to his expectation Amar should get the green card from Sanjay and also regarding action should get a green as well. Sanjay speaks that Amar did a great dance and also gets green card from Francois as well. Akshay speaks to Amar that he did a great job and knows that he got 2 green cards and feels happy. Akshay checks the black ribbon doesn’t have any holes. Amar speaks of coming from a Rajput family and he came to his show for his family and wants to win and even if he die to impress his family that will be fine. Akshay suggests Amar to not think in that way and speaks of being proud of him.
Result: 2 Green Cards

* Scarlett Wilson becomes the second contestant and Akshay speaks that she is a great performer while Scarlett speaks of being scared and wants Akshay to come with her. Akshay and Scarlett are seen atop the hanging floor and she is seen practising for the stunt there. Scarlett performs on the Main Lut Aaya Yaar Manoonga…Kamli..song effortlessly though earlier she spoke of her fear of high altitude. Akshay watches her while she shows many dance moves and is not seen scared. She completes her dance act and then Akshay speaks of removing her fear and then both of them jumps onto the bottom air baloon. She speaks of her fear coming out and Akshay speaks to the camera on seeing for the first time Bollywood Freestyle and she gets 2 green cards from both judges. Akshay learns that Scarlett got 2 green cards and Akshay asks Amar why does he greet girls – Scarlett and others. Akshay speaks that from the words of Amar if you hug then you will emit positive and vibrant energy. Akshay speaks about the 3rd contestant to be Mayuresh.
Result: 2 Green Cards

* Mayuresh speaks of choosing a song on Ganpati and he believes in Ganpati and then Akshay greets him and wishes him the best and doesn’t want him to loose his stamina. Mayuresh goes atop the hanging floor and then climbs the pole to depict the Ganpati Handi breaking dance move. He comes down from the pole and dances  and then breaks the Handi’s hanging there and he then enacts the last scene where he stretches himself at the edge of the stage. All the contestants applaud and Mayuresh speaks of forgetting his injury. Francois and Sanjay gives him green cards. Akshay asks the contestants whether there is a better pole dancer than Mayuresh and refers Mayuresh as the best pole dancer. Akshay then speaks to Sayantani that she wore a nice woolen jacket and looks like she came to Kashmir having a good outing. She informs Akshay of choosing the fusion dance of Indian and belly. Akshay speaks what a show one is a pole dancer and the other is a belly dancer and doesn’t know what’s more in store as the show progresses.
Result: 2 Green Cards

* Sayantani Ghosh goes on the hanging stage and performs on the Baby Doll remix song mixing the indian classical and belly dancing forms. She then stands on the drums there and shows some classical and belly dance moves. she emote lot of expressions and Akshay speaks to camera that Sayantani  showed lot of expressions as can be seen from the far but have less dare element. She speaks of nervous before the performance and Francois gives her a red card and because she didn’t push her limits a lot, and Sanjay speaks that dancing wise she was fine and gives her a green card. She comes to Akshay and shows him about her cards. She speaks in terms of energy she put a very good effort and Akshay doesn’t agree and he informs her that she can do much better than this and moreover she did little belly dancing and then informs that the reason behind him putting dare in the dance. The reason is because of the new thing and wants the contestants to go beyond the limit and suggests that she didn’t put much dare. Akshay speaks that its good that she didn’t got two red cards and in future those cards will get tallied.
Result: 1 Green Card (Dance) and 1 Red Card (Action or Dare)

Akshay speaks that 4 heroes have performed and given their dance. He speaks that the next contestants from 5th onwards will peform tomorrow and suggests that the one who puts more dare are in turn are caring for the success. The grand prize is 25 Lakhs INR and including a honda dream bike, CBR 250 R and 1 year contract with Life OK and new Tata Zest. That means lot of bounties for the winner and Akshay signs off by saying – Jiski life mein dare nahi, uski life ki khair nahi.

Full Episode:

Sneak Peek: Dare 2 Dance: 6th September, 1st Episode
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/8Tw98guYyIo]

Dare 2 Dance Xtreme Reality, 6th Sept: Contestants speaking about the Episode
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/la1YxpK2Haw]

Dare 2 Dance Recent Promos: 6th September 2014
[youtube id=http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4b3KxwBzb84PUl-O8ljuwrjPc77XBzk1]

* Rithvik Dhanjani
– Television actor, Host and Heartthrob.
– Played the role of Arjun in Zee’s show Pavitra Rishta opposite Asha Negi playing Purvi.
– Won Nach Baliye 6 with his partner Asha Negi early this year 2014. Nach Baliye’s grand finale aired on 1st February 2014. Nach Baliye 6 Wikipedia page.
– Secured 3rd in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5 after entering the show as a wild card entry.
– Currently playing Host of Bindass show Yeh Hai Aashiqui.
– Rithvik’s Twitter page

* Scarlett Wilson
– Scarlett is a British model and dancer working in Indian cinema.
– She was born and brought up in UK and studied performing arts at the Tiffany Theatre College in London. Trained in ballet and jazz.
– She came to India in 2009 to work in Bollywood and began modeling. Worked in the movie Shanghai in a side role. Read more at her Wikipedia page.
– Scarlett’s Twitter page

* Sanam Johar
– Featured in Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 3 as Skipper.
– Twitter page of Sanam.

* Alisha Singh
– First Runner-up of Dance India Dance Season 1 in 2009 from Terence Ki Toli.
Salman Yusuff Khan (from Remo Ke Rangeelay) was the winner.
– Alisha played the role of Neha Kapoor in Channel V’s show Dil Dosti Dance.
– Twitter page of Alisha

* Prince Gupta
– Contestant of Dance India Dance Season 1 in 2009
– Judge in Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2.
– Worked in Remo D’ Souza’s movie ABCD (Anybody can Dance)
– Believes Hip-hop, Locking and Popping dance forms are popular in India in this time.
– Twitter page of Prince.

* Mayuresh
– Contestant of Dance India Dance Season 1 in 2009

* Emilie Caillon
– Akshay spoke of being very impressed with her agility and continuous turns on the ground.
– Emilie is from France.

* Kunwar Amar
– Kunwar is a contemporary dancer, Indian television actor, choreographer.
– Started his career as a dance teacher at a school in Indore teaching dance styles-freestyle and hip hop to children.
– Recently played the main lead of Reyaansh (Rey) Singhania in popular dance-based teen drama Dil Dosti Dance on Channel V India paired opposite Shakti Mohan.
– Contestant in Dance India Dance Season 2, 2010 and was a finalist (finished in fifth place).
– Twitter page of Kunwar.

* Sayantani Ghosh
– Sayantani Ghosh was born in Kolkata, India. She is an Indian television actress, model and dancer.
– Best known for her portrayal of Amrita on The Zee TV’s drama television series Naaginn. Portrayed the roles of Pranali Gujral in Adaalat and Satyavati in Mahabharat.
– Participant in Big Boss Season 6. Evicted on the 20th day.
– Read more at her Wikipedia page and know more at her Twitter page

* Karan Singh Pangali
– Karan is from London and was born on 16th April, 1988. He started dancing from the age of 5 yrs and Hrithik Roshan being his dance icon.
– He was a contestant on Just Dance Dance reality series which aired on Star Plus in 2011 with Hrithik, Vaibhavi Merchant and Farah Khan as Judges.Just Dance Wikipedia page
– Know more about Karan here(Just Dance contestants Bio, from 2011)
– Karan’s Twitter page


    • So far she isn’t doing so well as she almost got out of the show, tough competition is mainly between Sanam, Scarlett and Emilie. Hope one of them wins cause according to me they have what is called “the best talent”


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