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Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

Precap: Ananya has successfully completed her first flight and during her second flight with Capt Rathod there was a bomb scare which turned out that a girl Payal has called to the ATC to bring back the plane because of her lover. Both are arrested and Ananya was informed about the commitee meeting after Akash complaint to the authorities about her first flight where she didn’t listen to him. Akash suggests her to not take things personally with passengers referring to helping Payal.

Highlight of the Episode: Ananya because of having kind emotional side trusts a lady who was a thief transporting/smuggling expensive diamonds. Akash turns out be handling a gun/pistol and transporting it while driving the plane. Akash shows maturity and experience regarding the case of Theft and Smuggling identification.


The Episode starts with a passenger waits at the airport and calls someone and soon a man comes to meet him and he gives him the bag. A young couple speak to themselves there and that passenger looks at the lady whose husband drops her and leaves. The male passenger then interrupts her and wants her to go first and she replies that he is very chivalrous. At the Defense Intelligence bureau (DIB) an officer gives the report to his senior and inform that everyone suspects that potential theft during Air transport in the plane. The passenger follows the same women until the baggage counter and he speaks to her that he has excessive baggage and he requests her to check in in her baggage and she agrees and wants him to check in and get it at Trivandrum. Ananya younger sister calls her and she speaks on the phone with her. Ananya’s sister speaks that there is no news regarding her admission and then Ananya’s mother takes the phone and speaks to Ananya that without admission fees her younger one cannot go to London for studies. She informs Ananya to not do any activity which is not apt and Ananya’s sister Mitali takes the phone and wants Ananya to do the righteous thing and showers her love. Ananya attends the committee meeting and she speaks that according to the protocol she acted and landed the plane safely. Akash Saluja speaks that she is missing something and she informs that he was a passenger on the plane. Ananya speaks of her decision to have an emergency landing and she speaks that the flight one was commercial and she has landed many times during her training. Akash speaks that her attitude is not right and sticks to his point. The committee chief speaks that its a issue of disciplinary.

Airlines new show - Ananya Rawat, Star Plus

The committee chief informs that two pilots were arguing during the flight and has put the passengers at risk and he informs them that the issue is turning out to be ego issues and wants the chief that they fly together once in every week. He wants to speak with natasha for more neutral perspective and he wants them to decide at the ground who will take the landing and not in cockpit. Both leaves from the meeting for their flight.As Ananya is walking towards the plane, she finds an old women who has problems in walking. She helps her and then talks to a moving car there so as to drop the woman there. The old woman speaks of her worry of missing the flight to Trivandrum. Ananya speaks that she is a pilot when the old women thought her as air hostess.  The same women who agreed to take the baggage on ticket speaks of fluying in business class. Akash meets an air-hostess and she asks whether he knows Natasha is not on holidays. Natasha is a daughter of a millionaire and she informs that Natasha works for the Inde Air because of him. He suggests that she is reading too much into it and he knows what to do. Akash drinks coffee and then gets a small parcel from a man. At the Defence Intelligence Bureau (DIB), the officers are keeping an tab on Inde Airlines. At the Airport., Akash comes to the restroom and takes out a gun from that parcel cover and puts it inside his socks and leaves. The old woman who Ananya helped before carries her own bag and speaks to the security police that she will not put the bag in the X-ray machine. Ananya comes there and takes the bag and informs her that it is the procedure and shows to put her bag. The old woman speaks of not allowing to put the bag and soon she begins to carry and suggests that its not a bag and calls it as her own and everything. She then opens the bag and it turns out the ashes pot was there. She removes that pot and informs that its her husband’s ashes and thus cannot put in the machine. Ananya was getting calls from the airline and the women is then let through the security cordon.

Ananya comes to the pilots room and Akash speaks that she is late there and she informs him of helping a passenger. He makes a taunt on her and speaks that she has the responsibility of entire world. He speaks that she needs to be professional and suggests that it looks that it will be her last flight with him. He speaks of not believing that he has to spend the entire flight with her. The flight is from Delhi to Trivandrum and Akash makes the announcement from the cockpit. Ananya and Akash begin to take off after announcement. The plane flies in the sky and she informs on using both hands and calls herself as ambidextrous. Soon, at that time Ananya was filling the checklist and due to some movement she makes some mark on the list. There is some turbulence in the air and Akash informs the passengers to be in their seat and also wants Ananya to prepare a new checklist. Since the old lady was creating problem and doesn’t want to put her belongings on the top. Then, Ananya goes to that old lady after convincing Akash. She tries to comfort her and she informs that her husband Mr. Malik also wanted to become a pilot. She speaks to her husband on fulfilling his dream and speaks that in life human desires a lot but all will fade away. She then speaks of an idea to that old woman Mrs. Malik and she brings the ashes pot inside the cockpit. He makes a taunt on her after seeing her with the ashes pot and she informs that is the Ashes of Mr malik who wanted to become a pilot and also it will be his (Mr Malik) first and last flight. Akash speaks that Ananya is mentally disturbed and she informs on making a promise to Mrs Malik and he speaks that the ashes pot as a mere pot. She speaks of giving him an written apology and she is doing all these things for Mr. Vishwajeet Malik and his wife who is their passenger.

A old passenger is being told to not use the toilet and he doesn’t listen to the airhostess Mahima. Akash in the cockpit on not understanding her and now she agreed to not stand.  Ananya then learns a fire alarm and Akash asks her to check safety measures and Akash is also puzzled and doesn’t know the reason why smoke alarm is activated. The Air hostess informs that a passenger had smoke in the toilet and Akash informs the air hostess that upon landing that passenger should be booked and authorities should be informed.. Akash makes an announcement that they are landing in Kochi and also informs of himself, Ananya and Mr Malik. Mrs. Malik is happy to hear her husband’s name. Akash gets the permission of ATC and lands in Kochi Airport. The passenger who has given his baggage to a woman is nervous and the old man who had smoked earlier tries to justify himself to the police. The police man comes inside the airport and she informs that he had helped the person by check-in at the airport. The police man speaks that the diamond belongs to Jaunpur and is very expensive and it was taken to Trivandrum. The man and the woman both are arrested and taken away. The same old man who has earlier smoken in the toilet tries to go somewhere and Akash speaks that the man to sit and informs the hostess Mahima to tell the police to check his bag.

The police at the airport checks the bag of the lady which has been given by the man earlier and the police finds some inners of women. The man speaks of having undergarment business and the policeman wants the lady to not entertain such requests next time. The old man de-boards from the plane and meets Ananya and Akash. She speaks that the soul of Mr Malik got lot of peace and soon police comes again and Akash speaks to police to meet the thief of Jaunpur. The police checks the Ashes pot and finds only ashes. The policeman speaks there are no diamonds there and the Mrs. Malik becomes nervous and shouts where are the diamonds while looking at Akash and Ananya. Akash speaks that diamonds are here by showing them in his hands. Mrs Malik turns out to be a middle aged lady who was actually transporting the diamonds from Delhi to Trivandrum (diamonds belong to Jaunpur). The old lady aka Mrs. Malik is taken away and arrested. While leaving, she warns to see Akash and teach him a lesson

Ananya is impressed with Akash and speaks of not knowing all the things until now. He speaks that she is inexperienced. He speaks that the time of check in she smartly spoke with emotions with Ananya and other signals.  The airhostess also figured out about the old lady. He shares a witty line on keeping quiet as and when needed and wishes Ananya a good day and leaves. Ananya didn’t tell to Ananya that he has seen the photo of that lady in the newspaper and also he noticed that the old lady didn’t have any wrinkle and he checked the Kalash and found diamonds and his suspicion became into reality. Akash is seen walking back  and Ananya meets the committee chief and the chief informs her that the committee has decided to take back the inquiry. He informs that all the airlines are judging her more because she is the first female pilot. The officer wants them to follow the buddy system and they have to flight once a week and Akash suggests that if she controls her emotions then she can be a good pilot and asset for the airlines. Ananya speaks to Akash that there is answer for every question and the committee proved that she is right and also it has been proved that who was wrong pointing at him. He doesn’t listen to her home and wishes her a good day.

Ananya feels eleated and speaks that dreams come true and we find ourselves in situations which we have never imagined. She speaks that when dreams are fulfilled and realized a beautiful smile appears on face which doesn’t want to fade away.

Next Episode: Ananya wants Akash to check some thing (powder) and then Akash tastes it to found some suspicious. Akash and Ananya are seen going on a bike and they are followed by some men in a Maruti Van. They begin to follow and shoot at Akash and Ananya. Without any option at his disposal, Akash takes out his gun from his socks and then Ananya learns that he has a gun. Akash tries to confront those men with his gun.

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