Dare 2 Dance with Akshay Kumar 7th September 2014 2nd Episode on Life Ok – Written Snapshot


Dare 2 Dance Life Ok

Akshay Kumar (Host, Mentor) starts the show while standing atop the hanging floor and speaks a Punjabi dialogue which says – That you need to have fever of dance, passion and sensible together, heart should yearn for winning and he welcomes all to the show. He informs them from the 10 contestants 4 daring Heroes have shown their performance and now the remaining 6 will give their performance.



* Sanam is being indirectly called and he comes to Akshay. Akshay informs that Sanam is the one from whom the other contestants will be afraid. And in the AV Emilie and Alisha are seen speaking that Sanam is a tough opponent. Sanam wants to dedicate his performance for his mom and Sanam does the prayers with all contestants and he informs that the chant is Buddhist and it means that you should believe. He speaks on believing in his mother. Akshay informs on camera that it is very windy now. Sanam speaks of breeze coming there though he is dancing since many years. Sanam will be doing a contemporary dance and also there is a violin replica is placed there with musical notes on the hanging platform. Sanam performs on the Kabhi Badal Barse song in contemporary style. He makes many jumps with his legs and throws his body in air many times. He shows many dance moves following the remix version of the song. He goes to the corners and even bends facing downwards with his legs attached to the floor. Akshay speaks on camera that Sanam has expressed all the lyrics and words via his dance moves and also he has good amount of dare. Sanam speaks of difficult there because of wind and have difficulty in breath. Sanam gets 2 green cards from judges. Akshay learns that Sanam got 2 green cards and suggests that he could have given him another green card. Akshay gives a special mention – AK is OK to him and says that Sanam had done a great job. Sanam speaks of having the confidence that he can even manage himself even with one finger if he would have stucked.
Result: 2 Green Cards

* Emilie comes next. Akshay speaks that she dances very well and he wants her to show hand stand and then Emilie does the hand stand and she informs on doing it since she was 9 years old. She informs of performing Hip Hop routine. Emilie starts her performance with a bang while going up to the floor via poles and then goes on the floor and performs on the Aaj Blue Hain Paani song. She does lot of hand stands and also follows the dance steps of the song. She uses her legs more and is very agile and does reverse top spin to end her dance routine. Akshay speaks on camera that she has done a superb performance. He speaks that she synced on the song as well and speaks that she will give a tough fight to Sanam. She gets 2 green cards and she replies Dhanyawaad (Thank you) to Sanjay Shetty. Sanjay speaks that she has done full justice to her entire act. Akshay congratulates on her performance and calls it mindblowing. Emilie speaks on knowing the meaning of the lyrics and Alisha has helped her in knowing the lyrics. Akshay speaks that AK is OK with her and speaks that she is well deserved for green cards.
Result: 2 Green Cards

* Karan singh pangali speaks that his dress has the fusion and nobody has seen such thing before (Never seen before). Akshay speaks that he liked Karan’s attitude and speaks that this show is not just to dance and go. Karan will mix hip-hop in his Kathak dance form. Karan dances on the Heropanti Whistle Baja song but in Kathak style and mixes hip hop. He also dance some Kathak moves on a small board attached to the board’s periphery and then swings all over the floor in his Kathak style and has shown good amount of dare in the end. Akshay speaks on camera that Karan has lot of strength in his legs. Akshay wants Sayantanti to circle around the area in Kathak way and she couldn’t be able to do it. Then Scarlett is being told but she doesn’t do well. Karan gets a green card from Sanjay shetty and Francois gives him a green card for the dare part. Akshay asks Karan how does he feel ? Karan speaks that he is feeling well and calls his performs as spotless. Karan speaks on seeing a whale at the end of his performance. Akshay also teases Sayantani on her kathak and wants her to learn it quickly.
Result: 2 Green Cards

* Prince speaks of doing locking and popping and suggests that he will dance nicely but has fear of high altitude. Akshay wishes him the best. Prince starts his performance on a small board  and then comes on the floor and performs on the BOSS title song. Prince enacts locking and other dance moves and many times at the edge of the floor as well. He adapts his dance move according to the tune of the song from slow to fast to end. Akshay speaks on camera that prince has done good locking and popping and he has good control on his body and has done the max dance in all the contestants until now. Francois gives him a green card while Sanjay gives him a red card for dancing. Sanjay speaks of giving that red card because he wants to see Prince for the final round. Akshay learns that Prince got a red card for dancing and Prince speaks of not expecting to get a red card for dancing. Sanjay speaks that he found Prince’s act to be weaker than others and found Prince’s steps to be repetitive and even he didn’t use his prop well. He suggests that locking and popping could be done more better. Sanjay speaks that Prince’s potential is much more and then Akshay wants to leave that matter then. Akshay speaks that public demand thinks the performance was good but the expert advice is different. Akshay speaks that prince will do much better next time and he has all the confidence.
Result: 1 Green Card (Dare) + 1 Red Card (Dance)

* Alisha comes next. She speaks on smiling more when she feels scared or being afraid. She speaks that the stage is making her scared. Alisha speaks of performing on Afro Jazz. Akshay speaks of going with her on the floor and he will personally shoot her with camera and if she does bad the he will carry a gun as well (on a humorous note). Akshay carries a camera to shoot and Alisha performs on the Aali Aali.. Nashe Mein,, song and on the Afro Jazz. She uses the prop – drums and also stretches her well using ropes hanging there and ends the performance by hanging on the ropes which are the edge of the floor. Alisha speaks that Afro Jazz needs lot of energy and she feels content and happy after her performance. Francois speaks of liking her sommersaults and acrobatic and gets 2 green cards. Sanjay speaks that even Zulu dance flavor was given by her as well. Akshay calls all male contestants as her brothers. Akshay pulls Alisha’s legs and then learns that she got 2 green cards. He asks if she want to exchange her green card with a red one, for example with Prince’s red card. She doesn’t to exchange and also speaks of not sacrificing because it is Dare 2 Dance.
Result: 2 Green Cards

* Rithvik is the final contestant and Akshay informs that there will be day when someone will get 2 red cards and doesn’t wish to speak to that contestant and reiterates that the contestant will need to go to the Mirror Tent and he/she has to inform the audience on what they think about himself. Akshay asks Rithvik to call God’s name and also his girlfriend name. Rithvik gets hugs from Mayuresh and Kunwar since he is the last contestant of the day. Rithvik performs on the Aaja Delhi Chode song and comes on the small board attached to the edge of the floor and dance on one leg. He uses bottle and a big drum as prop. He uses lot of hands and legs moves. He breaks the bottles with his hands and some over his heads. Akshay speaks on camera that its disadvantage for the ones who goes first and the last. The last one feels fatigue because of the standing and feels that nonetheless Rithvik tried his best. Rithvik speaks of hoping for the best. Sanam speaks that the dare part was standing on the small board and Amar and Sanam feels Rithvik should get green cards. Francois gives him red card and calling his action and suggests that knees move on the board were not convincing and also the bottles were not clean. Sanjay speaks of keeping high expectations from Rithvik and gives him a red card. Rithvik speaks from the mirror tent and vows to give what all he has in his performances.
Result: 2 Red Cards

Akshay speaks that they need to collect as many green cards and also they remember to hear AK is OK message. The extreme dance hero of the week is Emilie and is told by Akshay. Emilie wants to celebrate with a selfie. Akshay speaks that next week the performers will do dance and dare. He wants them to understand what he is saying and then informs that water can be a friend or enemy, water can stop the fire and also ignite it as well and they need to show by winning in water and speaks the dialogue – Jiski life mein dare nahi, uski life ki khair nahi. Akshay signs off by saying that they need to work, sleep, eat well and be good.

Next Week: Akshay informs that water can be friend and enemy as well and the contestants have to perform inside the water. The contestants need to do resistance walk and cut water and they will be sent 20 to 25 fts in the water.

Full Episode:

Sneak Peek: Dare 2 Dance 7th September, 2nd Episode
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/4eRPaQ6kKyE]

Dare 2 Dance Xtreme Reality – 7th September 2014 : Ep 2
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/BvdbCKPFBFA]

Next Week: 13th & 14th September 2014, Akshay informing contestants on how to perform under water and the importance to keep calm
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/6jyYOWmJ6Wg]

Next Week: Alisha’s under-water Act Promo:
[youtube id= http://youtu.be/07Mj6qoNYTM]

Contestants greeting Akshay with a song of Dare 2 Dance tune
– Megastar Akshay Kumar’s birthday was on 9th September (yesterday)
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/PvvKMrI7mLc]



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