Monday Fun Shockers on Life Ok


life ok

Ek Boond Ishq:
Tara asks Nandu to tell MJ that she is Tara and he is MJ. Nandu is in tension and says she is Tara. Mj looks at Tara as she smiles.

Gustakh Dil:
Lajjo thinks is the safe inside the wall and checks the walls. She sees a wall and gets the secret way inside. She comes inside the secret passage and gets the blue diary. Shalini is coming towards her. Lajjo hears the footsteps and is tensed thinking to hide.

Laut Aao Trisha:
Pratik warns Kabeer to concentrate on finding Trisha than his wife. Amrita says him that he is irked that she went with Kabeer.

Nadaan Parindey:
Purab gets conscious in the hospital and everyone go to talk to him. Minty decides to get married to him when he gets well, but Purab tells the truth to everyone. He tells Channi that Sameer was right. I tried to kill him. He tells Minty that he did not love her, he wants to marry her only to get revenge from Meher. Minty and everyone are shocked.

Tumhari Pakhi:
Veer tells Pakhi that its court’s summon, as Bua has filed the case against her to get Ayaan’s custody. She is shocked. Anuja has done this promising Pakhi that she will take Ayaan away from her.


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