Sareen Brothers meets Shastri Sisters; Astha to create troubles for Alka in Shastri Sisters


shastri sisters



Rajat has come home after all the melodrama about Anushka and Rajeev at the temple, how he saved the former one from Rajeev and sent him to jail. Rajat was shocked when Anushka states that she loves Rajeev. She took this step to send them from the marriage hall at the soonest, as Alka’s vidaai was taking place and Rohan’s family was on the way towards the exit. Rajat was stunned and left the place, but he was not convinced that Anushka was saying the truth. He gave a surprise to Minty and Sareen by coming home, and they felt it’s a thief who entered their house. But Minty was overwhelmed seeing him. Rajat decides to meet the Shastri Sisters as they have troubled Minty a lot.

Next morning, Devyaani is shocked to see Rajat at home and before she started staring at him with love, Neil pops up and introduces him as his elder brother Rajat Sareen. Devyaani is stunned and Anushka walks in to see Rajat being shocked too. Rajat is glad seeing Anushka as Devyaani introduces her as her elder sister. Rajat is pleased meeting them under the same roof and starts liking Anushka. As the show progresses, Neil is falling for Devyaani, and Devyaani for Rajat, and Rajat for Anushka. Well, this is the love four-angle and it will be interesting to see how the sisters’ bond does not break when they both have their common interest Rajat. What will be Neil’s reaction if he comes to know Devyaani likes Rajat? So much confusion is going to start. Minty is determined to keep Shastri sisters away from her sons.

On the other hand, Alka is married to Rohan and have accepted him for everyone’s happiness. She decides to be loyal to him and move on in her life forgetting Rajeev. Astha, Rohan’s Bhabhi, comes to know about Alka and Rajeev’s love affair and thinks to use this against Alka. Astha creates impression on everyone that Alka is still in touch with Rajeev and secretly have an affair with him. Astha wants to prove Alka cheating on Rohan and make Vrinda and Hari kick out Alka from their home. Poor Alka is all tears and gains strength from Rohan, who completely trusts her. Will Rohan’s trust shake too? How will Alka manage in her new family? Keep reading.

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